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Sagittarius man is a very interesting man, he has many hobbies and new ideas that are ready to be actualized immediately, that anything can be expected from this person every minute. He always has a lot to do, he tries to have time to do all at once, but in most cases, he can't because he does not have enough energy to do everything. The Sagittarius man is a famous fighter for truth, his arrows always catch up with liars and people who do injustice. He is the zodiac Robin Hood who rises up to protect both his and others' violated rights and freedoms. Sagittarius man likes to communicate. We can say that communication, cooperation, and public work are the main and favorite area of activity of this representative of the zodiacal circle.

Sagittarius man is always focused on the society, audience, viewers, and leaves little time and energy to communicate with his loved ones. People always surround him, he is the soul of any company, and people are drawn to him because he exudes pleasant worldly wisdom, gaiety and cheerfulness. Sagittarius man is a great optimist, he always looks to the future with faith, he cannot be knocked out of the saddle by small troubles and misunderstandings. He is so generous that he can forgive his enemies for their attacks against him, being content with the fact that he comes out the winner from all of their ploys. Sometimes he is so naive, believes in his own utopia with a child's spontaneity, and this gets him into trouble. The Sagittarius man is always pressing forward for better horizons, for a bright future, that he does not pay attention to what is happening around him - this quite often is the cause of his mistakes. Sagittarius man is always looking ahead, trying to see the future, but he is not at all a dreamer and does not indulge in empty fantasy - amusement is not for him. He knows that moving forward is necessary only with practical affairs, and strives to take up many affairs as much as possible. His dreams of a brighter future are not based on imaginary images, but on reality and practical curiosity. Sagittarius man has a passion for sports, once there is a clear objective in front of him - he tries to make it as attractive as possible for himself, and does his utmost to achieve it immediately. Large, global objectives are not for him, he prefers to see observable practical space, which he can really reach. He manages to evade in case of unforeseen circumstances and has enough winning moments on the fly. He will have to fight with windmills all his life because enemies who will be willing to trample his bursting initiative in the bud will always be everywhere - and he will not tolerate this. Sagittarius man is a true perpetual engine, which is so needed by people for communication and in the workplace, but which does not leave his partner hopes for a quiet life with him. While rushing, the Sagittarius man can be inattentive, say tactlessness, but this is not a result of natural rudeness or cruelty, but of inattention. When he is faced with a prospect - he forgets about everything and thinks that every game is worth a candle, and therefore there is no need to pay attention to minor misunderstandings.

Sagittarius man's woman must have the courage, wisdom and great patience to constantly expect feats and accomplishments from her husband. He will so widely communicate that he will periodically be literally lured home. He does not like it when he is pushed or dictated for, but he listens to a convincing opinion and submits to it if it seems reasonable to him. His fiancee must be a woman of generous soul, she must not in any case lie because he will never forgive dishonesty in a relationship. If a woman wants to keep the Sagittarius man near her, she must accept some of his freedom, and he will always be grateful to come back to her, in a quiet cozy home, to his beloved wife.

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