Pisces The Zodiac Sign

Pisces The Zodiac Sign

Pisces Zodiacal Characteristics

Basic traits of Pisces' character February 20 - March 20

The Zodiacal Sign of Pisces commences on February 19th, but for seven days, it does not come into full power until approximately February 26th. From this date onward, it is in full strength until March 20th. Then, for seven days, it gradually loses its strength as it becomes overlapped by the "cusp" of the incoming sign Aries.

This gentle sign is not typically harmful in a direct sense; it is their weaknesses that can confound others. The majority of Pisces individuals are kind and gullible.

Young Pisces tend to be adventurous, ambitious, impulsive, enthusiastic, and full of energy. They are pioneers in both thought and action, very open to new ideas, and lovers of freedom. These individuals possess an intuitive understanding of the world, which they derive not from books or formal study, but rather through an innate absorption. They tend to acquire knowledge, particularly in the fields of history, travel, research, and related subjects.

Although Pisces people are by nature generous, they often find themselves excessively concerned about financial matters, worrying about what their future position in life might be. This anxiety is due more to their aversion to dependence on others than to any love of money.

They can be easily irritated by slowness or moderation in their companions and, though sensitive themselves, may sometimes disregard the sensitivities of others. These qualities can make them misunderstood, often perceived as adept in financial matters when they may not be.

People born under the sign of Pisces occasionally fail to keep their promises, especially concerning money. They might impulsively commit to giving, but upon reflection, fear of future poverty may prompt them to break their promise or give less than expected. Therefore, Pisces individuals should strive to exercise strong self-control and discipline their character tendencies for the benefit of the society in which they live.

These individuals are often more mentally ambitious than in other areas. They may be well-versed in their subject internally, but they can hesitate and doubt their own abilities when required to demonstrate them publicly.

Pisces individuals are prone to brooding and melancholy, or to imagining that the world is against them and that they are being unfairly mistreated. Their propensity for depression can be significant. Because they view life mystically, they may interpret misfortune as an indictment of their character. No other zodiac sign is as likely to hinge their evening plans on a reading from a fortune cookie.

Many artists, musicians, and writers are born under Pisces, yet they often require significant encouragement to achieve their full potential.

They are also very devoted to their friends and any cause they embrace, provided they feel trusted and respected. Generally, they succeed in positions of responsibility, but they tend to be reserved, usually offering their opinions only when asked.

The most varied characters can be found within this sign, with some being prone to indulgence in luxury and self-gratification. If this aspect dominates, they may become too lax, overly influenced by their environment, fall prey to deceitful schemes, or in some cases, succumb to substance abuse.

However, if Pisces individuals find a purpose worth living for, they can rise to the occasion with remarkable resilience. Sometimes in life, one may encounter a Pisces who astonishes their peers with a dramatic change of character. Despite being shy and often perceived by others as mysterious or enigmatic, a Pisces has a keen ability to discern the troubles of others and offer insightful support.

However, if individuals born under the Pisces sign find a purpose that resonates deeply with them, they rise to the occasion more distinctively than any other. These are the individuals one may occasionally encounter in life who astonish their friends with a dramatic transformation of character. Pisceans tend to be shy. While they may appear mysterious or somewhat perplexed to others, a Pisces often has an innate ability to untangle the complexities of other people's issues.

All individuals associated with this sign are highly emotional. Those who exhibit the weaker aspects of Pisces can be readily influenced by those with whom they interact, but those on the stronger side can channel their emotional intensity to reach great heights.

In the realm of business, Pisceans are quite adept at managing maritime endeavors and engaging in trade with foreign countries. Sea captains, sailors of various ranks, and travelers frequently hail from this sign.

These individuals also possess a mystically inclined facet to their character, as well as pragmatic aspects. They may be regarded as superstitious, drawn to the occult and all its manifestations in some form or another. They have an inherent desire to explore the unknown, philosophical, and mysterious spheres of life. If Pisceans could conquer their sensitivity and cultivate their willpower, there would be virtually no peak they could not scale. It is crucial to recognize that there is a subtly crafty element in their nature, which suggests that at times, they might achieve their objectives more successfully by tactfully acquiescing to the demands of a social situation, instead of allowing their ambition to become ensnared in something beyond their control.

Pisceans might resort to untruths to spare someone's feelings or simply to secure a bit of privacy for themselves. While they do not relish being alone for extended periods, a brief span of solitude is often sought to restore their inner tranquility. However, there is a propensity for addiction—to alcohol, medication, or even minor indulgences such as sweets—thus, it is imperative for them to remain vigilant.

♓ Pisces - The Sign of the Dolphin

Their personality is a combination of all the zodiac signs. Pisces may be a musically or artistically gifted person, and creativeness is inherent in them. They are a great empathizer, always knowing how someone else is feeling. That makes a good counselor and a sensitive lover. Occasionally they enjoy solitude and like to get away from everyone and stay alone in order to regain their senses.

💁 Pisces' Friends

Pisces find their most lasting friendships with people born in their own period or between Jane 21 and July 20.

🚑 Pisces' Health

As regards health, people born in this period are mostly inclined to suffer from nerves, insomnia, despondency and poor circulation, anemia. They often have intestinal trouble. They should, if possible, live in bright, sunny, dry climates, and take a great amount of fresh air and exercise. They like extremes. Physical, emotional and mental, and benefit profoundly by experiencing them; but if their extremism goes too far beyond social acceptability, then they should expect to be extremely lonely.

🎨 Pisces' Colors

The colors most suitable to such people are all shades of mauve, violet, and purple.

⛰ Pisces' Stones

The birth stones for this period are agates, sapphires, amethysts, and emeralds.

♓ Horoscopes for Pisces

Pisces The Zodiac Sign

Zodiac sign


Comments: Pisces The sign of the Zodiac

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paschal 2021-03-28 22:17:49
significantly every thing narrated here points to me nice one
ee 2019-03-27 15:27:26
i was born 5th march im a dre?my pisces
fe 2019-03-04 00:37:56
I'm a proud to be born this sign
maria Liza d.nilo 2019-02-03 17:57:38
everything was happened to me...
Kelvin 2017-03-17 06:27:01
I was born in March 3RD and everything i red about Pisces happens in my life. I thank God am a Pisces.The people of good hear.
Catwhind 2018-07-06 08:47:01
Message from Kelvin
I was born in March 3RD and everything i red about Pisces happens in my life. I thank God am a Pisces.The people of good hear.

Hey, I'm also a pisces. I have a question to ask, have u tried imagining things with happy endings? Because me I felt weird about myself imagining things and also feeling sad without a reason. sorry, don't hv a quote 2 say.
Kevin 2017-01-13 09:33:10
This does seems to be right on despite the grammatical errors that were in the article. Still not sure about the word dose in this article. Anyway, I felt like I was just reading all about myself. Born March 9, 1980. Not sure about the addictive to booz or pills part. I guess it really means that we fall into some type of addiction easily. I think mine is games, games on my cell phone currently, used to be Nintendo or Sega Genesis games decades ago. Any games really because of my competitive nature. I think the addiction is easily broken when we want to though, but then somehow we may fall back into it at a later date. This is all very interesting. What does everyone think about this in terms of what God wants for us. Do you think that this is all apart of his design. The Fallen Angels taught this to man many years ago. Seems that GOD didn't want us to know but it seems obvious why HE does not want us to know too much. If we come to know too much, we will feel like we don't need him. If we even come know so much that we can manipulate things such as time, space, and other things that should be reserved for the power of GOD, Man will stop acknowledging God and I believe at that point, we will be wiped out and he will start over again. Anyway, back to my original point, I don't think that those who believe in the zodiac teachings are defying God in any way, its just a bit of other knowledge that we have about ourselves but I do not believe in using daily Horoscopes as a guide to how you should live your life. That's what the BIBLE is for. BIBLE standing for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

Good Article. Someone needs to proofread and fix the grammatical errors though. 🙂
Will 2017-01-14 19:00:10
I do feel that the horoscopes are of the occult we shouldn't know the future we were given the free will to choose our true destiny and life has too much of the wrong info at our fingertips implanted in our brains through tv ,Brands, symbols, food even conversation could change how we think or choose to be
pisces 2016-12-15 04:51:17
what's the jandra of movies of the pisces
Onion 2016-10-09 18:20:48
[just=center][/just] I am a prices and everything is so true. When I read the part about how they can expect to he super lonely if they are to extreme and that made so much sense, thank you.
JayJay 2016-09-29 14:33:52
I was born march 20th! Favorite color blue though
DruidSoul 2016-11-02 14:45:57
Message from JayJay
I was born march 20th! Favorite color blue though

I'm also, March 20th - the very last day of the zodiac cycle - best "birth""day" of the whole 365
Flip Jacobs 2016-09-27 13:51:11
Born 9 March 1974, oh its so true, I just feel one with the universe. I,m creative, love sport and music.. Emotional indeed and highy sensitive. Outgoing, watching nature, birds, waterfalls, streams, trees animals around me can bring peace and calmness. Communicate and accociate with others expecially strangers I love. Its like I know everything about everyone, easy to figure people out. Building things and love the finer and finishing in houses. Oh its great to be pisces, feels i,m one with everything and everything with me.
trish 2016-08-18 04:39:04
oh that's me god help me iam confused right now
Kendall Colbert 2016-08-17 20:30:14
OMG Wow This Says Everything About Me Wven About Favorite Colors, I Love Purple

sarie 2016-04-28 05:14:02
waaaaaaahhhh!!!!!! sooo very truee, though I belong to the weak side ("_ _)
anonymous viewer 2016-04-20 03:51:17
march 9

yep....the escapism is real. I see a lot of myself in this sign
Shark8ck 2016-02-18 09:14:39
I'm that 27th day Pisces ShArk. There are a million types of fish...some are guppies like my mother. Sweet as crab meat. A lot is true, but I don't think the person who wrote this is a Pisces. Shy?! I'm reserved about giving my opinion but not shy, but back up when open my mouth. Sensitive?! Yes, because that's how I'm able to tell if others good or bad for my aura. I multi-task as if I have 10 brains. I draw, write poetry and scripts. I played 10 sports growing up: basketball, baseball, football, tennis, bowling, billiards, table tennis, soccer, track & field, volleyball and any other sport I felt like playing. Now it's golf and racquetball. I own a U.S. Patent; 20 years in tax. I have 15 years in accounting and now 10 years in IT. I invest in stocks, commodities without an broker. I sued a former employee and won without an attorney. I'm a romantic but can fight so watch it. Pisces are limitless. We can carry much on our shoulders and still accomplish our own goals.
Marcelino 2016-02-06 05:13:24
That's true...14th of March
sajid 2016-01-09 21:47:45
its really true as i am look a like
Tiffany 2016-01-02 18:26:30
Hey everyone, Piscean here born 4th of March.
I have forever loved the beautiful moon and the dark of night that surrounds it. Seductive and refreshing. Just like Water, I am drawn to the moon. Like a comfort zone.
However just because I am open about my feelings of care and love, it doesn't mean a thing about a Piscean being weak as others say we are.
*We are the Water-Sign firstly the only element made of two. Without Air, Water does not exist. I'm cool with that, because it just means more traits for me.
Libra is the Air-sign who hold the scales so I don't mind listening to my sensitive side when it comes to unclouded judgement.
*Being the Fish means we don't have to follow the crowd, we can swim against the tide and stand alone and be just as happy.
Stay calm in deep dark depths and go dwell in extremely cold or boiling temperatures which almost all creatures can't survive.
Yes we are cute but don't forget the flesh eaters.
I enjoy being a pisces and these are just some of the reasons why.
Lela 2016-11-01 22:34:34
So true! We don't follow crowds if anything I'm far from anyone I know, I enjoy being a fish
Axel 2015-12-29 17:04:56
I do not feel that this is me due to my rising being Aquarius and my moon being Sagittarius. Some of this is very true for me though (not too much)
derrick thomas 2015-12-25 00:16:24
I was born February 28 and this text relate to me very well I am emotionally grown to other especially my gf her name Is paris and we've been going out for 5 months but I do lie for others and take on responsibility to when given and feel proud or happy when it happen
Lenise 2015-12-19 15:39:11
So true I was born on March 14th
pisces alpha 2015-12-14 01:50:05
feb 28 leap year born at the peak of pisces power phaze. I can see into the future. know the meaning of the universe. Know there is a GOD because i have seen his angels. And this part (if their extremism goes too far beyond social acceptability, then they should expect to be extremely lonely.) I am extremely lonely.
me 2015-12-13 16:26:42
I was literally born on February 27th omgod
Denny 2021-02-17 22:55:32
please feel free to reach out to me.
Denny 2021-02-17 22:53:53
That is a great date of birth, I'm a Scorpio and get along well with Pisces that are born in the last week of February who truly are intelligent and friendly.
Deonna 2015-12-25 20:33:12
Lol wow I was born on the same day and I am very emotional and sensitive. I also can tell someone when they are feeling sad mad or overwhelmed.
BEO 2015-10-30 05:08:33
i was born on the 5th of march

Sophie 2015-10-02 03:18:51
I was born on March 15th and I am musically inclined and I also love art I'm definetly a sensitive and emotional person haha that's so crazy
Ryley 2015-12-24 22:48:28
I was born on March 15 and I'm musically inclined and sensitive and emotional. I've just fond out about all of this and I'm so indescribably happy.
ZYCHE 2015-09-27 10:33:34
Ohhhh... yeah... so true... sounds exactly like me... born on the 20th of feb...
veronica 2015-09-20 15:25:56
All you said is true, especially of having all other sings within us.
Marcus 2015-09-14 21:52:52
That was sick.... Everything is so true. Born on the 4rth.
Abraham 2015-08-31 12:33:04
Its very true,am so emotional and i like to keep it low unless am asked of any opinion.....12th March.
Zoyaah 2015-08-28 21:24:27
Sooooo true man! love been a Pisces!was born on 5th March yeahhhhhhhhh

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