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The Pluto in Houses

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Pluto in your horoscope shows where you will most strongly resist conditions as you find them and will bend every effort (including violent revolt if necessary) to bring into being conditions as you feel they should be. Pluto located here also gives you the traits of the sign of Scorpio, intense and secretive. The native's sense of revolt is centered in the horoscope by the house position of Pluto.

When the Pluto Falls in the First House
Pluto, as the planet of regeneration and transformation, located in the first house gives you a strong personality with extreme character traits. The native is regarded as a potential revolutionary whether he is actively engaged in bomb throwing or not. Others respond to him on the surface as a reactionary malcontent, and he is forced to be on guard to protect himself. Probably such person will have an aura of dark power that does not go unnoticed.

When the Pluto Falls in the Second House
When Pluto is in the second house the native could have an ardent craving for material possessions. The native wants to rebel in the worst way against the state of his financial affairs, which are sometimes reduced to rock bottom. The native sees a certain amount of injustice in this. The Pluto impulse is always justified at the time in terms of the situation which forces the individual to drastic adjustments. Since Pluto always indicates two sides, the native should have several potential sources of earning money or two attitudes toward his possessions. There is a source of income realizable from some aspect of social change or conditions of the times. Learning Pluto's lessons will enable the native to use the means he/she has for the benefit of humanity and transform society's waste into treasures.

When the Pluto Falls in the Third House
When Pluto is in the third house the native, unfortunately, has a tendency to vent his/her aggression verbally and do a lot of damage. The revolutionary tendencies usually come out in speech and general communication, since the native feels driven to drastic outbursts.

When the Pluto Falls in the Fourth House
When Pluto is in the fourth house the native had/has generational conflicts with his/her parents and could not afford to make him/herself vulnerable by admitting own's feelings. Such people usually turn against their background and heritage and to some extent his family as the most immediate candidates for desired change. He/she tends to organize his/her subjective self in terms of the most desirable technique around the principles of "down with the old and on with the new."

When the Pluto Falls in the Fifth House
In case Pluto is in the fifth house the native feels constantly challenged to prove his/her uniqueness. This person experiences a violent need to create entirely new idioms as an extension of the creative individual. The ordinary conceptions most easily recognized by average people seem to the native totally unsuited for the creative message which he feels compelled to express. Romantic love attachments and their accompanied sexual expression especially come up for drastic overhaul. Iconoclasm becomes the slogan for all fifth-house matters, including children and their affairs. But if this person uses the rejuvenating power of Pluto, its creativity will help him/her to make great developments in his/her character and also help find his/her true self.

When the Pluto Falls in the Sixth House
The sixth house will teach the native to experience his/her body and show him/her how to treat it. The native turns his sense of needed reform against the duties and obligations that men usually assume in daily routine. The problems of labor in general and social reform in particular all are of interest. The challenge is to see the real demands of everyday life and to resist the temptation to use them as an escape from his/her inner world. The native should bring the needs of his/her own body and soul in harmony and make an attempt to avoid the dangers of Pluto.

When the Pluto Falls in the Seventh House
If Pluto is in the seventh house the native probably repeats the same pattern of behavior every time he/she approaches someone and start a relationship with him/her. Such people usually tend to focus their attention on individuals whom they feel either favor or retard the progressive programs that they regard as necessary. This can lead to joint cooperative efforts with some people and open dispute and drastic reactions with others. Some kind of war is inevitable. The native has dual attitudes toward other individuals and they in turn show two sides to him.

When the Pluto Falls in the Eighth House
When Pluto is in the eighth house the native is capable of deep passions and must get to the root of things. This person usually sees large-scale drastic change to be necessary and desirable as the only way to give birth to that which "must be." He/she is a born undercover agent who works best on secret and hidden assignments. Death is considered incidental (and somewhat unavoidable) to such people's dedicated mission. If not the whole of him/her, at least some part of his nature has to die in order to face his emergencies in life. These people usually have a wondrous capacity to share their resources communally and still receive a lot in return. They are always careful about other people's financial affairs and guard against getting into arguments over money.

When the Pluto Falls in the Ninth House
With Pluto in the ninth house it could be that the drive toward higher insights will overpower the native, leaving him/her to search for the meaning of life and guiding him/her in the wrong direction. The native's higher mental faculties are devoted to publishing, advertising or promoting those revolutionary ideas that are already channeled into movements and institutions formed for this purpose.

When the Pluto Falls in the Tenth House
With Pluto in the tenth house the native could have problems with authorities because it is difficult for such people to submit. This person's conscious goal is of a revolutionary nature. He/she will take by force if necessary to establish his/her position and authority over others. These people are also likely to run into some fierce opposition from those in control, who will try and obliterate him if necessary. Those in authority seem particularly oppressive and intolerable to the native and his/her goals. These people should guard against influencing the lives of other people reducing them to chess pieces; they will not get away with it.

When the Pluto Falls in the Eleventh House
With Pluto in the eleventh house, groups could utilize the native as a driving force for dynamic processes. Such people usually join with others of similar sympathies in order to put over their program, which is based on a desired new order. The native is naturally drawn to fellow revolutionaries for friends, but he/she is also likely to suffer drastic experiences through these same friends.

When the Pluto Falls in the Twelfth House
Pluto in the twelfth house demands the native to confront his/her inner conflicts and to learn how he/she can overcome him/herself and detach from material possessions or even his/her own life. These people's concern centers on those unfortunates who have been victimized by social injustices, which the native will feel as acutely as though experienced by himself. The focus is to give moral and spiritual support or to assist in intrigues rather than to suffer open confrontation with the roots of the evil. Like no other, these people are capable of learning through pain and crises and arising like a phoenix out of the ashes.

Pluto is very important because of slow-moving
The native turns his sense of needed reform against the duties and obligations that men usually assume in daily routine.

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