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The Libra man is always visible in a group of people - he loves to communicate, talks a lot, knows how to make a joke, handing out advice left and right. He always strives to improve the world around him, and sometimes people just get fed up with his innovations. He is always charming and gallant, is able to make an impression, has an open smile and is sociable. Libra man does not dream, he does not brandish in the cloudless distance, but at the same time, he sees his own original perspectives, to which he strives for. Others will see him as a straightforward fellow, but the Libra man is not that simple as it seems.

The representative of this zodiacal constellation is very practical, but his practicality is shrouded in such a complex fog of mystery, posses perhaps only by Scorpio. He can captivate and slay anyone on the spot, but he has no desire to have many romances in his life, this is a sporting event for him, proving that he is always the winner in the art of seduction. Libra man can so confuse and swirl his interlocutor that he has the opportunity to tell him anything. Using his charm and extrovert ability to communicate, a Libra man easily acquaints with people and gets what he wants. Despite his sociability and openness, he is indecisive including in some matters that need hard decisions, preferring to balance, so long as such matters do not go obsolete themselves. He does not like to take decisions, he is afraid of responsibility, and is always in need of support on which he could lean on and focus in business. He is contradictory in everything, although others see him as a model of stability when he hands out advice. He can drastically change his views or stop halfway in his actions, and nothing would make him move. At times, he is balanced and calm, but from time to time show such big internal fluctuations that often destroy his relationship with associates and loved ones. To be friends with the Libra man, live with him in peace and harmony, you must be a model of stability and calm, not pay attention to his swinging, and at the same time, always help him navigate in the right direction, but - not pressing on his self-esteem. This is a very difficult job, but one benefit is that the Libra man is more often calm and balanced, and his sense of humor makes one look at things with fun and ease.

In feelings, a Libra man can also swing in the same way as in his affairs. Very often, his female partner takes the decision herself, and then he agrees or disagrees with her. The energetic and active woman will find it very difficult to get used to the lifestyle being proposed to her by the Libra man - she must accept whatever he advises, do just as he sees, but she will be also responsible in case of failure because Libra man knows how to remain on the sidelines. He needs a quiet woman who would become his adviser and support. It is impossible to get away from him, he will fool any woman with an undeniable logic conclusion and evidence that his partner will be much better with him than without him, and the woman will gradually take his advice, words and dreams as her own, completely hypnotized by Libra man's charming smile and eloquence. This representative of the zodiacal circle is always striving for balance but almost does not find it. So his woman must have strong immunity against his eternal swinging and self-search. The woman's ability to carefully manage the house will conquer Libra, and this should be the strongest argument of the woman in any disputes with the Libra man.

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karim habibi 2016-02-13 18:34:07
so bullshit! am a libra man and not sharing the least of similarity with what has been described here.
Pallavi kn 2014-06-11 05:16:08
Give suggestions About my marriage

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