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  • Quotes Category: Education

    Wise Sayings


    All experience is education for the soul.
    Category: Education Author: Unknown
    Doubt is the key to knowledge.
    Category: Education Source: Iranian
    Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone.
    Category: Education Source: Moroccan
    Knowledge is power.
    Category: Education Author: Francis Bacon
    Learning is best when put into practice.
    Category: Education Author: Unknown
    Learning is better than house and land.
    Category: Education Author: David Garrick
    Live and learn.
    Category: Education Author: George Gascoigne
    Necessity is a great teacher
    Category: Education Source: Mexican
    Never stop learning.
    Category: Education Author: Unknown
    People learn more on their own rather than being force fed.
    Category: Education Author: Socrates
    The best way to keep good acts in memory is to repeat them.
    Category: Education Author: Cato
    The one who teaches is the giver of eyes.
    Category: Education Source: Indian
    When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come.
    Category: Education Source: Chinese Proverb
    With time even a bear can learn to dance.
    Category: Education Source: Yiddish