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  • Qoutes: Q

    Wise Sayings


    Quality, not quantity.
    Author: Unknown
    Quarreling dogs come halting home.
    Source: American Proverb
    Quarreling is like cutting water with a sword.
    Category: Quarrels Source: Chinese Proverbs
    Quarrels do not last long if the wrong is only on one side.

    Source: French
    Quarrels end, but words once spoken never die.
    Source: African proverb
    Quarrels enhance the pleasures of love.

    Source: Latin
    Quarrels never could last long, if on one side only lay the wrong.
    Author: Ben Franklin
    Quick and well don't agree.

    Source: Italian
    Quick and well seldom go together.

    Source: Danish
    Quick believers need broad shoulders.

    Source: German
    Quick come, quick go.

    Source: German
    Quick enough, if but good enough.

    Source: German
    Quick enough, if safe enough.

    Source: Latin
    Quickly come, quickly go.

    Source: Latin
    Quiet people are well able to look after themselves.

    Source: Irish
    Quietly, if you can; if not, by any means.

    Source: Latin
    Quit while your ahead.
    Author: Unknown
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