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Uranus in the Zodiac Signs

Stands for Mechanical Inventiveness. The Potentiality of Genius.

Uranus' aspects of Zodiac signs:

In Astrology Uranus denotes a break with tradition as well as new development; it is spirit, intuition and spontaneity. Its position in the chart tells us about our relationships with our friends as well as our attitude toward authority. Uranus can also bring about a revolution and can destroy that which it cannot improve. Uranus rules the sign Aquarius. The position of Uranus in your own horoscope shows where you need to break away and cut out on your own because you strongly feel in this matter that you alone know what is best for yourself. If you are ever going to make a mark for individual and independent effort, you must do it in the area where you find Uranus. Uranus in some cases also shows the potentiality of genius, which is rare. It more often shows an indication of eccentricity, which is out of step with everybody else. Uranus makes itself felt by a marked deviation of movement or direction. If your ascendant is in Aquarius, then you need to know in what direction you can use your genius (such as it is) most effectively in the area that is tailor-made for your type of personality.

Uranus is The Patron of the Heavens
In Astrology Uranus denotes a break with tradition as well as new development; it is spirit, intuition and spontaneity.

When the Uranus in the Aries
The native's eccentricity such as it may be is obviously apparent in the native's everyday personality. This may make the native difficult to adjust to, or it may make him/her harmless but obviously different, if not to say queer. The native usually doesn't care what anybody thinks and goes right on his/her merry way doing just what comes naturally to him/her, which may be quite out of step with conventional modes of behavior. It is possible, that these people lose from time to time their perspective of societal structures by continually placing their own ego first. This could prove to be detrimental to their plans for changing the world according to their own concepts.

When the Uranus in the Taurus
Uranus in Taurus is anything but regular or conventional in the manner or type of nourishment that the native draws to him/herself. It should generally be considered favorable for supplying him with the most unusual kind of supply for whatever HE NEEDS. Although such people are attached to possessions and are constantly collecting things, they have an unorthodox relationship to them. The spontaneous element of the planet Uranus in Taurus can express itself in sudden changes in the native's financial situation.

When the Uranus in the Gemini
The native's thought patterns and style of communication are most unusual, if not to say unique. The native is bound to be brilliant on some subjects on which he/she is uniquely gifted, but his/her everyday responses may leave much to be desired. Generally, if Uranus in Gemini receives challenging aspects, the native can easily overexert him/herself in too many different activities. This person should choose a few areas instead of being content with rather deficient competence in a lot of different areas.

When the Uranus in the Cancer
This is not so favorable a position for Uranus because it introduces the most unstable qualities into the native's subjective nature, which should be developed as the foundation from which the native can project his/her programs. Such people's sense of emotional security is very much in constant jeopardy, but at the same time they tend to become responsive to the most volatile and uniquely progressive ideas. If Uranus has a challenging aspect here, the native's family life may be prone to sudden changes, which, most certainly, will not always be easy to deal with.

When the Uranus in the Leo
This position of Uranus generally encourages wild fancies of the ego and extremely unconventional, romantic activities and attachments. Since Leo encourages far-out activities and all sorts of ego extensions, almost anything can be expected from this position of Uranus. If Uranus is well fortified, it can lead to brilliance in creativity; if not, then to the wildest sort of ego indulgences.

When the Uranus in the Virgo
Since this is a tied-down area of life, the Uranus principle is working to help or resist the more tedious and offensive forms of obligation and human slavery. On the whole the final results should be more constructive than not, even though it may prove so at the expense of those who would hold others down. If Uranus receives negative aspects here, the native may be prone to sudden physical ailments. It may help to entrust his/her health to a natural healer because he/she is skeptical of standard medicine.

When the Uranus in the Libra
With the planet Uranus in Libra, the native usually belongs to a generation of people who formulate new concepts of relationships and coexistence. Generally this position for Uranus should be more constructive than not because it passes the unpredictable quality from the native's nature to the effect of others on him/her. It is not the native who blows things up as much as unexpected reactions to and from others prompting the native to think differently and introduce new concepts which he/she would not have conceived on his/her own.

When the Uranus in the Scorpio
This naturally introduces into the native's life unusual events, which are unexpectedly and explosively produced by Uranus. The effect should be good because the aftermath and possibilities resulting from drastic changes are almost limitless and therefore favored for growth and introduction of new thinking.

When the Uranus in the Sagittarius
Uranus in Sagittarius is often associated with higher knowledge. This is why a renaissance in esoteric fields can be observed in this time period. Astrology advanced especially quickly, because it is practically applicable. Uranus here is most responsive to the change in conditions that these principles SHOULD reflect. This is generally an excellent focus for the Uranian flash of insight and extended vision.

When the Uranus in the Capricorn
Uranus here suggests conditions over which the native generally has little or no control. His breaks or opportunity for recognition seem to rest on the most improbable chain of events, which most often seem to work against the native rather than for him/her. The generalized judgment of others is a rather resolved thing not casually bestowed. Therefore, to be upset or realigned (especially in the native's favor) must take a most unexpected series of events more like an intervention of fate or destiny itself.

When the Uranus in the Aquarius
Uranus here can generally do little harm. The situation that is constructively blown apart tends to be the native's allegiance to groups with which he is apparently not truly identified. This may be generally disruptive of friendships but is consistently beneficial to the native's own sense of growth and unique destiny. Such people with Uranus in Capricorn are usually extremely creative researchers and are able to dedicate themselves hopefully to developing methods to utilize our planet less destructively.

When the Uranus in the Pisces
Apparently the native should have some conscious concern with the condition of those less fortunate in life who have suddenly and catastrophically been cast into a position that demands all their resources. The native apparently has some unique approach to such problems, particularly in getting to the bottom. Generally, if Uranus receives negative aspects, the native may tend to obstinacy and impracticable ideas while shying away from responsibility.

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