Aspects of The Venus  

Venus can make you Graceful
or Lazy, Gentle or Indecisive

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Venus, the symbol of beauty and the sentiment of affection, in the native's horoscope shows where he/she will relax, indulge his/her sense of comforts, improve the surroundings with color, ornamentation, music and romance. Where Venus is found, there is a condition of beauty—in the situation, principle, or in the native him/herself. As will be appreciated, this is a holiday kind of vibration, which in some cases is operative only with "weather permitting."
Aspects to Venus affect the love nature and influence your ability to form lasting emotional and business relationships. Venus softens and sensitizes the planets it aspects. They indicate the areas most strongly influenced by a desire for companionship. The strength of Venus and its aspects indicate the capacity to create harmony and beauty and the ability to attract the things and people you want. In a male's chart, it indicates the kind of woman he's attracted to. In a female's chart, it indicates what you will or will not do for a man.
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** Hard Aspects: the conjunction, square and opposition
** Soft Aspects: the sextile and trine

a spects of the Venus and Moon

Hard Aspects:
Such native tends to be overindulgent, moody, gullible and have weak judgment. He/she is popular yet shy, resulting in a tendency to be overly assertive. This native is often careless with is/her affections, resulting in a lack of domestic harmony. The native often is forced to compromise his/her emotional attitudes for social purposes or to better engage the effective cooperation of others. The native realizes the desirability of social cooperation but is frequently unwilling to compromise his/her feelings for that purpose. However the native has talent for putting him/herself in contact with others, even though public sentiments invariably tend at first to run against him/her. If afflicted to Mars, the native has a conflict between love and lust. If the conjunction is afflicted, he/she tends to be self-indulgent and easily taken advantage of by playing on this native's feelings.

Soft Aspects:
The native is charming, affectionate, popular, calm, refined, optimistic, cheerful and loved by animals and children. He/she has good perception and a steady, rational viewpoint. This native also has a productive imagination and artistic ability, especially in home-related fields. The native easily adapts his/her own emotional requirements to those expected of him/her by others with whom he/she is in social contact. This native seldom, if ever, finds it difficult to adjust emotionally to social requirements. As a rule women have grace, sweetness, domesticity, great love and the ability to support their husbands' interests and activities. Men are able to empathize with women. Such people are often make good politicians or athletes.
a spects of the Venus and Mercury

Hard Aspects:
The native speaks first and then has cause to rephrase him/herself in more soothing, pleasing terms, initially killing the best effect of either. Eventually he/she should learn that the two must be indulgently styled from the beginning and thus he/she develops an effective mode of expression which properly conveys the sentiments he/she is forced to express. The native is forced to tone down his/her own style of communication. What the naive thinks and the style in which it is expressed must be pleasantly combined.

Soft Aspects:
The native is given to sweet, soothing speech, thoughts and expressions, which are generally pleasing but apt to be forgotten soon. Flattery seldom has the same lasting impression as truthful comments. The native is graceful and a good thinker, writer, and speaker. He/she is able to make friends easily but may be superficial. The native's manner of speaking and diplomacy can sway people to his/her point of view. The native also has a calm disposition and a sense of fairness.
a spects of the Venus and Sun

Hard Aspects:
The native is easy-going, feminine, attractive, affectionate, cheerful, optimistic, generous, non-combative and warmhearted. If the conjunction is too close, the native can be lazy, pompous, egotistical, self-indulgent and may have overly-ambitious expectations. This aspect is not easy for males unless in a masculine sign. This aspect attracts help and blessings into the native's life. The Venus qualities of socializing, harmonizing, smoothing over, protecting and coloring up are recognized to be somehow essential to the native's projection of him/herself, yet they tend not to have the same effect in which they were intended. However the native is forced by circumstances to act this way whether he/she feels like it or not.

Soft Aspects:
The native easily incorporates all the above attributes in his/her manner and approach (when he/she feels like it), which smooths all interpersonal relations. Because the native isn't forced, he/she only projects him/herself when he/she feels like it, which is to say in a socializing, pleasing manner. The result is that this native projects him/herself less. Close or intimate friendships are often marred by an unwillingness to compromise, often leading to loss of that relaionship. The native has difficulty seeing that he/she may take his/her close friends for granted.
a spects of the Venus and Mars

Hard Aspects:
The native has emotional problems in romance and with the opposite sex: men often offend women with their coarse behavior (but are considered great lovers) and women exasperate men with their emotional temperament. In other words the native has difficulty in properly satisfying his/her sexual love interests. This native is either too physical or too sentimental. Since this is a problem to him/her, it takes up a considerable amount of the native's time and effort to find a satisfactory solution. Romantic attitudes about sexual matters dominate his/her motivations. The native has to be forced to combine passion with the sentiments of affection. The native often criticizes others for faults he/she fails to see in him/herself. This may not seem like a problem to some people, but it is to this native.

Soft Aspects:
Sexual love-making comes easily to the native, and he/she generally pleases him/herself and others in this matter. Consequently the native's activity does not take up a disproportionate part of his/her time or interest. The native has no hangups here. This is the pattern of an active lover. The native's popularity can help him/her professionally and financially and the native may become wealthy. He/she'd do good in any business dealing with artistic creations or merchandise. Such people like dance, sports and other physical arts. This aspect is good for artists who use tools in their artwork.
a spects of the Venus and Jupiter

Hard Aspects:
The native's love nature seems constantly off balance because the native does not sufficiently consider the fruitful advantages of a more moderate approach. The sentiments are challenged to be more expansive and to consider all the possibilities which are available if the native will only look for them. The native continually settles for an immediate gratification only to be made aware of the poverty of his/her choice. This awareness soon breaks up the glow of romance, and the native is forced to look further for a better and more uplifting solution. The native's baser instincts in gratifying love sentiments are gradually purified and improved through trial and many errors. The native is forced to combine sentiment and uplift in his/her sense of affection. The native's artistic ability is often religiously oriented. He/she is restless and wants to always be on the move. The native may have it so easy that he/she is unwilling to use his/her abilities unless Saturn is strong. The native must control his/her extravagance and over-indulgences.

Soft Aspects:
The native's faith in his/her own infallibility to grow roses in ash heaps overly sustains him/her beyond the point where it is still possible to be a little more realistic about his/her love sentiments. The native settles for something above average but invariably less than he/she might otherwise attract to him/herself if tried harder. The soft angle doesn't force him/her to try harder. These people are capable of both - spending and making big money. Even if afflicted, they have a sense of joy. The native knows what he/she wants from life, but may be unwilling to use his/her abilities to get it, especially if this native possesses wealth he/she didn't personally earn.
a spects of the Venus and Saturn

Hard Aspects:
The native has the potential to be a great artist and/or mathematician and can have insight into the harmonious workings of the laws of nature. This native is self-disciplined, hard-working and his/her sense of duty and happiness are closely tied together. A sense of justice, loyalty and fair play makes the native a good friend.
On the dark side, the native's sentimental nature is hardened by his/her inadequacies in achieving a certain maturity of feeling. The native tends to be overly loving and then excessively harsh. Since this invokes many unfavorable reactions, the native learns to temper his/her sentiments until they can be expressed in a mature manner or toward a mature individual who can understand the depth and seriousness of what the native really feels. The native's sentiments for affection are forced to be realistic and serious. The native's fear of rejection or non-acceptance often leads him/her to delay marriage or even forego it. If this native does marry, he/she is usually unhappy because his spouse can be unresponsive, poor, harsh, dictatorial and much older or the marriage may be based purely on financial considerations.

Soft Aspects:
The native is willing and able to sacrifice personal happiness for duty's sake or for others' happiness since he/she realizes and accepts that suffering is a part of growth. Although the native is polite but formal in social conduct, he/she has little or no happy social life. The native's feelings easily run to matters beyond his/her years and are directed to older people who seem to understand better his/her intentions and be more gratifyingly appreciative. This tends to lead to that which is merely old and narrow rather than to uncover new depths of feeling in matters that are less easily suppressed or more rigidly fixed. If Saturn is in the first three houses, the first part of the native's life will be difficult.

a spects of the Venus and Uranus

Hard Aspects:
A sparkling, bubbly personality makes the native very popular. He/she loves social activities and all stimulating experiences. The native often finds him/herself suddenly and powerfully attracted to someone, but the relationship can end just as suddenly. This native finds it hard to remain romantically tied to one person.
The native has difficulty in controlling the unconventional trend of his/her affections and sentiments. The native assumes a very independent and unique viewpoint on the matter, which sets him/her apart from others and involves problems. This only causes more outlandish behavior by the native. Eventually the native sees his/her right to satisfy his/her affections as related to a new attitude of behavior or moral code that must first be established so that others who share his/her sentiments can enjoy the same for themselves. The nature of the native's affections become a cause to be won for cases similar to his/her own. The native is forced to forgo personal gratifications of an affectional nature in favor of some form of liberation along unusual lines.

Soft Aspects:
The native has a sparkling, fun-loving nature and are always full of surprises. He/she is popular, spontaneous, unconventional and very attractive to the opposite sex. This native has a very romantic and sensitive streak and lots of sex appeal that attracts romance easily. He/she has also unusual friends and very exciting romances and marriage.
The native naturally satisfies his/her love nature in unconventional ways, which some other people do not seem to notice or resent. This develops a special kind of selfishness in the native's nature because the erratic behavior of his/her affections can hardly lead to settled satisfactions in others. This does not, however, stop the native from indulging him/herself as independently as he/she pleases.
The native can be very fortunate financially. Sudden separations often work to his/her advantage. This aspect can help in the native's search for spirituality.
a spects of the Venus and Neptune

Hard Aspects:
The native's emotions and affections are strongly influenced by subconscious forces and he/she often has a distorted perception of reality or are too idealistic, succumbing to wishful thinking.
The native also has difficulty in adjusting his/her affectionate nature and sense of love toward those objects that are genuine and at the same time truly rich in spiritual intent. Because this native so often attaches him/herself to something that turns out to be phony or otherwise falls flat on its face, the native gradually acquires enough maturity to align him/herself with the really finer objects in life (people or situations). The native's sentiments are forced to concentrate on a higher plane, which at the same time denies a certain physical element of expression. The native's great sense of insecurity, which often makes it difficult to reach a decision, must be overcome. He/she must try to gain a sense of universal love and compassion.

Soft Aspects:
The native is highly romantic, imaginative and sensitive and has a strong sixth sense. He/she is drawn towards those with a refined nature and attract people who seek to aid and support him/her. This native has talent, and sometimes genius, in music, poetry and arts.
The native easily seeks objects for affection that inspire him/her; whether this is of sound spiritual substance or not, it satisfies the native. The soft-angle enticement, because it lacks the test results or concrete proof forced by the hard angle, is more apt to be less effective and somewhat more phony because the satisfaction of the native is the only yardstick used. The native does well in any service field, but doesn't like hard or routine work.
a spects of the Venus and Pluto

Hard Aspects:
The native's love nature is challenged to include a more fundamental application such as the unsatisfied needs of unfortunate people who for one reason or another have far fewer advantages than this native has. The native is so acutely aware of the pitfalls of love sentiments that he/she is hardly able to satisfy his/her own in a personal way. Broad-scale satisfaction of affectional needs becomes a hangup that the native is challenged to resolve. Eventually this has to lead to some sort of solution or extensive concentration on the matter. The native is forced to consider the sentiments of love in the same context as the psychic potentialities of rejuvenating change. One solution is to forgo personal gratifications in favor of warm feelings for persons caught in the web of social changes.
These aspects can distort the native's will and his/her power to regenerate. This native will probably have problems with taxes, joint finances, inheritances, etc., often due to chancy over-investment.

Soft Aspects:
The native has a great, often exaggerated, joy in living, leading him/her to be overly self-indulgent. Such person always has strong feelings and passions and great dedication, honesty and intuition. His/her strong opinions are formed early in life.
The native often may feel naturally drawn to becoming sentimentally and affectionally attached to those who are peculiarly situated in life due to some disadvantage, limitation or impairment of some kind. The native is more encouraged to satisfy his/her own needs for self-sacrifice than he/she is to do something about unfortunate people other than to use them as the object of his/her individual affection—that is, love them.
v enus - the sensual and pleasure-loving
Aspects to Venus affect the love nature and influence your ability to form lasting emotional and business relationships.