Mars in the Zodiac Signs

The Old War-god, He is Hot and Dry
Satisfaction of Natural Instincts

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Mars in your horoscope tells where and how you will initiate action, improvise corrective or adjustment measures, sally forth in competition, and aggressively fight for what you want. Sexually, it shows where you will act impulsively and spontaneously to satisfy natural instincts. Mars in the signs shows the native's general energy level, the way practical problems are handled, attitudes to men and expression of the male psyche.
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m ars is the worst of all others
Sexually, MArs shows where you will act impulsively and spontaneously to satisfy natural instincts.
w hen the Mars in the Aries
All aggressive and competitive forces that will exert the native's ego over others are mandatory in order to secure a footing. This person often exacerbates practical problems by carelessness. Energetic and assertive, such people are usually leaders in their field.
w hen the Mars in the Taurus
The native needs to raise money aggressively to finance his original projects. Generally practical, capable and consistent, such people always get things done in the most sensible way.
w hen the Mars in the Gemini
The native must be forceful in thought and communication to advertise his ego in the marketplace. Such people often posess sharp minds which they are able to apply to practical problems.
w hen the Mars in the Cancer
The native must from time to time force himself into new methods of aggressive action. At the same time he is compelled to resist parental domination, which in his case is mostly misguided. The native must also be well prepared to defend whatever he tries against something already established. Such people are sometimes prone to emotional outbursts.
w hen the Mars in the Leo
The native must be prepared to take chances in order to put his projects across. These people actions are often impressive and creative, but sometimes they can be impractical and lack substance.
w hen the Mars in the Virgo
The native must serve a period of apprenticeship and service before launching his own conceptions. From any point of view this is an excellent combination for those involved in crafts or any precise practical activity. Such people have a flair for detail, thrive on routine, but lack imagination on the other hand.
w hen the Mars in the Libra
The native must actively solicit the cooperation of others, even though they initially put up some resistance. Energy in this position of the Mars is best used to restore harmony and balance, perhaps by developing artistic skills, or by reconciling people in conflict.

w hen the Mars in the Scorpio
Sexuality is often an opening gambit to gain the native's objectives, or a restoration of programs left for dead by others could be in order. These people's motivations are so strong that it is almost impossible to deflect them from a chosen course of action.
w hen the Mars in the Sagittarius
The native needs to make foreign contacts, travel, and expand his formal education and intellectual capacities. Such people usually set their sights on distant heights and leave others to sort out the details. They often become travelers.
w hen the Mars in the Capricorn
The native must be aggressively competitive with those in higher authority, even if a fight ensues. This person is best suited to living and working at a practical level.
w hen the Mars in the Aquarius
The native must argue within his group or with his friends before he knows where he really stands. Generally such people seek radical solutions to old problems. They are usually idealistic but impractical.
w hen the Mars in the Pisces
This is one of the most impractical positions for Mars. The native must go behind the scenes and experience the actual suffering of despair and breakdown before he/she can realize the full import of his/her mission. The native can learn much from others who have failed.