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The Pisces woman has her highest goal in this world - she's looking for Love. This woman has a very soft and tender heart. She is sentimental and romantic and does not fit into the framework of relations that have developed in society. The Pisces woman is fearful, timid and cautious, prefers not to fight with the world and hides from storms and hurricanes anywhere in a safe shelter, better - behind a strong shoulder. Despite the fact that a Pisces woman is so disposed to personal relationships and love, unfortunately, she will not always be able to build real feelings all because of her suspiciousness and anxiety.

Pisces woman's life will seem to witness more disasters and disappointments in life than the life of any other zodiac sign, but this is because this representative of the zodiacal circle is very sensitive, and she perceives any trouble, even the smallest, as an enormous disaster. This woman has a very compassionate heart, and always strives to give people more than she takes from them, besides - she does not know how to fight for her happiness because for a Pisces woman, the words "fight" and "happiness" have completely opposite and mutually exclusive meanings. The representative of this zodiacal constellation will just wait for her happiness, believing that once she will someday meet her trusted protector and lover, and this belief is so strong that the Pisces woman can hold on to it for life, suffering in ordinary life from deprivation and bad luck, one after another. This woman's imagination is very rich. She so vividly imagines her future rich and warm home, her beloved husband, children, harmonious family, of which she already becomes happy from the fact that she thinks about it. If the Pisces woman will however not find her future husband, then those dreams will eventually become her real life, distracting her from gray reality and misery. The mood of the representative of this zodiacal constellation often changes, she can laugh happily, and then suddenly become sad for no apparent reason, as if moving away from his companions. Sometimes the Pisces woman because of this is considered as inadequate and strange, but she only shows her second nature, which is necessarily present in all dual zodiac signs, and there is nothing strange or wrong with that. Pisces woman is always afraid of poverty and tries to work more to earn a living. This can be a real cure for her during her depression, because financial incentives will give her strength to move forward with much greater activeness, and, in turn, an active work will provide an additional and enhanced financial incentive. The Pisces woman can be so fascinated by this process that she will quietly and unknowingly rise several steps of the career ladder. Besides, she is always very artistic and can become a great actress, which will enable her to change her look now without damage to her reputation.

If the Pisces woman meets her ideal man, she would fully submit herself to his protection and will become a wonderful wife and mother. She is a good housewife, can economically maintain the house and will never disregard neither the cleanliness of the floor nor issues matters concerning her husband's career. Thanks to her natural artistry and ability to adapt to circumstances, she easily adapts to the wave of her loved man's desire, always creating that atmosphere he needs. Only her excessive coldness and aloofness in the relationship can push away her partner, so the Pisces woman should be more open and passionate, especially since she also would like it very much. The Pisces woman knows how to listen and empathize with someone. She will be actively involved in the affairs of her spouse, supporting him in everything, and if in response to his protection, she will give him the passion he wants - then this family will truly be an indestructible and happy one.

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Amy 2017-02-26 07:12:07
Oh man... im shocked how true it is 😃
Need to change myself in terms of fighting for happiness
regina 2015-12-11 12:57:12
It's really fit to me too.........I'm thinkin' abt my true lover....... 😍
Jessica 2015-07-21 10:20:49
This is truly my antithesis- insultingly inaccurate.
Aurora 2015-03-14 15:13:34
Yea. This fits me to a T. I can't stop thinking about true love.....

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