䷸ Xun

Xun I Ching Gua Meaning

巽 Xun ䷸ hexagram meanings:

Proceeding Humbly, Kneeling, The Gentle, The Penetrating, Willing Submission

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The fifty-seventh gua, Xun, is one of the eight primary gua and represents the eighth month of the lunar calendar (September in the solar calendar). It is the representation of Wind or Wood. Xun translates to Proceeding Humbly, the gentle, penetration, or willing submission. This gua teaches that in unstable times, the best course of action is to remain humble and gentle as they proceed. This gains the trust of others and one can make friends and allies. These qualities are considered basic moral qualities in the I Ching and do not equate to weakness or inferiority. Xun cautions that proceeding with too much pride or selfish intent will yield misfortune. The most favorable course of action is to proceed with gentleness and humility to cultivate trust and support from others.

The ideograph representing Xun depicts the act of continuation through the image of two snakes. Underneath the snakes is the symbol for a gong which represents togetherness. The entire ideograph conveys the meaning proceeding together. To proceed with another person is to be held accountable. Therefore, one remains humble when working with another as an equal. When the two proceed together, their power is doubled and they may accomplish more. As long as these two snakes hold each other accountable as they proceed, they shall experience good fortune. This is the lesson Xun teaches. It asks one to consider the cause and effect of their actions as they press onward. Without accountability, they could become selfish and bring misfortune upon themselves.

Xun is Wind above Wind or Wood above Wood. There is an element of submission present in the structure of Xun. It asks us to be humble and obedient when we proceed at this time. The significance of the wind in this gua is the gentleness with which wind proceeds. A gentle breeze blows everywhere on earth softly. The continual driving force of the wind represents the constant procession toward achievement. Many small successes pave the way for great accomplishments. Similarly, Wood penetrates the soil gently and deeply, expanding its roots into the soil humbly. The fifty-seventh gua teaches one that proceeding humbly and gently yields the best results in this situation.

This gua refers to another thing King Wen considered during his meditation in stillness. He realized that while traveling one must proceed with humility in life. Not so much humility that one becomes weak or loses their sense of self-worth, but enough that one cannot be corrupted by pride. He believed that if he proceeded forward with this humility, the kingdom of Zhou would experience prosperity. He did not consider humility to be feeble, instead, he considered it a way to restore equilibrium. He carefully considered his next steps and executed them with patience and sincerity. The king was able to bring good fortune to the kingdom of Zhou by heeding the advice of Xun.

䷸ Xun hexagram

Xun ䷸ Xun hexagram Illustration

䷸ Xun hexagram meaning

The planning was somewhat successful.
It was the right moment to go there,
And for a great man to appear. 

Bottom Line

Xun Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

In between advance and retreat
Is when the army commander
Can match up his goal with a strategy,
And think through some tactics to use.   

Line Two

Xun Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

You sat on the floor in front of your bed,
While the mages paraded before you.
Each one in turn told your fortune,
A good way to get at the truth.

Line Three

Xun Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

Telling fortunes too frequently
Can get you into trouble.

Line Four

Xun Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

With pigs and goats and pheasants
Running through your fields,
You will have no worries
About providing food.

Line Five

Xun Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

Your future looks auspicious,
And your cares will disappear.
Even if there’s a rough patch,
It will all turn out in the end.
The six days from ding to gui
All shine gently on you. 

Top Line

Xun Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

You sat on the floor in front of your bed
And counted your money by lamplight.
Your scalp prickles at the horrible truth
That you’ve lost almost all your coin.

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