Meaning of Mercury in Zodiac


Mercury in the Zodiac Signs 

Mercury - Lord of Speech. Full and Dry of Nature.

Mercury aspects of Zodiac signs:

Mercury in your horoscope shows the focus of your mentality as the instrument and reflection of the ego-force. Mercury in the zodiacal signs reveals the different ways in which people's minds work, their intellectual interests and aptitudes, and the way these people communicate. Mercury is in fact never far removed in space from the sun never more than 28° ahead or behind.

The fair planet Mercury
Mercury is in fact never far removed in space from the sun never more than 28° ahead or behind.

When the Mercury in the Aries
The native has a decided talent to perform all these functions with individuality original to himself. Such people are fast thinkers and usually have sharp tongues, and can be intellectually arrogant.

When the Mercury in the Taurus
These services can be bought or will themselves produce good financial returns. Such people's mental processes are always turned to practical problems and abstract thought is usually considered to be a waste of time.

When the Mercury in the Gemini
The native must get in touch with others, as in a marketplace, which provides absolute freedom for circulation of all kinds of opinion. In other words, such people have clear and logical minds and need mental stimulation. They love debate but their opinions are usually changeable.

When the Mercury in the Cancer
The native has much to gain from observing children and their games. This position is somewhat akin to not knowing what you are going to create in words until you have already done it. Letting the imagination run free and wild is favored. Such people usually have retentive memories.

When the Mercury in the Leo
The native needs order, discipline and a serious intent to his purpose. These people are quick to form their opinions and often do not bother with facts. They like performing and so they may be attracted to the the life of actors.

When the Mercury in the Virgo
The native must look to others for encouragement and inspiration of his/her ideas. This person does best when developing other people's ideas. Pedantic, critical and analytical, such people usually have no time for frivolous ideas.

When the Mercury in the Libra
The native must be prepared for many profound changes in his/her thinking and to expect a certain amount of violent reactions to what he/she is trying to express.

When the Mercury in the Scorpio
The native needs higher education and a familiarity with the expressed thoughts of many others on the same subject. Getting away from familiar contacts helps. Such people do not have their own ideas but they have instincts and beliefs, and often follow these with great dedication.

When the Mercury in the Sagittarius
The native must look to higher authority and be willing to sit at someone else's feet until he/she has earned the mark of authority for him/herself. Generally such people may be careless over detail, but often have an instinctive idea of the truth.

When the Mercury in the Capricorn
One must seek others who share his views and proceed in a joint cooperative effort. Generally, such people pay a lot of attention to the acquisition of wealth and status.

When the Mercury in the Aquarius
The native must dig up the answers from within his subjective thoughts. His/her parents and their thoughts are of some help and guidance. Usually such people need the freedom to find their own intellectual interests and they frequently hold radical views.

When the Mercury in the Pisces
This is one of the most deceptive and gullible position for Mercury. Confusion can be avoided if the native pays attention to detail. This person must seek his/her own inner counsel and carefully do his/her own research, which may lead to many frustrations and setbacks before he/she has the matter right.

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