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Gemini woman is a very interesting, versatile and smart person. At first sight, it is impossible to guess what kind of lady is she - the character is too elusive, weightless and dual. She knows that she has many abilities and talents, and is confident that on Earth she has a much higher purpose than other mortals, and always tries to find her proper place in life, jumping from one to another. The Gemini woman is very restless and fussy, she does not like activities that require prolonged concentration and a lot of time and effort. She is constantly searching, and this makes her look for a work she loves whenever she is bored with an old one.

Gemini woman is a lucky person because this is almost the only representative of the zodiacal circle, who, without regret or superfluous memories of the bad in her life, may part with her past. She is very romantic, her soul, which seeks to guard protect her against ill-effects from the outside, and closes her rudeness, is very gentle and vulnerable. Gemini woman can have a very strong passion towards her partner, if he interests and captivates her. It is impossible to predict Gemini woman's behavior, she needs to be accepted for what she really is so as not to cause scandals and intrigues. She easily dreams and fantasizes, and moreover, her fantasies are always imbued with romanticism and sublime bliss. She strives to be ideal, and sometimes just does not notice what is going on with her here and now. The Gemini woman loves and knows how to chat with people. She can succeed in an activity that involves extensive communication, organization of events and negotiations with partners. Frequent changes in her moods may discourage others: a moment ago, she happily laughed and had fun, and now she is sad and worried, is afraid of something and does not want to talk with anyone. Gemini woman does not like pressure on herself. She always walks away from a relationship in which she is being compelled to follow "the right path". Her partner who wants to keep her near him needs to take this into account. The Gemini woman, thanks her outstanding intellect, can be not only a good wife but also a friend and helpmate to her husband - she always gives very practical and wise advice, and her criticisms will help do things well. She will never be a "home" wife who fully obeys her husband, and lay career at his feet - this representative of the zodiacal circle will perfectly combine her own career with caring for the family, and she cannot be persuaded to stay at home, because communication and work is her life, nothing more, nothing less.

If the Gemini woman will in life search for her ideal man - she may forever remain single. This woman sees good qualities in a partner and would be very grateful for his good attitude and love towards her, but will always compare him with her ideal man, and find inconsistencies. Despite the variability, Gemini woman can be very attached to her man only if he interests her as a man, fun-filled and active. Once the Gemini woman starts to be disappointed in the relationship, she may walk away from it for new ones, if she meets a better man on her way. Very often, Gemini woman falls in love with two men at the same time, and for a long time cannot make a choice between them. With time, she will become more steady and calmer, but will never get rid of the passion to travel, change, become better and communicate more widely.

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vennvoyage 2017-10-06 12:02:10
Bingo!!! #proudtobegemini
Donny 2017-05-17 00:03:57
Precise on attitudes. One moment like an angel in a blink too often changes which you wish you will not want to be around near. Tumbling timber! Two men HA HA HA you better deal with it. Leave or regrets. Overzealous jealous.
KRISTEN 2016-09-02 14:42:18
All if that is truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........
Pseudonym 2015-07-13 06:32:51
This is pretty accurate... except I'm a Saggitarius.
Bella 2015-04-18 13:20:16
This is awesome everything is so real
jo 2015-03-29 02:10:06
Am Gemini and am telling everything is true. Oh my gosh
sam 2015-03-10 11:27:18
Haha.just so true in my case.
Htet Htet Oo Aung 2014-12-13 18:26:41
I don't know who collect the above facts but WHOEVER it is, I'd like to say ONE THING!!! U DID MAKE MY JAW DROP!!!! Those facts are the coolest facts ever!!!!
Daisy 2014-11-23 02:29:36
Yes,it'smealright hahaha!!!You are just great 😃
She 2014-10-24 10:37:03
WOW!! Just WOW!!
i wonder how you can guess my attitudes!!
all of these is really affecting me.. hahaha 😄 Nice!! You intrigued me today men!! 😄

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