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  • Quotes Category: Experience

    Wise Sayings


    A stumble may prevent a fall.
    Category: Experience Source: English
    An old ox makes a straight furrow.
    Category: Experience Source: Spanish
    By crawling, a child learns to stand.
    Category: Experience Source: African
    Experience is the best teacher.
    Category: Experience Source: Latin Proverb
    Experience is the mother of wisdom.
    Category: Experience Author: Unknown
    Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes.
    Category: Experience Author: James Anthony Froude
    If you are not a fish, how can you tell if the fish are happy?
    Category: Experience Source: Chinese
    Only the sufferers know how their bellies ache.
    Category: Experience Source: Burmese
    The person with burnt fingers asks for tongs.
    Category: Experience Source: Samoan