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Sacrificing means more.

Quote Author: Unknown

Save for a rainy day.

Quote Author: Aesop

Save money and money will save you.

Quote Category: Thrift Quote Source: Jamaican

Scatter with one hand; gather with two.

Quote Category: Thrift Quote Source: Welsh

Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices.

Quote Author: Ben Franklin

See life through an artist's eye.

Quote Author: Unknown

Seeing is believing.

Quote Author: Unknown

Seek advice but use your own common sense.

Quote Category: Advice Quote Source: Yiddish

Seek virtue and of that posest, to Providence resign the rest.

Quote Author: Ben Franklin

Seize the day.

Quote Author: Unknown

Self conceit may lead to self destruction.

Quote Author: Aesop

Self-help is the best help.

Quote Author: Aesop

Self praise is no recommendation.

Quote Category: Flattery and praise Quote Source: Romanian

Send a thief to catch a thief.

Quote Author: Unknown

Shrouds are made without pockets.

Quote Category: Truth Quote Source: Yiddish

Silence is golden.

Quote Author: Unknown

Silence is often misinterpreted but never misquoted.

Quote Author: Unknown

Silence is sometimes the answer.

Quote Category: Discretion Quote Source: Estonian

Silence is the hardest argument to refute.

Quote Author: Unknown

Sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease.

Quote Author: Francis Bacon

Sorrow doesn't kill, reckless joy does.

Quote Category: Joy and sorrow Quote Source: African

Sorrow is to the soul, as worm is to wood.

Quote Category: Joy and sorrow Quote Source: Turkish

Spare your breath to cool your porridge.

Quote Author: Francis Robelias

Spending is quick; earning is slow.

Quote Category: Thrift Quote Source: Russian

Spring is in the air.

Quote Author: Unknown

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