䷼ Zhong Fu

Zhong Fu I Ching Gua Meaning

中孚 Zhong Fu ䷼ hexagram meanings:

Innermost Sincerity, Captives Within, Inner Truth, Inward Confidence and Sincerity

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The sixty-first gua, Zhong Fu, represents the eleventh month of the lunar year (December in the solar calendar). The character zhong translates to core, middle, center, or to hit the mark. The character fu translates to confidence, reliability, trustworthiness, sincerity, and honesty. Together, the sixty-first gua translates to Innermost Sincerity, inner confidence, or inner truth. These virtues were believed to be the source of all other virtues. After one establishes restriction, people are trustworthy, expressing their innermost sincerity. This is the root of harmonizing with other people. If one does not approach others with trustworthiness, they will fail to unite with others. This leads to disharmonious relationships and sows misfortune.

The ideograph representing Zhong Fu is made up of two characters. Zhong’s ideograph depicts an arrow hitting the bullseye on a target. The arrow striking the center of the target achieves ultimate balance by not pushing the target left or right. Fu’s ideograph depicts a hen’s claw above a small one with arms stretching upward. This ideograph illustrates a hen hatching her chick which expresses sincerity and honesty. The hen must be faithful to her eggs if she wishes to hatch chicks. The king must be faithful to his people, and the people to their king, if they wish to prosper together.

Zhong Fu is Wind above Lake which suggests the image of wind blowing across the surface of a lake. The space above a lake is a clearing in the air that fills with wind. The space appears empty because air is not visible to the naked eye. This would be a false assumption, however, because the space fills wind energy. This is meant to represent sincerity that comes from the heart. Feelings are less often seen than they are felt, which likens them to wind. Wind is the eldest daughter, and Lake is the youngest. They are in their appropriate positions in Zhong Fu and indicate a harmonious nature about the situation. The two sisters love and trust each other and experience harmony as a pair.

King Wen felt happiness after creating social boundaries for his country. The people grew accustomed to respecting these boundaries and spending within their means. They were sincere and true to their behavior because they trusted the authority of the king and his governance. Reducing excess was important in the Zhou dynasty at this time which brought people ease and happiness. Families could perform sacrificial offerings with less food and still yield good fortune. This allowed them to save extra food for family members needing to eat. Zhong Fu teaches us to approach others with inner sincerity. When we do this, we can join together in union. King Wen acknowledged this and understood that if people do not approach each other with trustworthiness, they must expect misfortune.

䷼ Zhong Fu hexagram

Zhong Fu ䷼ Zhong Fu hexagram Illustration

䷼ Zhong Fu hexagram meaning

Do you see the fat, floating fish?
They are a good omen
For a successful river crossing.

Bottom Line

Zhong Fu Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

You are enjoying a nice afternoon,
When a snake appears out of nowhere.
This gives you a considerable shock.

Line Two

Zhong Fu Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

A crane is singing in the shade of a tree, 
And a little crane joins in. 
Likewise, I do not want to drink alone, 
So I invite you to share my wine.

Line Three

Zhong Fu Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

You have defeated the enemy. 
Some beat the drum, 
Some straggle back from the battle, 
Some crying, and others singing.

Line Four

Zhong Fu Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

The horse has galloped away
Under the full moon’s glow.
You have lost your horse,
But no disaster ensues.

Line Five

Zhong Fu Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

The prisoner of war is now bound.
Everything is all right.

Top Line

Zhong Fu Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

The chicken meant for sacrifice
Flew into the air.
This augurs ill for all.

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