Aspects of The Pluto  

Elimination, Renewal, Regeneration
Mutation, Transition, Rebirth

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Pluto in your horoscope shows where you will most strongly resist conditions as you find them and will bend every effort (including violent revolt—if necessary) to bring into being conditions as you feel they should be. The native's sense of revolt is centered in the horoscope by the house position of Pluto. Any planet aspecting Pluto is given depth and power but also turbulence. Aspects to Pluto indicate areas where you're able to regenerate your self-expression. Pluto signifies a fundamental will or energy that can raise the level of expression or completely alter your life according to your motivation. Aspects indicate the capacity to use superphysical forces by applying your will, again according to your motivation. Aspects show how your life is affected by vast impersonal forces beyond your control.
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** Hard Aspects: the conjunction, square and opposition
** Soft Aspects: the sextile and trine

a spects of the Pluto and Moon

Hard Aspects:
The native is impulsive, sensual, restless, jealous and tends to be a loner. At times, he/she may feel rejected, possibly due to his/her relationship with his/her parents. The native's feelings are constantly challenged by the necessities for improvement or change in surrounding conditions. The native's feelings are given to violent upheavals against his/her wishes: because the native cannot resist the wider implications impinging upon his/her sensibilities. Emotionally this native is forced to consider the underside of situations and the degree to which possible change is indicated. This supercharges the feelings with psychic forces that make the native acutely aware of the spiritual responsibility of his/her emotional reactions. The native's life may be subject to new phases not of his/her own choosing, often involving this native's family or domestic life. He/she must learn to handle his/her intolerance and fanaticism.

Soft Aspects:
The native constructively uses his/her will to guide his/her imagination, regenerating practical affairs and his/her emotional life. This native improves his health and stamina through the ability to renew his vitality. By getting rid of old, useless emotions and possessions, the native can unclutter his/her life. Yet, this native's feelings are easily drawn to unfavorable conditions in the world around him/her that call out for correction and sympathy. The native is emotionally more sympathetic to unfavorable conditions but is less prepared in the long run actually to do something about them beyond extending his/her heartfelt sympathy.
a spects of the Pluto and Mercury

Hard Aspects:
The native desires to pursue his/her own inclinations of thinking and yet at the same time he/she is constantly channeled to reflect on those matters immediately around him/her which require violent overhaul and corrective changes from the ground up, even at the expense of certain people's thinking that stands in the native's way. The native is forced into progressive thinking at all times. This gives his/her thoughts a psychic awareness of the conditions and potentialities of change. This aspect is good for new modes of expression in any field. The native can be abrupt and harsh in speech or receive the same from others, yet he/she can exhibit fantastic tact and diplomacy.

Soft Aspects:
The native's thoughts naturally run to all sorts of wild and revolutionary schemes, which somehow leak out and yet do not turn the world upside down or against him/her. The native is less likely to get his/her unusually strong thought patterns behind some cause where it will do some good because he pursues these channels only when he/she feels like it or when opportunities present themselves that won't backfire on him/her. This native has a way of saying any old thing (at times) and getting away with it.
a spects of the Pluto and Sun

Hard Aspects:
The native can be arrogant, boastful, willful, over-bearing and rebellious and this may put him/her in physical danger. This native has trouble putting his/her energy to positive use. He/she is impulsive when applying his/her energy, especially when it involves changing the world, which must be changed to fit this native's perception.
The native is forced to incorporate the Pluto qualities of revolution, drastic reform, instigation of violent changes and disruption of outmoded conditions in such a manner that he/she faces constant resistance on all levels to everything that he/she tries to do in these directions. The native could even place him/herself in imminent danger if he/sne becomes involved in social or political revolutions or wars.

Soft Aspects:
The native still (on special occasions when he/she feels like it) incorporates all the above qualities in his/her approach and generally escapes the worst consequences which might be directed against him/her personally. Because this native is not forced into these attitudes by hard angles, he/she can incorporate them or leave them out as he/she chooses. Under hard angle it always has to be Sun-Pluto; under soft angle only sometimes or practically never if the consequences could be turned against the native.
a spects of the Pluto and Mars

Hard Aspects:
The native has difficulty in starting anything that does not lead to trouble or blow up in his/her face because it is too controversial for those around him/her. This forces the native to be more careful and secretive about what he/she is up to. The native's best actions will eventually be those that clear ground for new projects or make sure that any present projects which are no longer serving their intended purpose (as the native sees it) are called to task on the matter. The native is forced to action that is progressive. Thenative is also often involved in violence or death through revolution, crime or natural disaster, either as the victim or the perpetrator. The native can become violent when he/she is angry, wreaking havoc in personal relationships. The native's strong sexual urges can dominate his/her creative instincts. Obstacles seem unconquerable, but can be overcome, sometimes at the expense of others' feelings. Objectives tend to become obsessions.

Soft Aspects:
The native easily lends his/her initiative and energetic forces to activities that are reactionary to public interest (public interest being invariably aligned with ongoing established institutions that cover the majority of cases). The native is more acutely aware than most of the true relationship of public policies and true human needs. This is particularly so when times have changed and the policies in effect no longer serve their original needs. This leads the way for the native to instrument any desired changes as he/she sees it. Since these involvements generally meet with little resistance from others, this person is apt to get involved with a more personal application of the changes that he/she sees as desirable. A hard-angle aspect would force one to the more fundamental issues at stake rather than just pleasing one's own sense for needed reform. This is a strong relationship to Pluto in either case, for it keys Pluto to one of the planets that gets things done.
a spects of the Pluto and Venus

Hard Aspects:
The native's love nature is challenged to include a more fundamental application such as the unsatisfied needs of unfortunate people who for one reason or another have far fewer advantages than this native has. The native is so acutely aware of the pitfalls of love sentiments that he/she is hardly able to satisfy his/her own in a personal way. Broad-scale satisfaction of affectional needs becomes a hangup that the native is challenged to resolve. Eventually this has to lead to some sort of solution or extensive concentration on the matter. The native is forced to consider the sentiments of love in the same context as the psychic potentialities of rejuvenating change. One solution is to forgo personal gratifications in favor of warm feelings for persons caught in the web of social changes.
These aspects can distort the native's will and his/her power to regenerate. This native will probably have problems with taxes, joint finances, inheritances, etc., often due to chancy over-investment.

Soft Aspects:
The native has a great, often exaggerated, joy in living, leading him/her to be overly self-indulgent. Such person always has strong feelings and passions and great dedication, honesty and intuition. His/her strong opinions are formed early in life.
The native often may feel naturally drawn to becoming sentimentally and affectionally attached to those who are peculiarly situated in life due to some disadvantage, limitation or impairment of some kind. The native is more encouraged to satisfy his/her own needs for self-sacrifice than he/she is to do something about unfortunate people other than to use them as the object of his/her individual affection—that is, love them.
a spects of the Pluto and Saturn

Hard Aspects:
The native's best efforts and particularly his/her own sense of security are forced into matters dealing with social situations in need of change and overhaul. There is much inner debate as to how well the native feels he/she can afford to put his/her own security on the line in order to instigate social reforms that apply to or benefit many others besides him/herself. Ultimately the native finds he/she has no choice. This native has to play along with the larger issues no matter what it may cost him personally. This may not ensure an altogether favorable spot for him/her, but it does provide a channel of application that has far more importance than just individual rights or selfish attitudes. The native is forced to bring his/her sense of reality to bear on the psychic necessities of change.

Soft Aspects:
The native is ambitious, energetic, powerful, tolerant and able to organize and control the power of his/her will. Opportunities to regenerate him/herself come through hard work and discipline. The native's ability to arouse enthusiasm in others allows him/her to get much accomplished.
On the other hand the native easily lends his/her work efforts to causes that some people would consider destructive or socially undesirable merely because they want change rather than the status quo. The native is less likely to innovate approaches than he/she is to lend practical efforts to push something already going because he/she is not challenged to examine his/her intentions or sharpen his/her attitudes or particularly sacrifice his/her sense of security for what he/she is engaged in. When one is challenged every step of the way, then one tends to be more cautious and to be eventually in a cause that is perhaps more sound and desirable rather than just crackpot reactionary.

a spects of the Pluto and Uranus

Hard Aspects:
The native is forced to reconcile his/her independent and unique slant on things with bringing about desirable changes in existing conditions which no longer reflect the needs or circumstances which gave them birth. This is an awareness of a combination of social forces which are essentially reactionary and revolutionary and at the same time suddenly and unexpectedly brought to a head in the native's affairs. The native is apt to be picked up and swept into social problems that influence the whole course of his life. The native is forced to combine his/her potentiality for ingenious originality with the forces and desirability of social change.

Soft Aspects:
The native's sense of social needs naturally takes unusual forms of adjustment, which, while natural to the native, makes him/her rather unadaptable to the rest of society. His/her sense of need for social change takes an unconventional form. On the other hand this native is a true idealist who's appalled at injustice and possesses the strength and endurance and ability to accept the new, especially if he/she feels it's for the betterment of the world. The native has the opportunity to advance scientifically and spiritually through discovery and application of laws pertaining to subtle electrical, atomic and psychic forces of nature.
a spects of the Pluto and Neptune

Hard Aspects:
The native is often markedly different from peers and often becomes involved in racial, religious and social problems/conflicts. Psychic or occult leanings can produce subtle emotional and mental stresses and conflict between emotions and will, causing tension between unconscious desires and a urge for power. This native experiences much difficulty in reconciling spiritual insights with unfortunate conditions where others seem to live in spiritual darkness. The native cannot freely pursue his/her ideals without considering the ideals of others and why they are not as free to feel or sense things as he/she may be. Eventually the native is inspired to champion attitudes that bring help to change the conditions which darken the spiritual qualities in other people's lives. The native is forced to channel his/her own sense of spirituality along lines of spiritual force that encourage or instrument significant sweeping social changes.

Soft Aspects:
The effects of Soft-Angle Aspects often manifest as a set of attitudes and values that are characteristic of the native's generation and lean toward the mystical and occult. The native naturally identifies his/her own spirituality with all those unfortunates who seem lost, defeated or trapped in some way. His/her interest is more in sharing their burdens than in focusing his/her inspiration on doing something drastic about their conditions.
a spects of the Pluto and Jupiter

Hard Aspects:
The native finds it difficult to adjust his/her awareness of the desirabilities of change in certain conditions around the native to the coded beliefs that he/she also tries to follow. Apparently the principles which generally guide him/her do not adequately account for or provide for the wide disparagement between existing conditions and the traditions of which they are supposed to be a fair reflection. This deeply disturbs the native to the point where he/she makes war on his/her principles because they do not properly reflect conditions or needs as they really are.

Soft Aspects:
The native naturally follows principles and codes that have reactionary or revolutionary aims. The degree to which this leads the native astray or interferes with the rest of his/her affairs is something else. The native encourages others to explore their potential. He/she often possesses great organizing skills. Such person is able and willing to make new beginnings. This aspect enhances the effectiveness and range of all the beneficial qualities of Jupiter.
p luto is very important because of slow-moving
The native's sense of revolt is centered in the horoscope by the house position of Pluto. Any planet aspecting Pluto is given depth and power but also turbulence.