Compatibility Horoscope of Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks


Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks Mel Brooks Date of birth: June 28 and it means that he was born under zodiacal sign of Cancer.

Anne Bancroft (full name is Anna Maria Louisa Italiano) was born in New York into a family of Italian emigrants. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Lee Strasberg's Acting Studio in New York. Anne Bancroft also attended the Directing Workshop for Women at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

In early 1950s she made appearance in a number of TV series under the name of Anne Marno and in 1952 she made her big screen debut in the movie Don't Bother to Knock under the name of Anne Bancroft. After a few smaller roles the actress left Hollywood for New York where in 1958 she debuted on Broadway stage in the play Two for the Seesaw with Henry Fonda as a lead actress. The role of Gittel earned Anne Bancroft the Tony Award, and two years later she once again was honored by this award for her acting in the play The Miracle Worker. In 1962 the play was turned into a film in Hollywood with Anne Bancroft as a lead actress. Her work was yet another time acknowledged, this time by the Academy Award. The same year she had tremendous success on Broadway stage acting in Berthold Brecht's Mother Courage and Her Children.

Anne Bancroft

Anne Bancroft Anne Bancroft Date of birth September 17, and it means that she was born under zodiacal sign of Virgo.

Mel Brooks grew up in the family of Jewish emigrants. His mother was from Kiev, Ukraine and his father was from Austria. Mel Brooks was growing up as a sickly boy. His father passed away when Mel was just a little boy, so his mother took care of his upbringing.

Mel Brooks found his fame right after his first directing debut. The movie The Producers/Spring for Hitler (1968) earned Mel Brooks the Oscar Award for Best Original Screenplay (Mel Brooks wrote a screenplay for the movie, acted in it, directed it and composed the music for it).

Mel Brooks' following work showcased his talents as those of an inimitable master of parody, farce, buffoonery and comedy.

Mel Brooks as a rule employed all his talents in the field of cinematography: he is an actor, director, screenwriter and song writer.

In his comedies he accurately and cleverly parodied westerns, horror movies, romantic and superhero movies, Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers, historical films, vampire movies as well as silent comedies.

He also acted in other directors' movies and TV series. In 1979 he founded a production centre Brooks Films and had a chance to produce such outstanding projects like David Lynch's Elephant Man, David Kronenberg's Fly, Graham Clifford's Francis and others.

Mel Brooks left his mark on Broadway stage, too: he wrote and directed a number of plays. Brooks is a winner of the Tony Award and Lawrence Olivier's Award for the play The Producers (2001). He was also honored with four Emmy Awards for his TV work, three Grammy Awards for his contribution into the music industry (music albums and movie soundtracks).

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo woman and Cancer man A man born in the sign of Cancer and a woman born as Virgo will not jump into the relationship right after they meet; instead, they will check each other out and try to listen to what their inner voice has to say about one another; and only then they may finally decide that their communication can lay a solid foundation for a future marriage. The compatibility horoscope for this couple allows making a conclusion that they have all the chances to live happily for long years and it is the elements of Earth and Water that make their alliance rather stable. Virgo woman is very calm, balanced and well-established with her own opinions and habits; she knows well that she wants her life to be stable and safe. She will rarely get involved with someone who may destroy this arrangement. One would think that a man born in the sign of Cancer would be the worst match for her, but the element of disorganized Cancer - Water - somehow makes the Virgin more serene. She gets captivated by Cancer's soft smile, tenderness, his readiness to console, help and calm his beloved down. A man born as Cancer has gentle manners, soft voice and tender glance which envelopes the Virgin and suddenly she is absolutely sure she has a vital need in this man who will give her love and affection in exchange for her consistency and practicality. First, however, she will doubt the sincerity of his feelings. She believes a man must be strong and perseverant and Cancer's softness tends to raise some concerns and makes her feel as if something fishy is going on. Time will pass and the Virgin will dismiss her concerns - her partner's affection will prove stable and genuine. A man born in the zodiac sign of Cancer has some romantic carelessness about him - both in how he looks and behaves. He, similar to a wandering artist, will praise the Virgin without paying much attention to the fact that lack of organization and some absentmindedness of his make their everyday life dysfunctional. He may respond to the Virgin's claims and remarks with long periods of silent treatment and grudges. Virgo woman is very strict both towards herself and her partner and her heightened tendency to criticize is as natural to her as Cancer's inclination to take offense. The compatibility horoscope wants these two to beware: if they don't change the way things are between them, their relationship will be fraught with great difficulties in their family life that may even lead to a breakup. The Virgin is smart enough to be able to somewhat soften her criticism and Cancer has an acute ability to analyze a situation; thus, positive efforts from both partners can ensure harmony in their family.

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