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The Venus in Houses

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Venus, the symbol of beauty and the sentiment of affection is considered to be a benign planet in Astrology. This planet in your horoscope shows where you will relax, indulge your sense of comforts, improve the surroundings with color, ornamentation, music and romance. Poetics, Aesthetics and Rhetoric are ruled by this affable planet of Love. Where Venus is found, there is a condition of beauty in the situation, principle, or in the native himself. As will be appreciated, this is a holiday kind of vibration, which in some cases is operative only with "weather permitting."
Venus shows where you are the most responsive to the effects of beauty, comfort and loving sentiment.

When the Venus Falls in the First House
Venus in the first house makes native handsome,blessed with good eyes, happy, with good longevity. In other words it is the native who is beautiful and he knows it. He has the power to create beauty and attractive conditions immediately around him. This is always necessary in order to secure for himself the most desirable response from others. The world tends to see the native as a thing of beauty or loving sentiment, and they expect this from him/her BEFORE they will respond to him/her in the way that was intended. Natives who have Venus in the first house must keep up the beauty and attractiveness of their image this will always be important.

When the Venus Falls in the Second House
In the second house Venus makes native a poet, with good education and wealth, with knowledge of music and with gift of the gab. Such person usually has a pleasing and steady accumulation of possessions. This position is favored for enjoying the comforts and attractive things in life. The native has some talent which beautifies and which can be turned into cash. In the horoscopes of Tennyson, Byron, Omar Khayam, Tagore and Aurobindo Venus in the second was responsible for their fame as poets.

When the Venus Falls in the Third House
Venus in the third house makes native full of happiness from spouse and subject to the influence of the opposite sex. This position is favored for socializing with pleasure among those in the marketplace, brothers and sisters, and those in the near neighborhood. This position is favorable for dealing pleasantly with customers and clients.

When the Venus Falls in the Fourth House
Venus tenancy of the fourth house makes native wealthy, with a lovely well sculptured house and conveyances. The person has talents around the home and for enhancing any aspects of family life or the background of his heritage. In the family circle is where the native flowers best and is most pleasing and congenial. The native's beauty becomes subjective more like a sense of beauty. Such people are usually famous and have a lot of admirers.

When the Venus Falls in the Fifth House
In case Venus in the fifth house he native will be a lord, very intelligent with a lot of wealth and relatives. The person should have artistic or musical talents, which are entertaining and can be used in a really creative way especially with children.

When the Venus Falls in the Sixth House
Venus in the sixth house usually makes native suffer disgrace at the hands of women. The native's appreciation of the nicer things in life tends to be diverted into situations where duties, obligations and services can be made more pleasant and inviting. This pattern is strongly recomended for the hotel and restaurant business.

When the Venus Falls in the Seventh House
If Venus is in the seventh house the native will be a lover of the opposite sex. There is a social charm in the native's manner of handling other people which generally ensures instant success with them. Others are happy to cooperate socially on most matters. But if the native is male, there may be some problems in marital life.

When the Venus Falls in the Eighth House
The position of Venus in the eighth house makes native wealthy with good longevity. The person's charms are most evident in times of crisis when he is confronted with significant changes. He has talent for helping others over such situations. The native is inclined to exploit the sentiments of affection, as in prostitution or use of pornography. Benefics in the house of longevity increases longevity.

When the Venus Falls in the Ninth House
Venus located the ninth house makes native interested in the psychic arts, wealthy, fortune via father and with good partner and children. The person will generally be well received around established institutions where all forms of higher learning are honored and respected. This is a very favorable placement for enjoyment of teaching. The native can contribute to the principles of art, decoration, theories of design or music in an educational way.

When the Venus Falls in the Tenth House
This position of Venus makes native very intelligent, famous and a doer of altruistic deeds. The person's ambition is favored in the arts that professionalize decoration, embellishment or music and ornamentation. The native's sense of affection is enhanced when directed toward people in high position. Such dominance of Venus on the Meridien is good for business dealing with clothes.

When the Venus Falls in the Eleventh House
When Venus is in the eleventh house the native will love the opposite sex , have subordinates and will have wealth of no mean order. This people's social graces are attracted to group activities where he gains in stature and benefits through identification with group sympathies. Venus in the house of gains can confer gains of a high standard.

When the Venus Falls in the Twelfth House
When Venus is in the twelfth house the person will be wealthy and will probably be a traveler. The native has a way of romanticizing and spreading cheer in a situation which most people find difficult, frustrating and depressing. This is obviously appreciated by those who are temporarily down and out, and the native is sentimentally drawn to such conditions. This powerful position of Venus is favorable for wealth and enjoyments of a high order.

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