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Venus in the Zodiac Signs

Venus can make you Graceful or Lazy, Gentle or Indecisive.

Venus' aspects of Zodiac signs:

Venus, the symbol of beauty and the sentiment of affection, in your horoscope shows where you will relax, indulge your sense of comforts, improve the surroundings with color, ornamentation, music and romance. Where Venus is found, there is a condition of beauty in the situation, principle, or in the native himself. As will be appreciated, this is a holiday kind of vibration, which in some cases is operative only with "weather permitting." The position of Venus in the zodiacal signs shows the individual's female nature, relationships, marriage and attitudes to pleasure and the arts.

Venus - the sensual and pleasure-loving
Venus, the symbol of beauty and the sentiment of affection, in your horoscope shows where you will relax, indulge your sense of comforts, improve the surroundings with color, ornamentation, music and romance.

When the Venus in the Aries
The native must develop his/her own personality so as to attract both sides to his/her cause before he/she can let them go to work on each other. This person would be very attractive physically and in personality, and most people would feel honored just to be around him/her. This is the pattern of a lovely person or a loving person. Men with this position are as a rule attracted to bold, assertive women.

When the Venus in the Taurus
Venus in Taurus unites, as a rule, physical and emotional love. The native usually has monetary means at hand to supply most of his/her comfort requirements. There is a possibility to make money from things that beautify or enhance or "pretty up" the picture. Skill in the arts and crafts is likely to be presented in the character of these people.

When the Venus in the Gemini
The native has a persuasive charm in meeting and handling people of different views. There is an ease of expression probably a talent for music. Such people, as a rule are in contact with many people as in the marketplace, business firms, or dealing with customers or clients. It is easy for these people to drift in and out of relationships.

When the Venus in the Cancer
Such people often need emotional security. They are reserved socially as a rule. Such native does best in matters concerning the sign, its enhancement, improvement, beautification, or adjustment of problems. The native adjusts well to either the old or the new in conventional standards.

When the Venus in the Leo
There are talents for entertainment, the performing arts, pleasant dealings with children, primary education, romantic indulgences, and a fair amount of luck at games of chance. Colourful and vivacious, these people are drawn to the social whirl and relationships become a performance.

When the Venus in the Virgo
Such people are often shy socially. They make few close friends because most people are not able to match up to their high standards. There is an interest and an ability to make working conditions attractive, pleasant and easy. There is a fortunate touch in dealing with the sick (excellent for nursing), healing practices, and an open-mindeness about progressive ideas on health, education and welfare.

When the Venus in the Libra
The native is able to handle all types of people successfully, for he/she seems to please everybody and offend no one. This is the pattern of the ideal peacemaker, who is also fair and impartial. Appearances are important for such people and so they rely on making a good impression through pleasant behaviour and attractive clothes.

When the Venus in the Scorpio
The native has a talent for giving others a rejuvenating lift through display of his/her affectionate nature. Underlying his/her charm is a certain sexual suggestiveness, which is pleasing to those who inclined. Such people are usually passionate lovers, but sometimes make the mistake of falling in love with the wrong people.

When the Venus in the Sagittarius
The dedication is more toward principles than practical issues. There is a love of people, of country, of God, of principle, all of which result in a slight cooling of the more personal Sagittarius feelings. Such people as a rule desperately need emotional freedom and protect it in any possible way.

When the Venus in the Capricorn
There is always an eye on the main chance or a preference for concerning oneself only with people in high position whose authority and respect are worth the effort. A material sense of values and status enters the sense of affection. Such people also value tradition and seek status and security from emotional partnerships.

When the Venus in the Aquarius
Common sense is brought to bear on relationships, and personal feelings are pushed to one side. The native is very social and well qualified for any type of participation in which everybody feels closely united in friendly sympathy.

When the Venus in the Pisces
There can be a real dedication to helping the downtrodden in hospitals, prisons and all institutions that care for the unfortunate. His/her awareness comes out in acts of kindness and loving care rather than harsh disciplines and callous rejections. Such people as a rule find all relationships a compromise between their fantasies and the reality of human life.

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