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  • Quotes Category: Prudence

    Wise Sayings


    Beware the person with nothing to lose.
    Category: Prudence Source: Italian
    Don't sail out farther than you can row back.
    Category: Prudence Source: Danish
    Eggs have no business dancing with stones.
    Category: Prudence Source: Haitian
    If the bird hadn't sung, it wouldn't have been shot.
    Category: Prudence Source: Japanese
    If you don't see the bottom, don't wade.
    Category: Prudence Source: Scottish
    One must not play on the nose of a sleeping bear.
    Category: Prudence Source: German
    The prudent embark when the sea is calm---the rash when the sea is stormy.
    Category: Prudence Source: Maori
    Tread on thorns with your shoes on.
    Category: Prudence Source: Hebrew