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The Saturn in Houses

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In many cases Saturn can be the single most determining factor in the entire horoscope. Being the second biggest planet in the solar system, Saturn is also one of the the most important planets. This planet is an indicator of Sorrow and if he be benign, the horoscopian will be a Wise. Self-preservation often takes precedence over ego fulfillment (the Sun), emotional gratifications (the Moon), pursuit of ambitions (the tenth house), development of the personality (the first house), or indulgence in pleasures, love or sex (the fifth house). If the native does not solve this requirement of basic security, none of the other matters can have any permanent satisfaction. Saturn is by house indicates the area of experience where the native's basic security is most vulnerable. The requirements of this house must be given top priority before the native can turn his attention to higher matters.

When the Saturn Falls in the First House
Saturn in the first house is not good from the perspective of health. The native usually suffers from a certain inferiority complex, which must be overcome. The sense of personal identity and self-worth is slow to develop, but in this position a solid and reliable personality is eventually bound to emerge. This is one of the more favorable positions for Saturn because the native is able to control the necessary disciplines of life. He learns to do this from the very beginning. Overcoming restrictions and limitations becomes second nature to these natives. Because they naturally move slowly and appraise situations more carefully before they jump, these natives tend to know what they need and are able to concentrate more effectively on its attainment.

When the Saturn Falls in the Second House
In the second house Saturn makes native not above want and prone to lying. This person continually suffers from an inadequate source of supply or financial resources for his best ideas. The native's financial position improves in later life but only after many frustrating setbacks and delays. The native invariably feels that lack of funds is the chief obstacle in life holding him back. Saturn in this position always limits the monetary return for his labors. In terms of earning capacity from his own efforts he will always have to put out more than he is paid for. But he should always have an earning capacity, even into old age. In fact it should get better in old age. This position generally indicates a frugal and hoarding attitude toward possessions but may not always appear so with money itself.

When the Saturn Falls in the Third House
Saturn in the third house makes native very intelligent and liberal minded. Such person must spend concentrated effort in developing a technique of communication with a client or customer. The thought patterns are profoundly serious and well organized. The native invariably gains recognition for the power and influence of his writings. The affairs of the house under Capricorn would provide the subject matter most favored for the native's realistic approach in this direction. This people usually have subordinates and all the comforts of life.

When the Saturn Falls in the Fourth House
Being in the the fourth house indicates affliction to the heart. The native must develop a feeling of close kinship with his historical background and heritage. There is a strong parent fixation anyway, which encourages a natural attitude of looking subjectively backward rather than objectively forward. This native would be considerably held back in early life (initially by the family) and would be very late in showing positive development on his own.

When the Saturn Falls in the Fifth House
The native will lack of happiness and pleasure from children if Saturn is in the fifth house. This person may feel a limitation and a depression about all the affairs concerned with creativity, romantic love-making, children and their education. Yet dealing with any or all of these subjects holds the key to the native's sense of security. The problem is that the fifth-house area is normally one of the outgoing, objective extensions of the ego, which usually performs best when not held in check by the more basic and down-to-earth reality that Saturn demands. The result has to be a tempering of the product in the restrictive Saturn sense. It is somewhat difficult to consider the self-preservation principle and the supposedly joyous expressions of the ego in the same context. In this case they must be considered together. One's children may become a source of security, but at the same time they are bound to involve disappointments and obligations.

When the Saturn Falls in the Sixth House
Saturn in the sixth symbolises the destroyer of enemies. This is an area more understandable for the depressing nature of Saturn. Work, duty, obligation, toil and responsibility all are conditions that Saturn suggests. On the whole the Saturn presence lends strength and determination to see the tough jobs through. Early limitations in any sixth-house matters will ultimately be improved in later years as Saturn proves his point: SUCCESS THROUGH STICKING IT OUT TO THE BITTER END. With Saturn's affairs one is almost assured of lasting long enough to see this end (bitter or otherwise).

When the Saturn Falls in the Seventh House
If Saturn is in the seventh house the native will be equivalent to a king as the royal planet of Liberation becomes posited in a quadrant. This person's sense of security is directly tied to other people. He has no control over this. Others must provide his security for him. There are probably plenty of other people willing to do this, but at the same time they exact a control over the native that is depressing and frustrating. This person must become accustomed to this condition. This would seem to suggest almost a slave or bonded servant illustration, which is pretty much to what the native must adjust. The master is apt to be older and rather severe and certainly demanding. Usually Saturn has full directional strength if located in the seventh house. But some negative traits develop like lack of mental peace and happiness. Laziness is also can be found.

When the Saturn Falls in the Eighth House
This position of Saturn makes native prone to illnesses. Such people are usually crooked, sorrowful and abandoned by relatives. The native feels a deep sense of debt, not to others in particular nor to his own background, but to some sense of a COLLECTIVE PAST of which he feels secretly a part but cannot or does not particularly want to explore further. One might label this some form of superstition, which takes a firm control over such person. A strong sense of personal guilt resulting from the past is suggested for which the native feels spiritually accountable. The native empathizes himself into a position of obligation, which there is no rational way of proving or disproving. Since Saturn represents old age, this would indicate a long enduring life in spite of several close calls with death.

When the Saturn Falls in the Ninth House
In case Saturn is in the ninth house the native is usually highly spiritual. This person feels a repressive obligation or duty to add to or establish the proof of certain beliefs, codes of behavior, religious convictions or system of laws. He/she isn't sure of their present conclusions or positions, so such person feels more data, more substantiation of cases, or deeper emotional experiences are needed. The position is that of a professional doubter turned against the bastions of ritualized thinking. This represents the type that takes up religion not to spread the word of God but rather to prove to him/herself that there is a God which he doubts. The more he/she doubts, the more evangelic he/she tends to become in blaming others for his own lack of faith. The urge to destroy is obviously just as strong in such people as the urge to build. Saturn in the eighth through twelfth houses tends to reflect this as well as any good that it might do.

When the Saturn Falls in the Tenth House
If Saturn is in the tenth house it makes native egotistic, wealthless and devoid of happiness from father. It is also often said that this indicates a very probable fall from glory based on some form of personal undoing. This is consistently true for all positions of Saturn because Saturn itself continually calls us to task for an absolutely down-to-earth appraisal of our true foundations for security. Naturally this is always where we feel the most vulnerable and most insecure. Our security has to be carefully and slowly and convincingly built up over many years of effort and experiment. Saturn in the tenth house shows a firm conviction and absolute necessity to raise one's station in life. This has to be done, no matter how much it costs or seems to cost. This is absolutely mandatory. Ambition becomes almost predatory and ruthless.

When the Saturn Falls in the Eleventh House
Saturn in the Eleventh House This is the best position for Saturn to be in. Saturn posited in the eleventh hose makes one highly determined, healthy, wealthy and wise. Such person usually looks to older patrician types for guidance and support until he/she is able to strike out on his/her own. The problem is to eventually make it before it is too late for any effective purpose. The character of the eleventh house is apt to disperse one's best efforts in fruitless pursuits rather than concentrate them in one effort in the right direction. Because you are dealing here with group values and group sympathies, it is more difficult to pledge your own sense of security with assurance or conviction.

When the Saturn Falls in the Twelfth House
In case Saturn is in the twelfth house the native usually devoid of happiness and wealth. What this person lacks most in his struggle is a firm, inner conviction about his subconscious motivations. He/she lacks a frame of reference for seeing the structure of ultimate values in their proper perspective. At the same time he/she is deeply concerned and secretly troubled by this lack in his inner nature, which tends not to support him when he needs it most that is, when faced with delays, denials, frustrations, failure, loss of hope, or a sense of despair. This pattern suggests sad and even tragic conditions, which would so desperately force the native back upon his inner resources.

Saturn, depicted as a horseman, rides in the sky
Self-preservation often takes precedence over ego fulfillment (the Sun), emotional gratifications (the Moon), pursuit of ambitions (the tenth house), development of the personality (the first house), or indulgence in pleasures, love or sex (the fifth house).

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