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The Sun in the Zodiac Signs  

Human personality connected with the Sun: Power, Destiny, Vitality, and Self-expression.

Sun' aspects of Zodiac signs:

Sun is an important luminary capable of conferring great political power. The character of your destiny the challenge of your fate is shown in the horoscope by the condition of the house that holds the Sun. The Sun represents the ego-drive, which accounts for more than half of the characterization of the native. The sign that contains the Sun always provides the basic key to the personality and life potential. It exposes the native's major strengths and weaknesses, indicates the lessons to be learnt and skills to be tapped. It may also be equated with the male side of the personality as against the Moon's rulership of the female. That is why Sun sign readings in astrology are so amazingly accurate. Usually a horoscope is only considered powerful if the luminaries, Sun and Moon, are powerful.

King of all planets
Sun is an important luminary capable of conferring great political power. The character of your destiny the challenge of your fate is shown in the horoscope by the condition of the house that holds the Sun.

When the Sun in the Aries
The native must fully develop a dynamic originality and a supreme sense of authority, which immediately is evident in his personality. In general, such people are assertive and self-interested. They constantly need new goals, new projects, and new challenges.

When the Sun in the Taurus
The native must have money and evidence of personal property to support his/her authority. He/she should be talented at making money for himself. As a rule these people hang on to the past, preserving what is best and refusing to let go what is worst.

When the Sun in the Gemini
Thinkers, talkers, readers and writers, people with the Sun in this position need to be involved in acquiring and communicating knowledge. The native should concentrate on mental traits and expressive and persuasive speech.

When the Sun in the Cancer
The native must develop a deep (but genuine) sense of pride in his/her background, which carries on a family tradition and absolute integrity of purpose. As a rule, domestic and family security is the key to these people's happiness and, when they feel safe, they are free to express their caring and compassionate maternal qualities to the full.

When the Sun in the Leo
The native must utilize all opportunities to extend his/her ego in creative matters. Such person should appear romantic, be willing to assume risks, and be understanding of children. As a rule these people are instinctively faithful but easily distracted by flattery. Their resistance to change can be a major failing. Sometimes they find that after holding the center stage, the world moves on and leaves them stranded.

When the Sun in the Virgo
The native should lend dignity to all forms of labor and service and work to make this condition true. Nobility in all walks of life, especially the humblest, is the keynote. Usually these people require a practical purpose in their everyday life and insist that this must show concrete results. High standards can make such people excessively critical of others; self-criticism all too often lessens their self-confidence.

When the Sun in the Libra
People who has the Sun in Libra are dominated by an awareness of imbalance and motivated by the need to remedy it. Such person must learn to get along with all types of people, even though they tend to get the edge over him/her with their egos. This is something such person must learn to give in to and live with.

When the Sun in the Scorpio
Emotional, intense and perceptive, such people are usually driven by the instincts of the unconscious. Sauch native may have to wait for special occasions or heroic moments to show his/her worth. In the meantime he/she should avoid any situation that would besmirch his/her integrity, for there is a tendency to do just that.

When the Sun in the Sagittarius
As a rule these people are able to help themselves by establishing a sense of inner security. They can inspire others with their enthusiasm. On the other hand these people can be tactless sometimes. Such native must look to the coded thoughts of others as a cause to which he/she can hitch his/her own star. This person should be prepared to travel some distance to find what is right for him/her.

When the Sun in the Capricorn
The Sun, found in Capricorn makes the native to be strongly goal-directed and persistent. Such people are as usual ambitious, serious and dedicated to duty. Their life is difficult, but they are the type of people who will triumph and achieve success. In other words it means that the native must fight for a position in life, even if it means the overthrow of someone there before him.

When the Sun in the Aquarius
Being found in Aquarius the Sun makes the native to be eccentric and original. Such people are apt to be a superb thinker, and their ideas are frequently advanced, no matter what field of profession they select. It would be best for the native to align him/herself with groups and work through them for a common cause.

When the Sun in the Pisces
Located in Pisces, the Sun makes the native to be slightly sensitive and idealistic. The native's ultimate support often comes from the background of life the hidden resources that are as a rule not known or appreciated until some misfortune has brought them to notice-such as inner fortitude.

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