Meaning of Jupiter in Zodiac


Jupiter in the Zodiac Signs

Jovial, Expansion and Preservation. Material Matters of all Kind.

Jupiter' aspects of Zodiac signs:

Jupiter in your horoscope makes it clear that you are able to apply your sense of optimistic expansion with the most profit. It also points at the areas where you will feel the most expansive and generous in material matters. Jupiter in the zodiacal signs reveals the different ways in which people's minds work, their intellectual interests and aptitudes, and the way these people communicate. It generally brings prosperity, abundance and fruitful conditions to the affairs and people of the house it occupies. Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, taking twelve years to complete the journey through all twelve signs.

Jupiter is the Luckiest Star
Jupiter spends about a year in each sign, taking twelve years to complete the journey through all twelve signs.

When the Jupiter in the Aries
This position of Jupiter reveals a personality with large-scale and personal ambitions, perhaps reaching the top of a career or excelling in a particular skill. The native may be quite a spellbinder. His/her personality and his/her identification with his/her cause are so closely interwoven that it is hard to see one without the other.

When the Jupiter in the Taurus
In case Jupiter in Taurus it may indicate a love of luxury and sensual experience. The native is usually successful at making money and initiating or creating natural sources of supply.

When the Jupiter in the Gemini
If Jupiter In Gemini it may symbolize that the collection and communication of facts may be an end in itself. The native is fortunately gifted in speech and expression.

When the Jupiter in the Cancer
In Cancer Jupiter emphasizes the virtues of helping other people through compassion and understanding. The native is slower to get started but easily dedicates himself to the traditional virtues, and he seems so "right" and successful. His/her home and family life are often bound to be satisfactory, no matter what else happens to him/her.

When the Jupiter in the Leo
When Jupiter is in Leo the native's ambitions are likely to be grandiose and accomplished with optimism and theatrical flair. This is usually fortunate for gambling and speculation and begetting many offspring and being obviously successful in affairs of the heart.

When the Jupiter in the Virgo
If Jupiter is in Virgo the native's purpose is likely to be idealistic but within an orderly structure The native enjoys a fortunate vocational setup. He/she as a rule likes his/her work, and it gives him/her satisfaction and rewards.

When the Jupiter in the Libra
Being located in Libra Jupiter emphasizes the use of knowledge for promoting peace and harmony. On the other hand it requires a partnership to function properly. The native has great influence with others. Many people are willing to cooperate with the native, but his/her welfare is generally in other people's hands.

When the Jupiter in the Scorpio
When Jupiter is in Scorpio constelation it usually leads to licence in sex and other Scorpionic mysteries. The native is lucky at handling other people's money and acting as a trust agent for the dead. There is a great faith and optimism in a time of crisis if it should arise.

When the Jupiter in the Sagittarius
With the Jupiter In Sagittarius the native's ambitions are more likely to be concerned with intellectual improvement or religious experience, and foreign travel. Such people tend to be well honored and enjoy above-average recognition and a place of high esteem. Depending on the time and place, the native tends to be on the right side at the right time, thus saving him/herself from the greatest pitfall, being out of touch, which Sagittarians are prone to be.

When the Jupiter in the Capricorn
With the Jupiter in Capricorn material wealth may be a priority for the native. The native may appear to receive more honors than his/her position would warrant. His/her popularity with groups may be difficult to analyze, but nevertheless he/she will be popular and appear to be genuinely successful in most of the things he/she is interested in.

When the Jupiter in the Aquarius
With the Jupiter in Aquarius the emphasis usually is be on the creation and promotion of new ideas. The native finds his/her rewards in secret, behind closed doors and with inward satisfactions. His/her direct contributions will be less noticeable to the general eye, but his/her influence behind the scenes is often enormous.

When the Jupiter in the Pisces
With the Jupiter in Pisces there may be indulgence in escapist fantasies, dreams, religion or drugs. The native is often successful in publishing, promoting some form of higher education, and all ninth-house activities, including of course law and religion.

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