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The Sun in Houses

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Sun is an important luminary capable of conferring great political power. The character of your destiny the challenge of your fate is shown in the horoscope by the condition of the house that holds the Sun. The Sun represents the ego-drive, which accounts for more than half of the characterization of the native. That is why Sun sign readings in astrology are so amazingly accurate. Usually a horoscope is considered powerful only if the luminaries, Sun and Moon, are powerful.

When the Sun Falls in the First House
Sun in the first house makes person be anger-prone and lazy. The main native's challenge is to develop a fully individualized identity. Nothing else is more important than that the native realize the full potential of his unique ego as embodied in the personality. This native could never be overly encouraged to follow the "me first" attitude. To the native the conditions of fate always act as a challenge. Usually such people don't have patience and mercy.

When the Sun Falls in the Second House
When Sun is in the second house the native ill have less wealth and also less education. This person must solve his ego requirements through realization of successful earning powers. The nature of all types of supply that the native may use becomes a field of specialization. Usually all malefic planets in the second house are adverse for wealth.

When the Sun Falls in the Third House
When Sun is in the third house the native will have high standard of comeliness. Such person must fulfill his/her ego through communication with others. This usually involves some form of free exchange or interaction of stimuli, where one side stimulates the other. This position of Sun is usually adverse for good relation with younger co-borns.

When the Sun Falls in the Fourth House
When Sun is in the fourth house the native's heart may be afflicted. The person's concentration becomes more subjective. There is a looking backward and inward to the native's background or heritage, which in some way must be restored or reactivated for present-day purposes. The native gives much thought and subjective appraisal to methods and techniques as the best possible manner in which to attack significant problems or objectives.

When the Sun Falls in the Fifth House
In case Sun is in the fifth house the native will be highly intelligent, and will be loved by the Government. Such people must express themselves in some creative form, which in effect becomes an extension of their ego. This can involve the art, all forms of entertainment, games, gambling, speculation, children and education. Usually This position is adverse for relationship with sons.

When the Sun Falls in the Sixth House
In case Sun is in the sixth house the naive will have prosperity and enemies along with that prosperity. Such person needs to dedicate him/herself to some kind of duty. This usually involves some activity or function connected with daily living jobs, vocations, health, waiting on others, looking after requirements for housing, food, beverage, supply.

When the Sun Falls in the Seventh House
If Sun is in the seventh house the native will be tormented by the Government and have to face defeat. Such person must look to other people for his primary source of direction. Since the Sun represents the individuality of the ego, this placement of the Sun is somewhat unfortunate. In the seventh house control passes to others. The native usually enters into open competition with others on most matters. Such people are usually travel a lot.

For placements of the sun in the eighth to twelfth houses, the ego has less need for personal substantiation. there is more interest to the native in what he can contribute to others.

When the Sun Falls in the Eighth House
If Sun is in the eighth house the native will be devoid of relatives and wealth. This person is inordinately fascinated with other people's motivations and their probable reactions under test or crisis conditions. These conditions may be from the ancient past, as well as from the present. There is a tendency for these types to drift and satisfy their physical appetites until they are called for some emergency.

When the Sun Falls in the Ninth House
When Sun is in the ninth house the native will probably have wealth, relatives and sons. This person has a desire to contribute in some meaningful way to the warehouse of knowledge, where the thoughts of many are formalized or codified into laws, religions, philosophy, politics and all higher forms of ritualized learning. The native should become affiliated with some cause or principle or outlet which furthers these concepts.

When the Sun Falls in the Tenth House
If Sun is in the tenth house the native will be highly educated and will have paternal wealth. This person must assume a position of authority, command and executive control. This may not be easy because of the competition and domination of other strong ambitions standing in the way. This must be overcome and the native must eventually be recognized as a figure of importance in his own right. This dominance of Sun on the Meridian is capable of conferring regal status, knowledge and valour.

When the Sun Falls in the Eleventh House
When Sun is in the eleventh house the native will prabobly be wealthy with high education. Such person strives to express himself through a congenial group that shares his values, aspirations and sympathies. His/her purpose is their purpose and their purpose is his. These natives are destined for public life and wide associations. The individuality they pursue is not just their own but the embodiment of group values and collective hopes for which the native considers himself spokesman.

When the Sun Falls in the Twelfth House
When Sun is in the twelfth house the native will have eye troubles and will be devoid of sons and wealth. Such person usually has two considerations to follow. He must solve or reacquaint himself with the ultimate values on which all things rest. This includes passing judgment on his fellow man, but it need not always be expressed to them. And he must resign him/herself to a position of isolation behind the scenes, which is the only suitable setting where he can contribute these truths to those who need them. Usually this position of the Sun is not good from the perspective of profession as a fall is indicated.

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