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The Jupiter in Houses

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Jupiter in your horoscope makes it clear that you are able to apply your sense of optimistic expansion with the most profit. It also points at the areas where you will feel the most expansive and generous in material matters. It generally brings prosperity, abundance and fruitful conditions to the affairs and people of the house it occupies. Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, taking twelve years to complete the journey through all twelve signs.
If your ascendant is in Sagittarius, then Jupiter is the key to how you can impress your immediate environment and let your personality shine forth as it earns to do. This planet describes your optimism and aspirations.

When the Jupiter Falls in the First House
Jupiter in the Ascendant makes native scholarly, beautiful, jovial. The native profits most by improving himself and keeping his personality image as bright and faultless and open-minded as it ever possible. The native invariably appears successful and self-assured no matter what his actual material circumstances may be. He will be handsome and will have a high impressive intellect.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Second House
In the second Jupiter bestows poetic faculties, handsomeness, wealth and fame. This is very favorable for abundant earnings and being well paid for any services rendered. The native would also be generous with his possessions. This wisdom planet in the house of speech makes native scholarly.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Third House
Jupiter in the 3rd house makes native to be an altruist. Optimism and enthusiasm are evident in all the native's thoughts, speech and communication. Brothers and sisters are fortunate for the native. The native manages to live in prosperous surroundings. Native will also can be a subject of ridicule and probably will have stomach problems.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Fourth House
Jupiter in the fourth house makes native hedonistic with a lot of friends and relatives. The native comes from a fortunate background, and there are always conditions of abundance and reason to be thankful around the home. This person will be of adamantine nature. He/she will enjoy all the comforts of life.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Fifth House
High intelligence is conferred by the position of Jupiter in the fifth house to the native. This is also a very favorable indication for profit from gamble and speculations; however the native may just naturally be successful in taking all kinds of chances, not just the chances of sport. The native's relations with children are fruitful and rewarding. In case Jupiter is in one of the moral triangles it can make native highly moral and spiritual.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Sixth House
Jupiter in the sixth is the destroyer of enemies. This planet also brings favorable working conditions and profitable satisfactions from performing one's daily duties and obligations. The native profits from his vocation and through his fellow workers. He should be reasonably well honored materially for his services on behalf of others and should receive a title to indicate this. This person may resort to occult rites.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Seventh House
When the Jupiter is in the Seventh House the native will destroy a lakh of afflictions and have high communication ability. This person is drawn to optimistic, outgoing people, and they tend to bring prosperity to the native. The material profits in life come through others.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Eighth House
This adverse position of Jupiter makes native dependent on others. Important changes in the native's life invariably turn out to be an improvement. There is also some indication of inheritance or gain from property formerly belonging to others.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Ninth House
Jupiter tenancy of the Ninth house makes native highly spiritual. Such people enthusiastically embrace doctrines and principles that extend their own thinking and justify his principles. Publishing and advertising are favored for success.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Tenth House
This position of Jupiter makes native well off in life. This person is assured of some degree of success and rise in position. There is ambition for fame and some probability of achievement in this direction.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Eleventh House
Jupiter posited in the eleventh house makes native highly determined, scholarly with good longevity. Success in dealing with groups is indicated, and this person has a fortunate way of lending his enthusiasm to collective ideals shared by others. This is a good position for a successful politician or spokesman for the people.

When the Jupiter Falls in the Twelfth House
When Jupiter posited in the twelfth house, it makes native devoid of happiness, sons & fortune. The native's best success is acknowledged only privately by those in trouble whom he has helped in the possible reorientation of their spiritual values. Their protection may, in time of his need, help shield him materially from the world.

upiter is the Luckiest Star
Jupiter in your horoscope makes it clear that you are able to apply your sense of optimistic expansion with the most profit.

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