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    Wise Sayings


    An advantage of poverty: your relatives gain nothing by your death.

    Source: Hebrew
    An agreement is a kind of debt.

    Source: Moroccan
    An ambassador beareth no blame.

    Source: Italian
    An ambassador bears no blame.

    Source: Chinese
    An American will go to hell for a bag of coffee.

    Category: Food and hunger Source: American Proverb
    An ancient custom, not of to-day or yesterday.

    Source: Latin
    An angry man heeds no counsel.

    Source: Portuguese
    An ant may well destroy a whole dam.
    Source: Chinese Proverb
    An ape is an ape, though decked with gold.

    Source: Latin
    An ape's an ape, a varlet's a varlet, Though they be clad in silk or scarlet.

    Source: Latin
    An ape's an ape, though he wear a gold ring.

    Source: Dutch
    An ape, a priest, and a louse, are three devils in one house.

    Source: Dutch
    An ape\'s an ape, a varlet\'s a varlet, though they be clad in silk and scarlet.

    Source: Latin
    An apothecary ought not to be long a cuckold.

    Source: French
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

    Source: French
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    Category: Health Author: Ben Franklin
    An apple, an egg, and a nut, You may eat after a slut.

    Source: French
    An army marches on its stomach.

    Source: French
    An army of a thousand is easy to find but ah how difficult to find a general.
    Category: War Source: Chinese Proverb
    An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.

    Source: Arab
    An art requires a whole man.

    Source: French
    An ass does not appreciate fruit compote.

    Source: Turkish
    An ass does not stumble twice over the same stone.

    Source: French
    An ass is beautiful in the eyes of an ass; a sow in those of a sow; and every race is attractive to itself.

    Source: Latin
    An ass is but an ass, though laden with gold.

    Source: Romanian
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