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The Mercury in Houses

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Mercury in native's horoscope shows the focus of his/her mentality as the instrument and reflection of the ego-force. Books, publishing,knowledge,mathematics,sculpture & arts all come under his domain. If he is exalted in one's horoscope, the native will become a great scholar. Mercury is in fact never far removed in space from the sun never more than 28° ahead or behind.

When the Mercury Falls in the First House
Mercury in the the first house makes a person a scholar. Person gathers stimuli from his/her immediate environment. Others sense and react to the native as a highly perceptive being. his/her personality image reflects a mental alertness that is obvious to others. Such person may even appear brilliant. This position of Mercury also confers high longevity.

When the Mercury Falls in the Second House
In the second Mercury makes native wealthy and humble. People's reflective processes should produce ingenious ideas for making money and increasing their store of possessions. Much of native's best thinking will be centered on these matters. Such people will also have poetic faculties

When the Mercury Falls in the Third House
Mercury in the third house makes native have medium longevity & virility. Such person should be noted for the quality of his/her delivery and his/her sense of style in communication. Since this is one of the natural houses of Mercury, all mental faculties should shine.

When the Mercury Falls in the Fourth House
Mercury presence in the fourth house makes native a scholar in Mathematics and Astrology. Such people have talents for self-analysis of your background, heritage and the subjective basis for their home security.

When the Mercury Falls in the Fifth House
When the Mercury is in the Fifth House it means that the native will be famous and will be a master of the occult. These people have a mental approach in creative efforts to extend your ego, as well as a clever talent with children, primary education matters, romantic love-making and entertaining.

When the Mercury Falls in the Sixth House
Mercury in the sixth house makes person the vanquisher of enemies in the battlefield. These people have mental talents for collecting and categorizing details and assimilating knowledge about health, vocations, services, duties and obligations which are undertaken on behalf of others. These people will usually talk sternly and lazy.

When the Mercury Falls in the Seventh House
When Mercury is in the seventh house the native will be a lover of education, will be learned and handsome. Such people have a mental facility for getting along with others, although they first have to take their cue from them, mentally. Native may be able to read other people's minds and thoughts before they have even made their wishes known and will be respected for certain philosophic qualities. This position suggests many mental contacts with all sorts of people. This is a very good position for dealing with the public.

When the Mercury Falls in the Eighth House
This benign position of Mercury makes native famous. There is an extraordinary mental alertness in times of crisis or emergency. There can also be insight into areas that lie beyond ordinary experience. There could even be some suggestion of the mind leaving the body to gather stimuli or sense data from a state of consciousness beyond the limits of ordinary time or space conceptions. In the language of the occult this is called astral projection. The native will be regal in bearing and respected by many other people. Benefics in the house of longevity increase longevity.

When the Mercury Falls in the Ninth House
Mercury in ninth house makes native interested in the esoteric arts. This position is especially favored for intellectual pursuits in all realms of higher education that deal with principles and codes of thought rather than just specifics of thinking. Usually such people have fortune via father and with good partner and children.

When the Mercury Falls in the Tenth House
This position of Mercury makes native scholarly, famous, and will have tremendous will power. The person invariably knows how to adapt himself mentally to the prerogatives of administrative authority and to cater to those people in high position. Naturally this stands him/her in good graces and he receives the admiration of those higher up. His mental qualities contribute greatly to his rise in life. Mercury on the Meridian makes person a thorough professional endowed with professional expertise and reputation.

When the Mercury Falls in the Eleventh House
When Mercury is in the eleventh house it means that will be very intelligent and scholarly as Mercury represents academic learning. The person has the talent to sense and organize the essence of the hopes and aspirations that groups of sympathizers have in common. This talent would be very useful in gathering political information about a constituency or in catering to the desires of voters.

When the Mercury Falls in the Twelfth House
In case Mercury in the twelfth house the native will be lazy and as a result there may be a lack of wealth. The person's reflective qualities are turned inward to seek the answers of "why" and "for what purpose" to the more distressing conditions in life. This position is favored for research and very serious philosophical attitudes on the ultimate values in life. These people will be blessed with all the benefits that accrue from Education, learning & Wisdom.

The fair planet Mercury
Books, publishing, knowledge, mathematics, sculpture and arts all come under his domain.

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