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The Aquarius man always gives the impression of "not of this world" - he is constantly in a certain dreamy aura, busy with his thoughts and fantasies, often not paying attention to what is happening around him. But he is not locked in his own world, quite the contrary - he is always looking for communication, new experiences, and acquaintances because he believes that the purpose of his life on earth is opening something new for himself. Aquarius man strives to test everything by himself, learn the world has much as possible, he is attracted by the most unusual and mysterious. He happily enters into new relationships or goes for a trip.

The Aquarius man is always full of original ideas, he even tries to apply nonstandard, original moves, for example, save money on something, or facilitate domestic routine work. A representative of this zodiacal constellation always knows how to do better, and does not forget to talk about this wherever possible. People can get fed up with his advice, that sometimes he is regarded as an intolerable bore or a pedant, but his advice indeed works. Aquarius man is not interested in making money as such. He does not have a passion for hoarding money, although he needs money to be free. Having achieved relative freedom in money for himself, he will not try to increase his capital or climb the career ladder higher. Aquarius man loves to communicate. Moreover, he can, in the same way, communicate and make friends with both members of the high society, and street cleaners - regalia. Class and social status mean nothing to the Aquarius man for he focuses only on the beauty of the human soul, his mind and conscience. The ideas of this representative of the zodiacal circle so ardently and persistently promoted by him in life may suddenly lose their appeal in favor of new, original ideas, and Aquarius man will abandon them without finishing it. Boredom, routine, and monotony can become all-pervasive factors for this man, after which he loses interest in this affair or even in personal relationships. The Aquarius man does not like old, familiar things and ways of life, he spends his adult life trying to invent his bicycle, and sometimes his ideas are too utopian or unrealistic. He readily finds friends among the fairer sex, he enjoys talking to women, he is attracted to their flexibility, kindness, gentleness and openness of character. If Aquarius man's female friend mistakenly took his interest to her as a courtship between them, all sorts of misunderstandings may arise between them, while the Aquarius man will not understand what happened that his female friend is so mad at him. Aquarius man does not really worry when something goes away from him, he considers it as a natural process, which opens new horizons. Therefore, you cannot see an Aquarius man worrying for a long time about the loss of friendship or even love relationships.

Aquarius man does not like to compete with another man in courting a woman and always gives way to a more stubborn and obstinate person. He tries not to lose his mind even against strong feelings, preferring to have an easy attitude to everything. Some woman's secrecy and mystery may attract his attention, which he will want to unravel, this mystery can keep his love for his partner for many years. Once the relationship becomes routine and loses all appeal and interest for the Aquarius man, he will go for new experiences, and can without undue regret leave his former partner for a new passion, or cheat on her making new romancing other women. The Aquarius man is very afraid of strong attachment to a woman because this means loss of freedom for him. A smart partner would give Aquarius his private space and part of his freedom, and he will never part from her.

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pixage 2017-10-18 07:29:01
This is so accurate, although I'll never cheat cause... that not fine and we always know the right thing to do. So they say...

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