Meaning of Pluto in Zodiac


Pluto in the Zodiac Signs

Elimination, Renewal, Regeneration, Mutation, Transition, Rebirth.

Pluto' aspects of Zodiac signs:

With 2400 kilometers of diameter Pluto is the smallest known planet. In Astrology it symbolizes the masses and stands for sudden change, destruction, regeneration and transformation. It can be interpreted in context with the actual happenings in the world. In personal horoscopes one should concentrate on the position of its houses and its aspects. Pluto in your horoscope shows where you will most strongly resist conditions as you find them and will bend every effort (including violent revolt if necessary) to bring into being conditions as you feel they should be. The native's sense of revolt is centered in the horoscope by the house position of Pluto.

Pluto is very important because of slow-moving
With 2400 kilometers of diameter Pluto is the smallest known planet.

When the Pluto in the Aries
This person invents his own forms of revolution and is very apt to be regarded with suspicious eye by the public. He/she obviously seems and acts like a troublemaker or bomb thrower, provocateur, rabble-rouser or professional malcontent.

When the Pluto in the Taurus
The native may have to appropriate his financial backing from others with or without their consent or knowledge. There could be something illegal about the native's earning power, which may be taking advantage of a situation created by some fluke or error.

When the Pluto in the Gemini
This position of Pluto creates an unsecret source of attention for the Gemini native, since his/her expression, outbursts or propaganda efforts all lead directly back to himself as the source. The native's tone of expression is chilling, threatening and controversial.

When the Pluto in the Cancer
The native is better be able to keep his/her true intentions under cover. He/she is usually deeply engaged in upsetting or planning the overthrow of established traditions, which he/she feels stand in the way of progress.

When the Pluto in the Leo
The native must take great risks or gamble compulsively in trying to put his/her undermining projects across. There may be great extravagance in claims in order to attract attention. This would also create an unsatisfactory situation in sexual relations, particularly as far as romantic notions are concerned.

When the Pluto in the Virgo
The native's revolutionary tendencies would be directed toward conditions of employment, service, servitude and all types of obligations and duties. Participation in labor movements is favored, as well as reviewing all forms of duty obligations.

When the Pluto in the Libra
The native is likely to be in the front line of attack against obvious enemies who might oppose the changes he/she feels are so essential.

When the Pluto in the Scorpio
This location of the Pluto would be the most secretive application of the revolutionary Scorpio tactics and therefore desirable for Scorpio. Sexuality is definitely something to be exploited or used here as an instrument for whatever else Scorpio may have in mind.

When the Pluto in the Sagittarius
These people's sense of attack would be directed against the bastions of traditional laws, codes of ethics, outmoded philosophies, out-of-touch religions, and such. The native would essentially direct his/her efforts at the principles behind institutions rather than the advocates of these principles.

When the Pluto in the Capricorn
The native must direct his upsetting efforts against those in high position who seem to direct the show, which the native feels is out-of-tune with what could or should be.

When the Pluto in the Aquarius
There is a tendency for the naive to be less active physically against the outmoded forces of opinion and to lend lip service and moral support to groups dedicated to similar disruptive interests. One's friends are of course very nonconformist and given on occasion to violent tactics.

When the Pluto in the Pisces
There is much probing into subconscious motivations or the secret negotiations of one's enemies. Pisces are always more inclined to sense an enemy before they distinguish a friend.

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