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The Uranus in Houses

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The position of Uranus shows where you need to break away and cut out on your own because you strongly feel in this matter that you alone know what is best for yourself. If you are ever going to make a mark for individual and independent effort, you must do it in the area where you find Uranus. Uranus in some cases also shows the potentiality of genius, which is rare. It more often shows an indication of eccentricity, which is out of step with everybody else. At the very least, this makes you independent and gives you an attraction to weird and unusual things (like astrology!). There may be a tendency to shock people.

When the Uranus Falls in the First House
When Uranus is in the first house, doing almost everything differently than everyone else has become the native's trademark. Such people are eccentric and initiate sudden and erratic departures from ordinary channels of behavior. Most people readily note this unusual aspect in his/her nature and treat him/her accordingly. These people's ideas concerning cohabitation should be decidedly modern and they have mostly good intentions. If he/she manages to give in to some situations without providing commentary, he/she should have no social problems.

When the Uranus Falls in the Second House
With Uranus in the second house the native has a special capacity to adapt to new situations quickly and know how to get by in difficult times. This position of Uranus is generally unfavorable since it places control of the earning powers in the hands of erratic forces over which he has little control no matter what he may feel he has rightfully earned. The presence of Uranus always indicates conditions over which the native has little control.

When the Uranus Falls in the Third House
Unusual thoughts. Th native is original and have his/her own way of thinking. The native's thinking follows the eccentric dictates of Uranus, and this sometimes leads to a very confused state of mind, which may however prove to be brilliant on one special subject or mental quirk. This person should try to get his/her nerves under control. If problems with his/her relatives should come up, he/she patiently look for an answer and listen attentively to what is said to him/her.

When the Uranus Falls in the Fourth House
Creating an odd state of subjectivity. Probably the search for the native's roots or for a real home has worn the naive out for a long time. Uranus affects the native's sense of security in some way, usually in an upsetting manner. The native can devise ingenious programs with which to seek objectives. They may sound impractical in some ways, but they can at the same time achieve some astounding results if carried far enough. Hopefully, this person will not make the mistake of letting his/her fear of attachments cause him/her to pack up and move on suddenly, continuing his/her search.

When the Uranus Falls in the Fifth House
Unusual attitudes toward pleasures, love-making, relations to offspring and creative pursuits. Such people have an original way of expressing themselves and they put all their determination into it. The element of uncon-ventionality is present in all attitudes toward romance, sexual love-making and how to impress others with the individuality of your creative ego. The key word in all of these areas tends to be "anything goes." Generally, these peopel have an unusual love life, they are not the type for long relationships because they get bored quickly and valiantly defend their precious freedom. These people are easily impressed by new acquaintances.

When the Uranus Falls in the Sixth House
With Uranus in the sixth house the native puts a lot of thought into hi/her work and want to be constantly challenged. The everyday affairs of job, duties and health matters all are subject to sudden and drastic changes. The native seeks unusual employment. Also, the native suddenly takes up jobs and just as suddenly leaves them. Job-wise he tends to be here today and gone tomorrow, almost as though he had never been there at all even though he may have worked for years in one place. These people are interested in all the new technological developments and should be adept at working in research because they devote themselves to tasks without preconceived notions.

When the Uranus Falls in the Seventh House
With Uranus in the seventh house the native is looking for an unusual relationship, which will inspire him/her and should not restrict him/her. The native experiences unusual reactions from others in general seemingly unprovoked and generally unaccountable. This person, without being conscious of the fact, seeks unusual types in the crowd, multiplying these erratic relationships. All contact with outsiders tends to sweep the native off his feet, as though he were subject to every caprice in human nature. His type attracts this, and he contributes to it by his unusual attitude toward others. These people are always full of surprises, have an unconventional way with people and probably have a talent for diplomacy.

When the Uranus Falls in the Eighth House
When Uranus is in the eighth house, the challenging situations will probably awaken a sudden burst of new energy, which will surprise even the native himself. The native's important changes in life are constantly accompanied by unusual conditions, sudden upheavals and far-sweeping and unexpected results, generally beyond anything foreseen in the beginning. The native is also subject to sweeping passions of a sexual nature which have far-flung consequences. There will be many drastic changes in the native's life and dangerous exposures to life and property, but the native is advised to maintain a very independent and constructive attitude toward such matters. With all his/her strength he/she should try to control his/her emotions, especially anger, hate and jealousy.

When the Uranus Falls in the Ninth House
With Uranus in the ninth house the native has unusual ideas about religion and justice and their role in the formation of communities. This person has difficulty in fitting his/her ideas in with most beliefs already established or organized by others. This position indicates being mentally out of step in most areas of higher learning. Foreign contacts or travel produce astonishing results.

When the Uranus Falls in the Tenth House
Unique goals that also impose unusual qualifications and strange conditions. With Uranus in the tenth house the native would revolutionize society, if anyone gave him/her a chance. The native is naturally drawn to unconventional matters that brand him as an eccentric of some kind. He must pursue these matters with much independence of thought. Time may eventually indicate that what he stood for has much merit and his interest was simply ahead of his time.It is very probable that he/she has a highly unusual profession or that he/she works in modern technology.

When the Uranus Falls in the Eleventh House
In the eleventh house Uranus is at home, which intensifies its qualities. The native seeks unusual friendships and also experiences unusual reactions from those he selects as sympathetic comrades. Since the keynote of the native's best friends and that of him/herself toward them is one of extreme independence in attitude and behavior, this is bound to create unique relationships.

When the Uranus Falls in the Twelfth House
With Uranus in the twelfth house It is certainly not always easy for the naive to understand his/her own motivations, especially since they can change suddenly. This is generally an unfortunate position for Uranus because the native will suddenly be confronted with drastic conditions, which he must be subconsciously prepared for. The ordinary defenses in life will do him no good here. The native's inner life will be considerably upset from time to time, and the native will need a great deal of resources and inner fortitude to meet some severe test. If this person wants to solve this problem, he/she is going to have to dig deep.

Uranus is The Patron of the Heavens
If you are ever going to make a mark for individual and independent effort, you must do it in the area where you find Uranus.

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