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The mysterious, enigmatic Scorpio woman remains the same for her friends after years of knowing each other. No one on earth can understand her multifaceted soul, she always slips away, streams, transfer from one state to another, and it is impossible to see her as a whole. Scorpio woman is always very confident in herself, she is proud and independent. In her life, she hopes only on herself and never asks for help. She may even take offense at the words "the fairer sex" because she sees herself much stronger than men.

Scorpio woman is always trying to be a leader in everything, she knows that her opinion is very accurate. The role of a caring stay-at-home mother is not for her, this representative of the zodiacal circle will do all she can to make her career in the most glossy version. She can use many ways to draw attention to her personality, to charm the right companion, to obtain favor from him - this involves hypnotic gaze, absolute charm, and brilliant impeccable style of clothes. She perfectly feels when to put pressure on her interlocutor, and when to relieve pressure, and uses this skill very successfully, manipulating people she needs. Scorpio woman skillfully applies a mask when she needs to hide her true identity, and these masks are so different that friends can have the impression that she is talking to different people. Most often she uses the mask of femininity and even weakness - she can pretend to be weak and helpless, only to disarm her interlocutor, reveal her weaknesses to him, allow her to buy time before the harsh actions. Scorpio woman cannot be deceived - she sees through her interlocutor, seeing through him like an x-ray machine, and even a small fraction of falsity will not escape from her. She will never forgive any attempt to deceive her and tries not to communicate with people who have tried to do it, deleting them forever from her life. Scorpio woman refers to a complex type of so-called rock woman who can through half-smile and half-gaze make anyone dance to her tune.

But despite her self-sufficiency and strength, the Scorpio woman needs a loving and caring partner who understands her very well and accepts her for what she is. This representative of the zodiacal circle will never love a weak and weak-willed man - her partner must have virile strength and masculinity, which will be fit to be her own masculinity. She would be grateful if her lover will be so strong to be able to slightly curb her, dominate her, not changing her essence. Scorpio woman should be proud of her man and admire him, and so he should look very presentable and elegant, and be wise and calm in behavior. Even in love, the Scorpio woman outwardly remains very cold with her man, and only in being alone together, he will know the real fiery passion of the representative of this zodiacal constellation. Her beloved man will remain the center of Scorpio woman's universe, she will devote all her victories and career to him, she will be caring and passionate. She will protect her family and relationship with her partner, protecting it from gossip and rumors, she will not share the secrets of her personal life with anyone. Outwardly, this couple will look like a couple of good friends and noting anymore. The Scorpio woman will be faithful and devote all her life to her man, and her partner will be a happy man. If he would undermine her trust with lies or cheating - then she will erase him from the face of the earth and will do this just as passionately as she loved him.

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Lala 2018-12-25 14:52:01
I am a Scorpio and this message is the same with mine.I never tell my secrets to anybody just keep in my heart only.haha
Archies 2017-06-14 16:52:56
It's me... Absolutely true
Kitty 2017-06-04 15:11:30
So me!
Me to a "T"
Proud to be a Scorpio Woman!
Asia 2015-12-15 01:03:31
Are you reading my life from a book or something?
bunu 2015-07-19 11:22:35
i really loved it. i am a scorpio and all the traits match with me
Victoria 2015-07-07 08:16:03
Lmao,Everything written describes me totally without leaving a single detail out.I am indeed very impressed.
Ntsoaki 2015-06-24 03:30:31
Wow! if u knew me i'd say u have been watching me from a distance, NOTHING has ever discribed me as acurate and precise like what i've just read, hahahahaha u have just unfold my secrets!
Ruchira 2015-06-20 13:20:25
Amazing...totally me !! 1000% correct ;) it describes myself completely....🙂
Candy 2015-04-28 21:09:29
Ahhh....True sh*t! Imma Scorpio myself...
shreya 2015-03-14 05:00:51
So true.. My partner is same as described 😃
Marley 2015-02-22 21:14:55
Using this for a project and I am a scorpio myself. Totally just wacked myself into a mirror. 101% true to me. Little freaked out, hit right on thee head with a nail correct 🙂
jaanvi 2015-02-10 14:05:14
101% true ..... Specially about scorpion's partner

Jane 2015-01-16 23:41:05
It was just like me looking at myself in the mirror. 101% accurate!
Alondra 2014-10-13 01:25:13
I love the part where ir says that we think of ourselves stronger than most man
I once called my teacher a sexist piglet when he used guys and not gals and guys
Love this description accurate !

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