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Neptune in the Zodiac Signs

The Absorption into something Great. Nebulousness and Impressionability.

Neptune' aspects of Zodiac signs:

This is the planet of insight, idealization and inspiration. Neptune operates by subtle suggestions or vague and mysterious implications that are felt or sensed rather than seen or known. In Astrology Neptune represents deception, mysticism, imagination, dreams, extrasensory capabilities, a foreboding and inspiration. Since its domain extends reception beyond the ordinary five senses, it might be called the planet of extrasensory perception. Since most people rely chiefly on material causes, they tend to ridicule and fear what they do not understand. Others who are highly keyed to Neptune intuitively sense this power with great conviction and faith. Since Neptune is essentially a spiritual force, it tends to seem negative when coupled with situations that call for primarily material, physical or rational solutions. With Neptune's help creative abilities can find their expression. Neptune stays in one sign for 14 years. House position and aspects of other planets should be considered.

Neptune - The Seven Spirit
In Astrology Neptune represents deception, mysticism, imagination, dreams, extrasensory capabilities, a foreboding and inspiration.

When the Neptune in the Aries
The native with Neptune in such position has strange powers apparent in his/her personality that suggest a divine kind of inspiration. These powers should be conscientiously purified lest they be used to lead others astray or defraud them in some way. Usually these powers have been given the native to use on HIM/HERSELF in order to see and sense realities more clearly.

When the Neptune in the Taurus
The native has creative powers in securing his/her own sources of supply. This person has some unusual talent that can prove to be an Aladdin's lamp in providing resources for worthy purposes.

When the Neptune in the Gemini
The native is able to create through speech and communication a special condition in other people's minds that encourages them to see life the way Pisces feels it to be. In other words, the native inspires others with his expression.

When the Neptune in the Cancer
The native is very subjective in his/her use of ideals as a way of life. His/her tendency is to dig deeper and deeper into his/her own makeup rather than to try and project outward or influence others in any way.

When the Neptune in the Leo
This constellation stands for creativity and imagination, but also for exaggerated stubbornness, self-deception and conceit. The native is more mundane and employs a lighter touch in suggesting values beyond appearances. There is even laughter, entertainment and gaiety involved in how the native uses his inspirational powers.

When the Neptune in the Virgo
The native is naturally drawn to fields of service. Such people often have a hard time expressing their creativity and imagination in an artistic manner.

When the Neptune in the Libra
The native does not draw his/her inspirational power for him/herself but gathers it from others and this helps to bring it to light. These people often have different concepts of peace and harmony, which places a vast gap between them and their parents/children.

When the Neptune in the Scorpio
The native possesses unusual luck in getting in and out of extraordinary situations that could peril most people. The native seems divinely protected in some way and has no fear of death or what lies beyond. In fact the native is fascinated by such matters. Such people often think up new visions of peaceful coexistence, which people who have not yet developed to this stage unfortunately are not capable of understanding.

When the Neptune in the Sagittarius
The native has unusual beliefs, practices and rituals, which he/she regards as a kind of religion. This person may feel this is a projection of something out of the past that today has value for him/her. The higher mind is in touch with beliefs not shared by others in the contemporary scene, and there is some tendency to self-delusion. Neptune is not well placed here because this is the area of the higher or collective mind.

When the Neptune in the Capricorn
The native is acknowledged for his/her spiritual powers and ability to inspire others in an idealistic way. This may lead to trouble or protected fame depending on the condition of Neptune.

When the Neptune in the Aquarius
The native has unusual friends who inspire him/her in idealistic ways. Such person usually draws much spiritual support from being in touch with others of sympathetic views and hopes. There is some tendency to be deceived by one's friends, as well as to deceive them in some way. Friendships have a tendency to dissolve and lose their concreteness especially in times of need, when practical matters are pressing.

When the Neptune in the Pisces
The native is irrevocably drawn to places of seclusion and solitude where he can be alone with his/her thoughts and his/her philosophy. Isolated research is especially favored or some lonely post where the native is free to expand his/her awareness of the infinity.

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