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Saturn in the Zodiac Signs

Chronos, Old Father Time (Greek). Limitation. Rise & Fall of Fortune.

Saturn' aspects of Zodiac signs:

In many cases Saturn can be the single most determining factor in the entire horoscope. Self-preservation often takes precedence over ego fulfillment (the Sun), emotional gratifications (the Moon), pursuit of ambitions (the tenth house), development of the personality (the first house), or indulgence in pleasures, love or sex (the fifth house). If the native does not solve this requirement of basic security, none of the other matters can have any permanent satisfaction. Saturn takes about 29 years to travel around the zodiac, spending almost two and a half years in each sign. Its generational influence is even more pronounced than Jupiter's, and its meaning by sign has a far more general psychological influence in a horoscope than by house and aspect.

Saturn, depicted as a horseman, rides in the sky
Its generational influence is even more pronounced than Jupiter's, and its meaning by sign has a far more general psychological influence in a horoscope than by house and aspect.

When the Saturn in the Aries
This placement may cause delays in the development of the native's energies and drive in life. The native is generally deliberate and slow to act or respond. But by the same token he/she is always more secure in his/her appreciation of his self-worth. His/her personality well qualifies him for the tasks he seeks in life.

When the Saturn in the Taurus
Being found in Taurus Saturn leads to increased conservatism and stubbornness. The native's best projects are much in need of proper financing and a certain abundance of supply, which is very slow to materialize. The native's early life may be spent in financial want, but his/her financial resources are often bound to improve in mature years.

When the Saturn in the Gemini
Saturn in Gemini shows adaptability, and a systematic and logical approach. The native needs serious and convincing ideas and a formal style of communication to solve the challenge of his/her fate. Early years are marked with depressing setbacks in his/her ability to communicate particularly with the closest people in his/her environment.

When the Saturn in the Cancer
Being found in Cancer Saturn inclines towards a stable home, although the difficulties this sign has in expressing its feelings will be strengthened. The native has serious flaws in the family background, which in early life act as a disadvantage to giving him/her the recognition he/she so desperately needs. He/she gradually makes up for this lack by a kind of general overhaul or self-improvement program from the ground up, and eventually he/she stands out by the sheer magnitude of his/her efforts.

When the Saturn in the Leo
Saturn in Leo gives the native a serious personal need to achieve recognition. The native is naturally reluctant to take chances or assume risks or EXERT THE FORCE OF HIS EGO OVER SITUATIONS, yet these are ultimately the only ways in which he/she can accomplish his/her purpose. This person's chances in any of these directions are always much better than he assumes.

When the Saturn in the Virgo
Saturn in Virgo gives the native a measure of prudence and practicality. The native is reluctant to get down to brass tacks or learn his/her trade from the ground up, yet this is the only way that he/she can perfect the technical skill that he will later need. The native is held back in early life by extremely difficult conditions surrounding his/her vocation, health or duties to others.

When the Saturn in the Libra
With Saturn in Libra there may be an emphasis upon stability in partnerships, and a balance of ideas. It also gives a sense of justice and fairness. The native is reluctant to compromise him/herself with others, especially older people, who are at the same time the only ones who will eventually help him/her achieve what he/she wants in life.

When the Saturn in the Scorpio
With Saturn placed in Scorpio, emotions may become more obsessive but more easily hurt. The native is reluctant to accept changes and any drastic overhaul in programs after he/she has invested a certain amount of time and effort. Yet life will tend to force such sweeping changes on him/her and he/she will several times be required to start over again from scratch.

When the Saturn in the Sagittarius
Saturn in Sagittarius usually produces a serious approach to religion, education and philosophy. The native is reluctant to accept the mental conclusions or convictions on principle of others who have gone before him/her. Yet eventually he/she will come to see that theirs are basically more in common with his/her own views ONCE HE/SHE HAS INTELLECTUALLY GONE A LITTLE FURTHER INTO THE MATTER. There is a necessity in this position of Saturn to acquire a very solid education, which may take many years and persistent effort.

When the Saturn in the Capricorn
Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn always brings out the individual's materialism and lack of emotion. The native is convinced that all the established forces of tradition are initially against him/her in his/her determination to rise in the world. Some unfortunate relationship in early life with a domineering parent, usually the father, is apt to retard seriously the native's natural determination to get ahead. It may take the native almost a lifetime to get over this domination and to feel confident that he/she is actually plugging away in the right direction.

When the Saturn in the Aquarius
With Saturn placed in Aquarius, the native's ideas and opinions tend to be authoritarian. The native is initially reluctant to identify with groups on a common basis since no group seems particularly anxious to adopt or acknowledge the native as truly one of them. It will take many years of effort for the native to prove to him/herself and to others that indeed their hopes are a common sympathy and indeed he/she is qualified in maturity to be their spokesman.

When the Saturn in the Pisces
Saturn in Pisces produces a sensitivity in the native's dealing with world at large. Such person is reluctant to acknowledge personally the value of subconscious motivations, especially in his/her own life. He/she is apt to suffer many serious setbacks and moments of deep despair until he/she finally releases some favorite superstitions he/she has acquired and gets down to the nitty gritty of permanent value structures.

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