Compatibility Horoscope of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones


Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas Michael Douglas Born September 25, 1944 and it means that he was born under zodiacal sign of Libra.

Michael Douglas is an American actor and producer. His full name is Michael Kirk Douglas.

He is a son to Kirk Douglas, a famous American actor who starred in the movie by Stanley Kubrick Spartacus and an actress Diana Love Dill.

He attended the American Place Theatre in New York.

The first role that prompted Douglas to the top of fame was an inspector Steve Keller in the series The Streets of San Francisco (1972-1976).

In 1975 Michael Douglas was awarded the Oscar for producing One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest - a cult movie by Milos Forman and in 1987 he puts his hands on another Oscar for the leading role in Wall Street.

In late 1980s Michael Douglas was one of the most famous and highly paid actors in Hollywood and in early 1990s he managed to heat up the public interest by starring in Basic Instinct.

In 2010 Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer. The actor went through some serious treatment and in January 2011 announced that the illness had let go. At the same time he returns to active work and in 2013 won the Emmy Award for his part in Behind the Candelabra by Steven Soderbergh.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones Catherine Zeta Jones BORN: September 25, 1969 and it means that she was born under zodiacal sign of Libra.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was born into a family of a seamstress and a confectionary owner. Her mother Patricia is of Welsh-Irish descent and her father David James Jones comes from Wales. Catherine dropped out of school quite early to devote all her time to acting. She was taking music lessons for three years. As a child she was a part of a local dance group, performed mini plays for her family's friends and took part in amateur theatrical performances.

It is Steven Spielberg that Catherine Zeta-Jones has to thank for her fast ascent to fame. He noticed a young actress in the miniseries Titanic and recommended her to Martin Campbell, a director of The Mask of Zorro. As a result, the actress scored the part of a beauty Elena and had to learn a few new dance moves as well as sword fighting. Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas became her partners in this collaboration. Rob Marshall's musical Chicago, apart from making her a worldwide celebrity, earned Catherine Zeta-Jones the Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actress. Next there was a comedy Intolerable Cruelty by Cohen brothers where she played a marriage scammer fooling a divorce counselor played by George Clooney and Terminal where Tom Hanks acted along her side. And in 2005 Zorro's story received its continuation in The Legend of Zorro; however, the movie was a complete failure in the eyes of the critics and fans.

After some pause in her acting career, the actress resumed her work in 2012. She was married to an actor Michael Douglas who she has two children from: son Dylan Michael Douglas and daughter Karis Zeta-Douglas.

Compatibility Horoscope for Libra woman and Libra man Precision of relations similar to that of a pharmaceutical department - compatibility horoscope states that their union will be peaceful and serene. And it can't be any other way - both man and woman born in the sign of Libra have strong moral values which wouldn't allow their calm family harbor to turn into a battlefield.

A zodiac sign of Libra is sensual, attractive, strong and honest. Libra woman won't nag at her husband for his indecisiveness and doubts since she is amazingly timid herself. Libra man easily finds a compromise with his woman since her decisions as a rule completely satisfy his ego. It is natural for the Scales to have doubts - these two will have a complete understanding in this department. One partner's doubts become a subject for a discussion which leads to a discovery of the truth. They make all decisions together; Libras like discussing everyday life affairs, movies, books they read. As a rule, Libras yield easily during arguments, but they can certainly make any discussion heated to the max by standing their ground if someone breaks the rules of ethics and morals. The Scales are very sensitive when it comes to observing the moral norms and they can't stand lies.

This alliance is referred to as one of the most peaceful ones, but if one of the Libras shows negative inclinations of oppressing the other and dominating overall, it is imperative to make sure that the other partner from this alliance doesn't aggravate the relationship by behaving the same way. Negativity if doubled can throw this couple off balance for a long time. People born in the sign of Libra love art; they can spend long hours in museums, at concerts and exhibitions sharing their impressions afterwards. Libras are welcoming hosts and their friends love visiting their beautiful cozy home. The Scales love children and such parents typically have calm and happy kids growing up under their wing.

In the family setting a woman born as Libra is typically a wonderful wife, mother and housekeeper; she makes her home cozy and clean by putting things in order and keeping a sharp eye on other members of the family making sure they do their part. This woman can abandon her dreams of a successful career for the sake of her marriage and become a simple housewife. At the same time, though, she will help her partner get education and become a highly qualified lawyer, doctor, policeman, musician, artist, actor. Compatibility horoscope supposes that a woman born as Libra will do everything she can to provide a welcoming rear to her spouse.

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