Aspects of The Sun

Human personality connected with the Sun
Power, Destiny, Vitality, and Self-expression

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The Sun represents the ego-drive, which accounts for more than half of the characterization of the native. That is why Sun sign readings in astrology are so amazingly accurate. The percentage of accuracy is even higher in those cases where the Moon or the ascendant is also in the same sign as the Sun. This native would then represent a true type for that sign. Aspects to the Sun show deep character traits, chief ambitions, spiritual potentials (shown by sign, house and aspects) and affect your basic selfhood as well as the nature and use of your will power.
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** Hard Aspects: the conjunction, square and opposition
** Soft Aspects: the sextile and trine

a spects of the Sun and Moon

Hard Aspects:
Since the Sun /ego/ is the polar magnetic opposite of the Moon (emotions), as well as symbolizing the typically masculine vs. feminine qualities, any hard-angle aspect emphasizes the difficulty of the two qualities WITHIN the native. The projection or gratification of the one always seems to be at the expense of the other. The native is always aware that half of him/herself seems to be sacrificed for the other half. This can be a severe test of character accompanied by much inner turmoil with a frequently unfortunate effect on health and vitality. Hard Aspects can motivate the native to achieve outer success to compensate for what he/she sees as own inner failures. This native shouldn't undertake a major project without knowledge of all it entails. Any planet square to both the Sun and the Moon is where the native should focus his/her greatest effort to transform and overcome.

Soft Aspects:
This indicates harmony between the inner and the outer selves, between the will and automatic emotional responses, between the conscious and the unconscious selves. There is a good balance between the masculine and feminine parts of the native's nature. The ego and emotions tend to work easily together. Each becomes the complement rather than the contestant of the other. This promotes a general overall harmony, which is reflected throughout the entire system. This native may lack ambition since he/she likes peace and quiet more than active participation, but this is less likely if the Sun is stronger than the Moon. The native can be apathetic in circumstances where she/he should assert him/herself. Success usually comes fairly easily.
a spects of the Sun and Mercury

Hard Aspects:
Mercury is never more than 28 ahead or behind the Sun in motion. Thus the only effective aspect that Mercury makes to the Sun is the close conjunction. Mercury is perhaps better situated when making no aspect to the Sun. This allows for some outside objectivity in the thinking. In this case the native can communicate easier than most because of the harmony between his/her thoughts and his/her sense of self. The native's mind can focus clearly and objectively.

Soft Aspects:
The ego experiences difficulty in expressing what it really wants. The native tends to think with his/her ego. There may be some disparity between what one thinks and what one ends up doing. The ego is forced to think about what it wants, which is an interruption of the will. The native can be reflective and introspective at times, but he/she can also be egocentric, dogmatic, stubborn and biased, especially if the conjunction is less than five degrees since this contributes to mental inflexibility and causes a breakdown of communication and thought processes. This also hinders the native's objective self-analysis since his/her mind and ego are so closely identified with each other. Such people are apt to be selfish without realizing it since their thoughts are focused more on themselves and not on others. These people'll do well as a teachers since they have good communication skills.
a spects of the Sun and Venus

Hard Aspects:
The native is easy-going, feminine, attractive, affectionate, cheerful, optimistic, generous, non-combative and warmhearted. If the conjunction is too close, the native can be lazy, pompous, egotistical, self-indulgent and may have overly-ambitious expectations. This aspect is not easy for males unless in a masculine sign. This aspect attracts help and blessings into the native's life. The Venus qualities of socializing, harmonizing, smoothing over, protecting and coloring up are recognized to be somehow essential to the native's projection of him/herself, yet they tend not to have the same effect in which they were intended. However the native is forced by circumstances to act this way whether he/she feels like it or not.

Soft Aspects:
The native easily incorporates all the above attributes in his/her manner and approach (when he/she feels like it), which smooths all interpersonal relations. Because the native isn't forced, he/she only projects him/herself when he/she feels like it, which is to say in a socializing, pleasing manner. The result is that this native projects him/herself less. Close or intimate friendships are often marred by an unwillingness to compromise, often leading to loss of that relaionship. The native has difficulty seeing that he/she may take his/her close friends for granted.
a spects of the Sun and Mars

Hard Aspects:
The native is hardworking, enterprising, impulsive, self-assertive, competitive, dramatic and have leadership ability even though he/she tends to dominate any group he/she leads. Such person has will power and inner drive and go after what he/she wants. Mars heightens the impulsive, aggressive, competitive and sensory aspects of the ego, which forces the native to override other people in a way that causes them to resist or fight back. If the aspect is afflicted, the native can be bad-tempered and extremely self-willed. If it's also in a masculine sign, the native can be very martial or combative.

Soft Aspects:
Even though the native uses all the above tactics, they do not seem to offend people or cause them to retaliate or backfire against the native. This is because the native was not forced to do things. He/she was able to act this way when opportunity permitted, or else he/she generally didn't do it at all. But here we see the ideal or typical difference between the strength of hard angles and the weakness of soft angles. Under the hard angle the native is forced and action results. Under the soft angle the native is not forced, and unless opportunities are ideal (which may not be frequent), no action is accomplished. The native's energy can find an intellectual outlet by putting theoretical knowledge into practical use. He/she is usually able to make quick decisions.
a spects of the Sun and Jupiter

Hard Aspects:
The native is usually honest, intellectual, generous and as a rule open-minded. Such an outgoing, enthusiastic and optimistic nature is usually focused on some aspect of religion, philosophy, legal, social and/or community affairs. The Jupiter generally qualities of optimism, expansive vision, eternal hope and constructive uplift seem to sit on the native in an unnatural fashion, which forces him/her to justify or prove the sincerity of his intent. The native tends to be lazy and apathetic unless the Sun or Jupiter makes a positive aspect to Saturn. Overindulgence in anything may cause health problems.

Soft Aspects:
Such people often popular, broad-minded, generous, charitable, intellectual, judicious, optimistic and self-indulgent. They have an innate intuition that enables them to find constructive and positive ways to overcome problems. This native combines the above qualities in his/her nature (on occasion when he/she feels like it) so naturally that it readily convinces others. As a parent, the native is kind and benevolent to his/her children and also can be a good provider. He/she like to travel and as a rule seeks friendship with foreigners to learn their culture and lifestyle.
a spects of the Sun and Saturn

Hard Aspects:
The ntive's ambitions may fail due to incompetence or bad luck, and any success is due to self-discipline. The native tends to meet negative, stingy or difficult people until he/she learns compromise and understanding. Obstacles and frustrations the native encounters are karmic and often manifest in the native's father, husband and/or son.
Saturn hardens the ego along lines that are fixed, rigid, inflexible, serious, conservative, practical and disciplined. There is a struggle within the self about all these matters when they come in conflict with the will, so others tend to suffer while the native goes about getting him/herself in hand.
The native may have health problems, especially dental or arthritic, that may be due to a lack of vitality. Selfishness must be overcome by cultivating a sense of humor and a more positive outlook.

Soft Aspects:
This native usually adapts more easily to incorporating all the above qualities of Saturn into his/her general practices and methods. The ego does not resent the disciplines imposed by Saturn. The native is honest, practical, patient, self-disciplined and has good organizational and leadership abilities. He/she is thinking is clear and precise and he/she is able to concentrate well. Success comes through hard work and patience, often involving some aspect of politics.

a spects of the Sun and Uranus

Hard Aspects:
The native is nervous, high strung, irritable, tense, impatient and impulsive. He/she attracts self-willed people (karmic) or arouse others' self-will by being too self-willed him/herself. Until the native self-will is controlled, he/she'll have disruptive and unsettling conditions in relationships, especially with men in general and his/her father and/or husband in particular. The native is often forced to step out of line, away from the crowd, in order to tune to his/her special wavelength, which gives him/her an independent perspective. This special viewpoint is generally ahead of its time because of its tolerance and exceptionally broad-based values which ordinary people might consider unconventional, eccentric and peculiar. The native tends to be accident prone, and if he/she doesn't learn to release nervous tension, his/her health will suffer (particularly if this native is a male.)

Soft Aspects:
The native is very original and independent with a sense of drama he/she is able to express positively. This native is very intuitive, broad-minded and have a sense of universal brotherhood that often involves him/her in some humanitarian effort. The native, on occasion when he/she feels like it, finds him/herself acting in an unusual manner, which does not seem to attract attention to him/herself in a negative way. In a woman's chart, men are attracted to the native more as a buddy than a soulmate and her spouse will probably be some type of authority figure.
a spects of the Sun and Neptune

Hard Aspects:
The Neptune qualities of idealization, inspiration, extended vision and extrasensory perception are strong when in hard angle to the ego-force or will power, although they seem at times to get in the way of the native's presentation of him/herself. This has to do with the nature of the self and the nature of ideals. Here the native is forced to present the two together. Most people (because they are not keyed to the ideality of Neptune) tend to react initially to the side of Neptune qualities which they see as delusion, intrigue, insincerity or fraud. Unfortunate as this may be, in some cases the native has to stand up to this and bring others over to his/her position plus the positive side of Neptune, which stands for ideals and inspiration and spiritual values. The native simply has to outride the negative reactions and stand on positive idealism. There is also much self-deception and psychosomatic illnesses are likely. The native's link with his/her mother may cause suffering and the native may be separated from her physically, emotionally and/or mentally. He/she must cultivate reasoning power and not allow hir/her emotions to control his/her own actions.

Soft Aspects:
The native is psychic and empathic and his/her intuition often creates financial and domestic opportunities for advancement. This native's imagination is transcendental and he/she is able to dramatize life, but he/she tends to distort and exaggerate events.
This native is able to incorporate the better side of the Neptune quality with a more immediate inspirational effect. This is because this native is not forced to present him/herself inspirationally, so he/she is able to bide his/her time until such opportunities present themselves when this can be done more effectively, as above. In the meantime the native is primarily engaged in those presentations of him/herself that may have been forced on him/her by any hard angles to the Sun.
a spects of the Sun and Pluto

Hard Aspects:
The native can be arrogant, boastful, willful, over-bearing and rebellious and this may put him/her in physical danger. This native has trouble putting his/her energy to positive use. He/she is impulsive when applying his/her energy, especially when it involves changing the world, which must be changed to fit this native's perception.
The native is forced to incorporate the Pluto qualities of revolution, drastic reform, instigation of violent changes and disruption of outmoded conditions in such a manner that he/she faces constant resistance on all levels to everything that he/she tries to do in these directions. The native could even place him/herself in imminent danger if he/sne becomes involved in social or political revolutions or wars.

Soft Aspects:
The native still (on special occasions when he/she feels like it) incorporates all the above qualities in his/her approach and generally escapes the worst consequences which might be directed against him/her personally. Because this native is not forced into these attitudes by hard angles, he/she can incorporate them or leave them out as he/she chooses. Under hard angle it always has to be Sun-Pluto; under soft angle only sometimes or practically never if the consequences could be turned against the native.
K ing of all the planets
The Sun represents the ego-drive, which accounts for more than half of the characterization of the native.