Compatibility Horoscope of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Brad Pitt birth date (December 18) and it means that his zodiacal sign is Sagittarius.

Brad Pitt is an American actor and producer. Name given at birth is William Bradley Pitt.

He grew up in the family of a trucking company manager and a school counselor. In his younger years his interests were focused on sport and music. After high school he studied journalism and marketing and after graduating from the university, Pitt set his way to Hollywood to try himself as an actor.

Before he became an idol for millions, Brad Pitt tried all kinds of jobs including a greeter at a restaurant and furniture mover. The first movie with Brad Pitt that was acclaimed by the critics was Thelma and Louise with Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. Since this movie pretty much every project that Pitt participated in was a commercial success. To date the best movies starring Brad Pitt are Fight Club, Snatch, Meet Joe Black and Ocean's Eleven. In 2002 he founded a production company Plan B Entertainment along with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey, a head of Paramount Pictures. Later the company produced Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a number of other movies.

Several times Brad Pitt had leading positions in the lists of the sexiest stars in cinema and most handsome men on the planet.

He continues to be busy with his acting career - more and more often he gives preference to unconventional roles which help showcase the other sides of his acting talent.

Brad Pitt is married to an actress Angelina Jolie; together they are bringing up 6 children.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston date of birth is February 11 and it means that her zodiacal sign is Aquarius.

Jennifer Aniston (Sherman Oaks, CA) is an American actress, a winner of the Emmy Award and most widely known as Rachel Green from the hit TV series Friends which brought her the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Jennifer's most commercially successful movie to date is Bruce Almighty (2001) where she played the main personage's girl-friend. The movie grossed about 243 million dollars in the USA.

Jennifer Aniston is a daughter of an American actor of Greek descent John Aniston. When Jennifer was 9, her parents got divorced; however, she kept spending much time with her father who lived in Los Angeles and was a part of the series Days of Our Life (this was the name of the make-believe series where Joe from Friends had a part). This is when Jennifer Aniston first showed interest in an acting career and when she was 11, she enrolled with Rudolf Steiner School of Drama and later with the school of performing arts in New York. After enduring several years of an actress' life which didn't pay much she moved to Hollywood in 1990 and soon she scored her first TV role in the series Molloy. Nonetheless, even here her acting career didn't go all that well till she happened to attend a casting call for the new NBC series Friends and get the part! She played this part for 10 years straight (1994-2004). The popular series opened the doors into the world of new professional and personal opportunities. In between playing Rachel and after the series ended, Jenifer Aniston played numerous successful roles, many of which were in the comedy genre. Some of her most noticeable movies are The Bounty Hunters, Horrible Bosses and He's Just Not That into You.

Compatibility Horoscope for Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man Compatibility horoscope for Aquarius man and Aquarius woman has a positive start to it: these signs are attracted to each other as magnets and at times they can't even explain what exactly it was that caught their fancy in one another, even though they both live and feel the same way. Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman, by mere chance finding themselves next to each other as a travel companions and sharing an interesting conversation, can suddenly decide they want to stay together to complement and support one another.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is a seeker of adventures and an eternal traveler; Aquarius man will be an excellent match for her since he also enjoys new places and new experiences while traveling or simply going for a walk. For some time these two will feel absolutely happy sharing everything in common. He will be attracted to her ability to transform and adapt to the circumstances. He will keep discovering new sides to her, win her over every time and her transformations, on the other hand, will keep his blood running hot and heat beat faster.

Sagittarius woman, similar to her Aquarius partner, can't stand rules, limitations, and conditions. She is never focused on keeping things in order at home - it is important for her to do what makes her happy at a given moment. She takes care of her household only when she feels like it. Sagittarius is never jealous - again similar to Aquarius man. These two zodiac signs interpret jealousy as a manifestation of weakness and they both think themselves to be very strong personalities.

This tandem, referred to as ideal at the very beginning of the compatibility horoscope, is based on a strong emotional attachment and shared interests: they look for adventures and exciting new experiences together. Both Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman need the element in which they both will be surviving and looking for new ways of existence. Will they have anything to say to each other if one moment they will find themselves in a quiet atmosphere of an apartment void of storms and stresses, without any plans of traveling? Sharing admiration for each other as interesting interlocutors and travel companions, they will first not give any regard to the fact they do not feel strong passion and sexual chemistry for each other. With time this may cool their relations off - by then their common interests will have exhausted themselves and they will simply feel like strangers.

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