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The Neptune in Houses

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This is the planet of insight, idealization and inspiration. Neptune operates by subtle suggestions or vague and mysterious implications that are felt or sensed rather than seen or known. Since its domain extends reception beyond the ordinary five senses, it might be called the planet of extrasensory perception. Since most people rely chiefly on material causes, they tend to ridicule and fear what they do not understand. Others who are highly keyed to Neptune intuitively sense this power with great conviction and faith. Since Neptune is essentially a spiritual force, it tends to seem negative when coupled with situations that call for primarily material, physical or rational solutions.

When the Neptune Falls in the First House
When Neptune is in the first house it gives to the native the traits of the sign of Pisces. Usually this is one of the positions where the native is more subject to self-delusion. Generally speaking, the practical demands of everyday living are better solved by more down-to-earth solutions. If native is not able to find the way to transform this conflict into positive energy, he/she could run the risk of deceiving his/herself with convenient illusions. It will be difficult to develop his/her identity; the lack of self-awareness brings such people to constantly reflect on what others are thinking and feeling.

When the Neptune Falls in the Second House
When Neptune is in the second house it means that it will be extremely difficult for the native to reach a comfortable relationship with material possessions. Since Neptune dissipates and dissolves, its effect on this material house of supply is generally unsatisfactory. At best, earnings should come from Neptunian pursuits where the image is sold for the real. This includes movies, film making, television and all such expressions where images or masks are employed for effect. In any case, the native must make an effort to develop a realistic attitude about money and do not put off the issue.

When the Neptune Falls in the Third House
In case Neptune is in the third house the native uses his/her intellect and reason for greater goals. Generally, this is a more favorable location for Neptune, since thought lends itself ideally to any expansion of boundaries or dissolving limitations on thinking. The native's best thinking is arrived at by intuition and possibly some form of extrasensory perception. The native should be able to inspire others by his thoughts or communication. Poetry should make native capable of beautiful expression, because it allows him/her to describe his/her dreams and fantasies without being restrained by closed structures.

When the Neptune Falls in the Fourth House
When Neptune is in the fourth house the native has unrealistic expectations of his/her family and cannot accept the fact that he/she is an adult now and have to take the responsibility for his/her own life. Moreover, since this is already a subjective area of affairs, Neptune's presence tends to withold a realistic awareness of the native's true foundations. The path is open to many self-delusions which disperse rather than unify one's resolve on issues that should be clarified in order to face life. Neptune's effect on the foundations of life or the methods for seeking objectives does usually more harm than good.

When the Neptune Falls in the Fifth House
When Neptune is in the fifth house the native is capable of extraordinary artistic expression with his/her creativity, fantasy and deep emotions. The material aspects of gamble and speculation create something of a pitfall however. A touch of magic is used to gain any of the fifth-house pleasures.

When the Neptune Falls in the Sixth House
In case Neptune is in the sixth house all native's obligations fulfilled with satisfactorily often makes him/her doubt his/her abilities. Neptune can bring an uplift to affairs that often get bogged down in material details and crushing labor, where there is danger of losing sight of the real intent or purpose of the obligation. On the other hand, the native has healing powers and sensitivity for solving problems at work.

When the Neptune Falls in the Seventh House
When Neptune is in the seventh house it never ceases to amaze the native that his/her partner can still manage to disappoint him/her although in the beginning everything was so beautiful. In other words, this is not a fortunate position for Neptune because it places all the native's relationships with others on an unreal or fanciful basis. The native is deluded by what he sees in others and others invariably fool the native in some way. If such person keeps his/her eyes open and do not evade problems and conflicts, the relationship eventually will allow him/her to give a lot and receive even more in return.

When the Neptune Falls in the Eighth House
Neptune in the eighth house symbolizes that death should not instill native with fear, but fascinate him/her and arouse his/her curiosity about what is to follow. It means that Neptune being here acts as a protective force that softens the fears of the unknown and extends insight into potentialities which lie beyond ordinary recognition. This can be a very lucky and fortunate position for the native. It favors strange inheritances and luck in finding new values in discarded objects or situations.

When the Neptune Falls in the Ninth House
When Neptune is in the ninth house the native's greatest desire is to become a part of a higher order and recognize an all-encompassing truth with the help of his/her intuition. The native is usually drawn to religious or mystical rituals which are already embodied in some kind of cult or coded framework of belief. This person gains much inspiration from the past and the sense of history involved with our principles of belief.

When the Neptune Falls in the Tenth House
When Neptune is in the tenth house the native will probably have to search a long time for an appropriate profession, because it won't be easy to recognize his/her talents and find appropriate release for them. Such people usually assume a spiritual attitude toward material awards and ambitions. He/she will undoubtedly reject the more temporal judgments of life and find satisfaction primarily in justification of his own idealizations. His goals are essentially other-worldly. These people may be capable of mesmerizing masses and being successful in politics.

When the Neptune Falls in the Eleventh House
When Neptune is in the eleventh house the native should be able to divorce him/herself from his/her identity and completely dissipate into a large community. Such people usually have a spiritual affinity with others on a collective ideal which they cherish together. The native feels drawn to share his insights with others of similar sympathies. On the other hand, although the native can find fulfillment in a group, he/she should never give up responsibility and let him/herself become a mindless tool.

When the Neptune Falls in the Twelfth House
Being in the twelfth house, Neptune is in its natural habitat, which will intensify the expression of its qualities. The native possesses a natural insight into many matters that other people find depressing and gloomy.

Neptune - The Seven Spirit
Since Neptune is essentially a spiritual force, it tends to seem negative when coupled with situations that call for primarily material, physical or rational solutions.

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