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Chronos, Old Father Time (Greek)
Limitation. Rise & Fall of Fortune

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In many cases Saturn can be the single most determining factor in the entire horoscope. Self-preservation often takes precedence over ego fulfillment (the Sun), emotional gratifications (the Moon), pursuit of ambitions (the tenth house), development of the personality (the first house), or indulgence in pleasures, love or sex (the fifth house). If the native does not solve this requirement of basic security, none of the other matters can have any permanent satisfaction. Saturn is by house indicates the area of experience where the native's basic security is most vulnerable. The requirements of this house must be given top priority before the native can turn his/her attention to higher matters.
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** Hard Aspects: the conjunction, square and opposition
** Soft Aspects: the sextile and trine

a spects of the Saturn and Moon

Hard Aspects:
The native is usually cautious and inhibited in expressing his/her feelings and others have difficulty responding to his/her cold, unemotional nature. This native tends to judge relationships based on past experience and often cling to unfruitful relationships and family ties since the known represents security to him/her. The native often lacks emotional flexibility and optimism in all his/her relationships, often due in part to the rigid attitudes instilled in the native by his/her parents in early childhood. The native's emotional nature is forced to restrain itself for more serious considerations, which tend to harden and discipline the emotions out of proportion to their normal feelings. Other people consider or experience the native as emotionally cool, hard and unsympathetic. Such people must work harder than most people to prove themselves. They must learn to handle frustration, discontent and depression and maturity eludes them until they lose their sense of martyrdom. Financial difficulties may cramp these people's style. They have irrational fears due to forgotten events.

Soft Aspects:
The native is usually cautious, conservative, shrewd, honest, conscientious, austere, self-disciplines, thoughtful, serious, prudent and slightly pompous. There is harmony between the native's feelings and common sense and the native is often assured some measure of worldly success. This native, when he/she wants to, can cool his/her own emotions and hold them in disciplined control so that he/she is fully aware of all the practical implications involved. The will at times actually enjoy a certain amount of emotional denial. The native finds it easy to feel favorable toward difficult efforts required to get things done. The native as a rule has a long, but not necessarily healthy, life. Men attract a practical, faithful mate who may not be exciting but has impeccable qualities.
a spects of the Saturn and Mercury

Hard Aspects:
This native is careful, sober, logical, methodical, strongly ambitious, tenacious, foresighted, extremely self-centered, responsible and accurate, and can be obstinate and serious. He/she has a great depth of mind and is mentally ambitious, but may not get the recognition he/she wants and often deserve. The native's thinking is often restricted to practical solutions on serious subjects, which all tend to have material objectives. Whenever his/her thinking gets out of this mold or pattern, difficulties arise and then the native is forced backward. The native is forced to discipline his/her thoughts and think in absolutely realistic and factual terms. The native's tendency to be jealous, fear of change and anticipation of danger or failure means he/she has few real friends. In positions of authority, this native may belittle others' ideas. He/she's likely to get in trouble with written communications and contracts.

Soft Aspects:
The native has a disciplined mind, depth in his/her thoughts, directness in speech and high regard for honesty and morality. His/her memory and concentration are good, as is his/her health most of the time. This native naturally leans to more serious subjects and easily disciplines him/herself to some sort of scientific approach or laboratorylike analysis on even simple matters. The serious cast to the thought patterns is considered more important than the seriousness of the content. The native likes to think about frustrating situations and conditions, which restrict the individual rather than release him/her for lighter tasks.
a spects of the Saturn and Sun

Hard Aspects:
The ntive's ambitions may fail due to incompetence or bad luck, and any success is due to self-discipline. The native tends to meet negative, stingy or difficult people until he/she learns compromise and understanding. Obstacles and frustrations the native encounters are karmic and often manifest in the native's father, husband and/or son.
Saturn hardens the ego along lines that are fixed, rigid, inflexible, serious, conservative, practical and disciplined. There is a struggle within the self about all these matters when they come in conflict with the will, so others tend to suffer while the native goes about getting him/herself in hand.
The native may have health problems, especially dental or arthritic, that may be due to a lack of vitality. Selfishness must be overcome by cultivating a sense of humor and a more positive outlook.

Soft Aspects:
This native usually adapts more easily to incorporating all the above qualities of Saturn into his/her general practices and methods. The ego does not resent the disciplines imposed by Saturn. The native is honest, practical, patient, self-disciplined and has good organizational and leadership abilities. He/she is thinking is clear and precise and he/she is able to concentrate well. Success comes through hard work and patience, often involving some aspect of politics.

a spects of the Saturn and Mars

Hard Aspects:
The native is consciously pulled two ways: forward toward expansive action and backward to careful deliberation, this often builds up inner tension, which ends in some kind of an explosion or ACTION WHICH HURTS. Through endless unfortunate reactions from others the native learns to adjust this in such a manner that it becomes action that builds constructively because it is so realistic from the beginning. Anything less ends in a fizzle, which burns both the native and those around him/her. This is a difficult pattern to control and requires much skill to get it right finally. But this aspect is potentially one of the strongest combinations of possible planetary force. Usually this technique is perfected only late in life when it is also designed to work best. Anything connected with Saturn works this way. The native also often has an extraordinary ability to make enemies and, if afflicted, he/she may develop a persecution complex, sex or health problems related to the sign Mars occupies. The native may be denied ultimate power because of abuses in the past.

Soft Aspects:
The native's impulses easily give in to restrictive and disciplinary forces which guide his/her sense of security. This makes the native shrewd but also more prone to commit cruel acts on others because circumstances in his/her favor so often let him/her get away with it. One might be said here to be lucky in getting away with many petty acts that hamper or restrict others. The native often has health problems related to the signs of Mars and Saturn. He/she has difficulty relating to others, especially in partnerships and marriage, and is apt to make enemies due to the native's lack of gentleness, patience and kindness. This person must become loving and compassionate instead of passing judgment or criticizing. Such people often fail to follow through on projects they start, often gaining a reputation for being lazy or unreliable.
a spects of the Saturn and Venus

Hard Aspects:
The native has the potential to be a great artist and/or mathematician and can have insight into the harmonious workings of the laws of nature. This native is self-disciplined, hard-working and his/her sense of duty and happiness are closely tied together. A sense of justice, loyalty and fair play makes the native a good friend.
On the dark side, the native's sentimental nature is hardened by his/her inadequacies in achieving a certain maturity of feeling. The native tends to be overly loving and then excessively harsh. Since this invokes many unfavorable reactions, the native learns to temper his/her sentiments until they can be expressed in a mature manner or toward a mature individual who can understand the depth and seriousness of what the native really feels. The native's sentiments for affection are forced to be realistic and serious. The native's fear of rejection or non-acceptance often leads him/her to delay marriage or even forego it. If this native does marry, he/she is usually unhappy because his spouse can be unresponsive, poor, harsh, dictatorial and much older or the marriage may be based purely on financial considerations.

Soft Aspects:
The native is willing and able to sacrifice personal happiness for duty's sake or for others' happiness since he/she realizes and accepts that suffering is a part of growth. Although the native is polite but formal in social conduct, he/she has little or no happy social life. The native's feelings easily run to matters beyond his/her years and are directed to older people who seem to understand better his/her intentions and be more gratifyingly appreciative. This tends to lead to that which is merely old and narrow rather than to uncover new depths of feeling in matters that are less easily suppressed or more rigidly fixed. If Saturn is in the first three houses, the first part of the native's life will be difficult.
a spects of the Saturn and Jupiter

Hard Aspects:
The native is confronted with application to expand and contract at the same time. One voice says to raise his/her hopes and have faith (not in spiritual value as with Neptune) but in the ideal balance which is in nature itself. And the other voice says to hold back, recheck and proceed with caution, keeping his/her eyes on the ground. This also tends to build up explosive reactions in the native, strangely breaking new ground in both directions at once. The native gets on firmer footing and also gains some recognition or breakthrough to higher purpose. Rewards and admission of basic considerations go hand in hand like good news and bad news, but somehow both are welcome. The native's ambivalence for going first forward in one direction and then backward in another does not earn favor with those around him/her. Every step forward is at the expense of a half step backward, which is a very trying and difficult way to get ahead. This can make for solid advancement however painfully slow. The native is forced to reach for reality and lift his/her sights at the same time. These people's religious views are usually orthodox. They often have problems connected with money.

Soft Aspects:
Since Saturn is much tougher than Jupiter, one's expansive attitudes are usually compromised to the demands of more practical and fundamental issues. The native is accustomed to retreat and accepts it with good grace. However, the native at the same time is rather more prepared to step forward with sound procedures that invariably work rather than frustrate him/herself by having to retrace steps. This position is favorable but less likely to hit the "big time" because it takes the explosive setbacks to force the native over the top and way out in front as obviously a winner. For this, hard angles in the long run are better.
a spects of the Saturn and Uranus

Hard Aspects:
The native usually has few friends because of an inconsistent, dictatorial attitude he/she is unwilling to admit is unreasonable. The native's philosophy is idealistic, but his/her actions are oppressive: he/she is unwilling to grant others the freedom he/she demands. The native is often challenged to be progressive, independent, realistic and practical at the same time. This is no small trick. The native eventually comes to see that his/her only chance for a fundamental breakthrough and one which affects his/her whole security setup is to proceed independently and fabricate for him/herself some ingenious approach that will answer all requirements at once. The native proceeds slowly on his/her own to teach him/herself tricks that will eventually provide some whole new approach to some matter of serious importance. The native's greatest difficulty is in getting started on his/her own, since others feel that this native is beginning at the wrong end. He/he has to rely on his/her own intuition as to which end to start with, and this takes a great deal of independent self-assurance. The native is forced to be realistic and ingenious at the same time.

Soft Aspects:
Voluntary self-discipline and acceptance of responsibility allows this native true freedom. He/she acts as a bridge between the past and the present, the old and the new. The native has common sense, determination, good administrative ability, initiative, intuition, keen judgment and will-power. The native seems to get started easily doing important things in a strange manner, which allows him/her to get far afield and leave everyone else behind before they know what he/she is up to. This generally works fine as long as the native has other qualities that keep him/her on a sound operating level, otherwise this native is apt to let things run wild and is less apt to remain sound because others do not challenge him/her or force him/her to inventory what he/she is doing. These aspects are excellent for scientists, mathematicians and occultists and such people are usually bored with those who don't use their minds. The native able to control subtle energies in an exact, scientific and systematic way.
a spects of the Saturn and Neptune

Hard Aspects:
The native has difficulty in adjusting his/her sense of inspiration along lines that follow the sensitivity patterns of others who have indeed been faced with much the same material. The path of Jupiter is always along lines laid down by others in such a manner that a code or law is established which represents the formal mode of many contributions. Every time the native feels inspirational or divinely inspired he/she seems to run counter to established forms or codes of firmly entrenched bodies of belief. Eventually the native comes to see that what he/she senses is not fundamentally different from what certain others also sensed and thus the intensity of his/her idealism (because it was held back so long) makes a real contribution. The native is forced to adjust his/her idealism to certain principles of moral uplift. If the rest of the native chart shows courage and strength, the native is willing to sacrifice him/herself to fight injustice. Otherwise, the native simply has compassion for its victims. He/she often experiences a feeling of religious or mystical ecstasy, so this native often involved in mystical cults or psychic religions. This native's tendency to be excessive means he/she should avoid drugs and alcohol.

Soft Aspects:
The native's awareness of spiritual values easily follows the lines of expression already laid down by established sects such as religious orders. There is no awareness that what he/she feels is different from what others so inspired also feel. This makes for considerably less originality of vision or lacks the spiritual intensity that being out of step creates under a hard-angle aspect. Friends and relatives often render assistance, even if the native appears not to deserve it. Such native needs to periodically retreat from the world. Must avoid drugs, alcohol and overeating.
a spects of the Saturn and Pluto

Hard Aspects:
The native's best efforts and particularly his/her own sense of security are forced into matters dealing with social situations in need of change and overhaul. There is much inner debate as to how well the native feels he/she can afford to put his/her own security on the line in order to instigate social reforms that apply to or benefit many others besides him/herself. Ultimately the native finds he/she has no choice. This native has to play along with the larger issues no matter what it may cost him personally. This may not ensure an altogether favorable spot for him/her, but it does provide a channel of application that has far more importance than just individual rights or selfish attitudes. The native is forced to bring his/her sense of reality to bear on the psychic necessities of change.

Soft Aspects:
The native is ambitious, energetic, powerful, tolerant and able to organize and control the power of his/her will. Opportunities to regenerate him/herself come through hard work and discipline. The native's ability to arouse enthusiasm in others allows him/her to get much accomplished.
On the other hand the native easily lends his/her work efforts to causes that some people would consider destructive or socially undesirable merely because they want change rather than the status quo. The native is less likely to innovate approaches than he/she is to lend practical efforts to push something already going because he/she is not challenged to examine his/her intentions or sharpen his/her attitudes or particularly sacrifice his/her sense of security for what he/she is engaged in. When one is challenged every step of the way, then one tends to be more cautious and to be eventually in a cause that is perhaps more sound and desirable rather than just crackpot reactionary.
s aturn, depicted as a horseman, rides in the sky
In many cases Saturn can be the single most determining factor in the entire horoscope.