䷢ Jin

Jin I Ching Gua Meaning

晉 Jin ䷢ hexagram meanings:

Proceeding Forward, Advance, Progress, Promote, Proceed

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The thirty-fifth gua is called Jing, which translates to advance, proceed forward, promote, or progress. This gua is associated with the second month of the lunar calendar, or March in the solar calendar. The significance of Jing is the progress made after one accumulates great strength. Just as one must build and express one’s strength with positive intentions, one should advance forward with the same pureness. The path may still be a difficult one, but this is a time to hold steady and continue forward. If they remain steadfast in spite of the obstacles, they are likely to succeed. Proceeding forward cautions against proceeding with no restraints. It is unwise to go through with any plan without thoroughly considering the consequences. As long as one has taken the proper time to formulate an appropriate action plan, success is likely.

The ideograph representing Jing depicts a sunrise. There is a circle at the bottom to represent the sun. Above this is the earth’s horizon, symbolized by two lines. On the horizon of the earth are two plants blooming and reaching up toward the sun. The ideograph as a whole is a picturesque sunrise, complete with blooming flowers. The sun radiates the energy that the plants need to thrive on Earth. The pure radiance of Jing’s energy is expressed through this image. It is not merely a procession forward, but an outward emission of energy bringing energy and life to Earth. We should strive to bring our constructive energy to the situation at hand just as the sun does for life on Earth.

Jing is Fire above Earth, and Fire symbolizes the Li—or the sun. It paints a picture of the sun rising over the horizon, indicating a new dawn and an opportunity to proceed forward. In considering one’s advancement, this gua encourages one to evaluate their firmness with others. If one has too much yin energy, not enough firmness, they will struggle with the difficulties of life. If they have too much yang energy, too much firmness, they will struggle to deal with other people. As long as one remains steadfast in the face of difficulty, yet is flexible in working with other people, progress is possible.

After King Wen gathered great strength, he was ready to proceed and overthrow the Tyrant of Shang. His first move at this point was to assist Shang in maintaining order in the country. This position gave him access to horses, which gave him considerable mobility throughout the kingdom. However, to position himself so close to the tyrant was not advisable. It would lead to humiliation and failure the moment someone discovered his plot. Advancement from within the administration was too risky to continue. Instead, he worked to build his relationship with other clans to gather enough support to overthrow the tyrant. Jing indicates a situation where careful thought must be made when making forward advancement.

䷢ Jin hexagram

Jin ䷢ Jin hexagram Illustration

䷢ Jin hexagram meaning

The king gave Marquis Kang a gift
Of dappled, prancing horses
From the finest lines.
The Marquis let them multiply,
And so fruitful were they
That the people aided many foals 
Into the world every day. 

Bottom Line

Jin Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

A sweeping advance is not failure.
You captured no enemies or plunder,
But you made progress without errors.

Line Two

Jin Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

Your grandmother blessed you
With wishes for your success.
Her words ring in your head
And make you anxious
As you advance.
Are you doing enough?

Line Three

Jin Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

When you have gained the people’s trust,
There is no more need 
To look behind you for shadowy figures. 
Your worries are gone.

Line Four

Jin Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

Advancing like a rat -
Nose and whiskers twitching,
Little paws ready to scamper
To the shadows – 
Danger lurks.

Line Five

Jin Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

If your fortunes are moving ahead
And your wrinkled frown is relaxing,
Don’t sweat over small ups and downs,
Stay the course, for the future is bright.

Top Line

Jin Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

When you’ve decided on adventure,
But the oracle mentions
“Danger, fortune, blameless conduct,”
You know it won’t be easy.

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