䷂ Zhun

Zhun I Ching Gua Meaning

屯 Zhun ䷂ hexagram meanings:

Beginning, Gathering, Difficulty at the Beginning

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Once Qian and Kun—Heaven and earth—interact, myriad beings are created, and the other gua may come into existence. This is why Zhun is characterized by the Beginning, like a sprout pushing up through the dirt. Qian and Kun sow the seeds, for the sprout that is Zhun. For this reason, the first two gua are an introduction for the following sixty gua (the final two gua act as a conclusion). Like Qian and Kun, Zhun is one of the six gua that possess the four qualities yuan, heng, li, and zhen. The month associated with this gua is the twelfth month of the lunar year or January in the solar calendar.

When one pictures genesis, a vision of storms and floods permeates human cultures all over the world. The vision of the beginning of everything present in this gua follows this trend. It is characterized by clouds over thunder, which inspires visions of stormy beginnings and a time for preparation. When weathering a storm, there is only so much one can do, so they must prepare for the rain to stop before they can press forward. However, this movement in the face of a storm can result in great success and progress if done correctly. It should be clarified that although Zhun often represents a time for planning and preparation, it is not a time for rest or inaction. In times of great turmoil and irregularity, this preliminary work is necessary.

There is a creative potential to Zhun, the time to prepare to do something appears when Zhun is present. Before the plant may sprout, the root must first take a firm hold in the soil. There are more yin aspects to this gua than yang which is apparent through this gua’s creative potential. Zhun is characterized by the elements clouds(or water) over thunder. The thunder elements present in the gua symbolizes power and action while the water elements indicate trouble. It is the confrontation of thunder and water, a symbolic thunderstorm, that reminds us of the magnitude of a beginning. We are reminded that beginnings are difficult and that things will not be easy. Care should be taken before moving forward with an undertaking.

This gua explores all of the difficulties that come with new beginnings. Though the sprout does not have much to show for itself at the beginning, it has taken much time with preparation. Likewise, Zhun reminds us that beginnings of all kinds must assemble what is necessary for growth. There is also a powerful edge to this gua, as symbolized through thunder. Thunder grows and rolls ominously through the clouds, crashing and booming. There is power in birth, it is not still. It is full of energy, fighting against the inaction that precedes existence. Certainly, this is not to be taken lightly, as we are reminded by Confucius.

䷂ Zhun hexagram

Zhun ䷂ Zhun hexagram Illustration

䷂ Zhun hexagram meaning

Remaining united brings prosperity,
And smooth predictability to your fortunes.

Bottom Line

Zhun Bottom Line Illustration

Bottom Line meaning

Keep your counsel, be silent and still
When a new lord is invested with power.
Quietly put your finger to the wind 
And see which way your new lord blows.  

Line Two

Zhun Line Two Illustration

Line Two meaning

Horses and riders gallop this way. 
Who can they be? Not bandits.
A hopeful groom seeking a bride, 
a good woman ten years barren.
But a decade later, she is with child,
Finally rewarded.

Line Three

Zhun Line Three Illustration

Line Three meaning

Stalking a deer is a harmless pursuit; 
But follow it deep into the forest,
And you will pay the price. 
Abandon the chase ere trouble finds you.

Line Four

Zhun Line Four Illustration

Line Four meaning

How best to seek a lady’s hand in marriage?
Impress her family with a good omen - 
Arriving on horseback.

Line Five

Zhun Line Five Illustration

Line Five meaning

Prepare for coming seasons without greed,
For storing some meat means good fortune,
While hoarding too much brings evil. 

Top Line

Zhun Top Line Illustration

Top Line meaning

The mare walks slowly, head down, stumbling,
Listening to you weeping as you ride.

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