Aspects of The Uranus  

Stands for Mechanical Inventiveness
The Potentiality of Genius

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The position of Uranus shows where you need to break away and cut out on your own because you strongly feel in this matter that you alone know what is best for yourself. If you are ever going to make a mark for individual and independent effort, you must do it in the area where you find Uranus. Uranus in some cases also shows the potentiality of genius, which is rare. It more often shows an indication of eccentricity, which is out of step with everybody else. Uranus makes itself felt by a marked deviation of movement or direction. If your ascendant is in Aquarius, then you need to know in what direction you can use your genius (such as it is) most effectively in the area that is tailor-made for your type of personality.
Aspects to Uranus give dynamism and magnetic attraction to the planet aspecting it. Their effect is awakening, freeing and unexpected. They indicate where you show originality and depart from normal modes of expression and behavior by drawing on a higher source of motivation or inspiration. Matters related to aspecting planets are subject to sudden and dramatic changes and are often brought about by intuition or inspired insight. If afflicted, you're often eccentric, erratic, undependable or rash in areas ruled by the aspecting planets. The true freedom of Uranus is not gained until you learn self-discipline. (This is why Aquarius is also traditionally ruled by Saturn.) Aspects indicate where and how you express your humanitarian goals.
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** Hard Aspects: the conjunction, square and opposition
** Soft Aspects: the sextile and trine

a spects of the Uranus and Moon

Hard Aspects:
The native is exciting, independent, resourceful, determined, individualistic, intuitive, intelligent and has a very original imagination and strong personal magnetism. His/her high emotional energy is often erratic and, if afflicted, extremes in emotions are common. This native needs novelty and excitement in his/her emotional life. The native's emotions are continually thrown out of joint by some sudden factor that he/she overlooked in his/her efforts to effect an independently unique approach. After many deep regrets on the erratic outcome of the native's independent, if not to say neurotic, behavior this person comes to restrict his/her independence of sympathy to the more outstanding potentialities. The native is forced to feel different from others. What this native must learn to accept is the consequence of this independence. In case Moon and Uranus are in hard aspects it is also often that men are irresponsible to their families and their mates, who are very positive and will rule the men despite any objections. Women's erratic emotions frustrate men, and they often have a conflict with another female, often the mother, and aren't popular with other women.

Soft Aspects:
Changes come suddenly and unexpectedly, but often to the native's advantage. His/her alert mind and unique imagination are always seeking new ways of self-expression. This native is enterprising, scientific, intuitive, ambitious and has quick emotional responses. He/she is able to let go of the past and instinctively take advantage of new opportunities with an original response. On the other hand this native all too easily is encouraged to emote in an erratic and unconventional manner. This may give him/her personal gratifications, but they are less likely to lead to constructive utilization of unique insights that the native feels but may not wholly believe. In case the third or ninth house is involved, travel may be beneficial. Advanced types have great healing power.
a spects of the Uranus and Mercury

Hard Aspects:
The native has an alert, ingenious mind but unless it receives constant stimulation, he/she get bored. The native wastes a lot of energy, which creates tension or confusion. He/she often starts too many projects at once and usually don't finish any of them. The native's thinking is erratic and unconventional, yet because it gets him/her into unfavorable situations, he/she fights within him/herself as to whether he/she is right or justified in such wildly independent mental behavior. Eventually the naive comes to realize that he/she is being challenged on his/her independent positions just to strengthen creative genius in this line. The native has to find a way of putting things together mentally that is uniquely original. If the second or eighth house is involved, the native may have sudden gains or losses. If the seventh house is involved, there can be sudden upsets with or separations from partners. If evolved, the native can be prophetic and dedicated to teaching the truth, but finds it difficult to put his/her own perceptions into objective terms.

Soft Aspects:
The native's thinking and expression are frequently erratic, but because they don't have much effect on others, he/she does not learn to improve his/her style and self-consciously find out for him/herself just wherein he/she thinks so differently from others or how he/she might capitalize on some potentiality of mental genius. One needs the reaction value (both the good and the bad) provided by the hard angles to sharpen any tool one has and put it into effective operation. That which flows too easily, erratic or otherwise, is more apt to fall on barren ground. The native also has an excellent memory and an excellent ability to communicate ideas, but he/she tends to be impatient with those not as quick minded. This person as a rule has writing and speaking talent. Solutions to problems come in sudden flashes of inspiration. This aspect denotes an advanced soul.
a spects of the Uranus and Sun

Hard Aspects:
The native is nervous, high strung, irritable, tense, impatient and impulsive. He/she attracts self-willed people (karmic) or arouse others' self-will by being too self-willed him/herself. Until the native self-will is controlled, he/she'll have disruptive and unsettling conditions in relationships, especially with men in general and his/her father and/or husband in particular. The native is often forced to step out of line, away from the crowd, in order to tune to his/her special wavelength, which gives him/her an independent perspective. This special viewpoint is generally ahead of its time because of its tolerance and exceptionally broad-based values which ordinary people might consider unconventional, eccentric and peculiar. The native tends to be accident prone, and if he/she doesn't learn to release nervous tension, his/her health will suffer (particularly if this native is a male.)

Soft Aspects:
The native is very original and independent with a sense of drama he/she is able to express positively. This native is very intuitive, broad-minded and have a sense of universal brotherhood that often involves him/her in some humanitarian effort. The native, on occasion when he/she feels like it, finds him/herself acting in an unusual manner, which does not seem to attract attention to him/herself in a negative way. In a woman's chart, men are attracted to the native more as a buddy than a soulmate and her spouse will probably be some type of authority figure.

a spects of the Uranus and Mars

Hard Aspects:
The native is usually adventurous, direct, extremely energetic, individualistic, outspoken, romantic and sexually impulsive, but he/she often demands his/her personal freedom at any cost. The native has difficulty in feeling independently sure of his/her own ingenious approach to energetic action to get started effectively at all. Initially the native moves in spurts and jerks, coming suddenly to a halt and then erratically starting off in some entirely new, unrelated direction. Eventually, due to being constantly taken to task for the seeming craziness of his/her behavior, the native learns to trust in the "genius" of him/herself and act in his/her own unique way and the hell with what other people think. The native is forced to energize suddenly and without apparent provocation or reason. The best that can be hoped for is short-lived ingenious action. This person must cultivate poise and self-control. He/she can experience nervous strain and tension.

Soft Aspects:
The native naturally takes to odd behavior and doing crazy things that momentarily catch his/her interest. The native is less aware of the possible lack of advantages in not concentrating on more enterprising programs rather than just doing everything differently. As usual, the challenge of the hard angle is potentially more productive of sound solutions than the initial encouragement of the soft angles, which primarily pleases the native but is less interested in results which work out with others. With the hard angles the native is forced to make all his/her actions ingenious. On the soft angles he needs act in this way only when he/she feels like it. The native is also often interested in aviation, especially in an air sign. He/she does well in occupations requiring a great deal of energy and daring as long as this native takes safety precautions. He/she thrive on hard work and does his/her best in times of danger.
a spects of the Uranus and Venus

Hard Aspects:
A sparkling, bubbly personality makes the native very popular. He/she loves social activities and all stimulating experiences. The native often finds him/herself suddenly and powerfully attracted to someone, but the relationship can end just as suddenly. This native finds it hard to remain romantically tied to one person.
The native has difficulty in controlling the unconventional trend of his/her affections and sentiments. The native assumes a very independent and unique viewpoint on the matter, which sets him/her apart from others and involves problems. This only causes more outlandish behavior by the native. Eventually the native sees his/her right to satisfy his/her affections as related to a new attitude of behavior or moral code that must first be established so that others who share his/her sentiments can enjoy the same for themselves. The nature of the native's affections become a cause to be won for cases similar to his/her own. The native is forced to forgo personal gratifications of an affectional nature in favor of some form of liberation along unusual lines.

Soft Aspects:
The native has a sparkling, fun-loving nature and are always full of surprises. He/she is popular, spontaneous, unconventional and very attractive to the opposite sex. This native has a very romantic and sensitive streak and lots of sex appeal that attracts romance easily. He/she has also unusual friends and very exciting romances and marriage.
The native naturally satisfies his/her love nature in unconventional ways, which some other people do not seem to notice or resent. This develops a special kind of selfishness in the native's nature because the erratic behavior of his/her affections can hardly lead to settled satisfactions in others. This does not, however, stop the native from indulging him/herself as independently as he/she pleases.
The native can be very fortunate financially. Sudden separations often work to his/her advantage. This aspect can help in the native's search for spirituality.
a spects of the Uranus and Saturn

Hard Aspects:
The native usually has few friends because of an inconsistent, dictatorial attitude he/she is unwilling to admit is unreasonable. The native's philosophy is idealistic, but his/her actions are oppressive: he/she is unwilling to grant others the freedom he/she demands. The native is often challenged to be progressive, independent, realistic and practical at the same time. This is no small trick. The native eventually comes to see that his/her only chance for a fundamental breakthrough and one which affects his/her whole security setup is to proceed independently and fabricate for him/herself some ingenious approach that will answer all requirements at once. The native proceeds slowly on his/her own to teach him/herself tricks that will eventually provide some whole new approach to some matter of serious importance. The native's greatest difficulty is in getting started on his/her own, since others feel that this native is beginning at the wrong end. He/he has to rely on his/her own intuition as to which end to start with, and this takes a great deal of independent self-assurance. The native is forced to be realistic and ingenious at the same time.

Soft Aspects:
Voluntary self-discipline and acceptance of responsibility allows this native true freedom. He/she acts as a bridge between the past and the present, the old and the new. The native has common sense, determination, good administrative ability, initiative, intuition, keen judgment and will-power. The native seems to get started easily doing important things in a strange manner, which allows him/her to get far afield and leave everyone else behind before they know what he/she is up to. This generally works fine as long as the native has other qualities that keep him/her on a sound operating level, otherwise this native is apt to let things run wild and is less apt to remain sound because others do not challenge him/her or force him/her to inventory what he/she is doing. These aspects are excellent for scientists, mathematicians and occultists and such people are usually bored with those who don't use their minds. The native able to control subtle energies in an exact, scientific and systematic way.
a spects of the Uranus and Jupiter

Hard Aspects:
The native has difficulty in adjusting his/her sense of right and desired expansion to a unique and independent slant which he/she has and which others consider eccentric or unconventional. The native feels in some way that his/her best efforts should be channeled to promoting his/her certain ingenious insights. Yet every time this person tries to do something progressive in this direction he/she falls flat on his/her own face. What is needed is to believe more firmly in the uniqueness and of his/her right to push the matter further a special kind of self-assurance, plus almost a religious faith. The native is usually generous toward friends and encourage others who are interested in doing worthwhile, unusual things. He/she is likely to travel suddenly due to restlessness. This person also can have some unusual physical characteristics.

Soft Aspects:
The native suddenly pursues expansive programs with absolute conviction and positive action. The fact that this program may be completely out of step with others or even be headed for disaster does not turn the native from his/her objective. The native's pursuit of the unattainable is somewhat doomed to misguided faith and careless flaws. The native often has unusual adventures in foreign lands. Finances are not a problem for this native but a wrong attitude can make a pauper out of a millionaire. He/she can achieve any goal he/she sets with development and success coming in later life.
a spects of the Uranus and Neptune

Hard Aspects:
The native feels peculiarly isolated in the uniqueness or the strangely upsetting quality whenever he/she gives in to spiritual flights of inspiration. While the native might want to pursue the matter further, an erratic uncontrollable factor in his/her nature seems to prevent him/her from getting closer to the situation. This native's sense of inspiration (such as it is) is swept in and out of his/her consciousness in an upsetting way. The native must somehow come to believe in the authority of his/her own insights and not be confused by comparing them with others who are not on his/her same wavelength of inspiration. The native is forced to be inspirational in ways that differ widely from ordinary channels of feeling. The native's idealism is often confused or impractical. Care is needed in the use of psychic forces. This person can also be neurotic, extremist, fanatical or have rigid, unreasonable attitudes, unusual sexual involvements or a tendency to escape through drugs or alcohol.

Soft Aspects:
The native is kind, intuitive, sensitive and has highly developed spiritual faculties. He/she has Utopian ideals and may have great appeal to the masses. This native tends to join organizations designed to teach astrology, yoga, the occult and subjects meant to raise the overall level of civilizations spiritual realization to a higher plane. Yet, the native's sense of ideality naturally leaps from context to context and entertains all sorts of wild propositions which the native finds exhilarating. The probability of this heightened sense of awareness leading to valid insights is considerably diminished by the erratic and uncontrollable qualities of Uranus that dash in but fade out of his attention too quickly.
a spects of the Uranus and Pluto

Hard Aspects:
The native is forced to reconcile his/her independent and unique slant on things with bringing about desirable changes in existing conditions which no longer reflect the needs or circumstances which gave them birth. This is an awareness of a combination of social forces which are essentially reactionary and revolutionary and at the same time suddenly and unexpectedly brought to a head in the native's affairs. The native is apt to be picked up and swept into social problems that influence the whole course of his life. The native is forced to combine his/her potentiality for ingenious originality with the forces and desirability of social change.

Soft Aspects:
The native's sense of social needs naturally takes unusual forms of adjustment, which, while natural to the native, makes him/her rather unadaptable to the rest of society. His/her sense of need for social change takes an unconventional form. On the other hand this native is a true idealist who's appalled at injustice and possesses the strength and endurance and ability to accept the new, especially if he/she feels it's for the betterment of the world. The native has the opportunity to advance scientifically and spiritually through discovery and application of laws pertaining to subtle electrical, atomic and psychic forces of nature.
u ranus is The Patron of the Heavens
Aspects to Uranus give dynamism and magnetic attraction to the planet aspecting it. Their effect is awakening, freeing and unexpected.