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The Virgo man is very practical, he is very cold and prudent in everything, even in personal relationships and feelings. He is completely devoid of romanticism and sentimentality, and everything he does has some real meaning and application. Virgo man does not make empty dreams and fantasy, he is skeptical about the other people's rosy plans and tries to set for himself goals that are quick to achieve in the foreseeable future, and not sky-high goals. The Virgo man is a man of his words, and debt, honor, conscience, and honesty mean a lot to him. Discipline for this representative of the zodiacal circle - first of all, he is pedantic in trifles, and very punctual, and demands the same from people around him.

The Virgo man has a very kind and sympathetic heart. Throughout his life, he fights for justice in which the weak and the sick receive the same rights and opportunities as the powerful, and so he strives to participate in all sorts of charity events, help the weak and the homeless. He does not immediately move closer to people, he first looks closely at them, gets used to them, sees their essence, and then admit them into his first circle of friends. He is very diligent and careful at work. Any company manager knows that Virgo man alone can cope with the complex work that the whole department typically performs. He does not need to be directed, encouraged, or asked for accuracy - he does everything himself, in the shortest time and very rigorously perfecting the details. The Virgo man tries to plan all his affairs ahead, he does not like any kind of surprises, unforeseen consequences, and therefore tries to plan for everything in advance, providing himself a return back route or a reserve route. It's very hard to take him unawares for he is always smart, active and ready for every kind of surprises, this is one of the few representatives of the stronger sex, who can meticulously and accurately maintain daily entries in his diary. This man is not a fighter, he easily accepts failures and downs in his life, comes in terms with them, and lives as he can, without seeking to significantly improve this life. Loneliness often lurks in Virgo man's personal life because he finds it very difficult to find a partner that will fully meet his requirements for an ideal woman. Virgo man's ideal woman hardly exists in nature, he has very high demands for his beloved. He has a very broad and deep intellect. This intellectual always stands out in society with his sharp criticisms and cold rationality. He could easily flirt, his mystique and coldness can inflame women's hearts, but he does not even make moves towards their direction. It's impossible to touch his heart or inflame his passions - he is afraid of them and always runs away from them. The Virgo man believes that showing one's feelings or passion means demonstrating one's weakness, and he cannot do that.

There are many singles among Virgo men, and this is due to their analytical rationality where there should be feeling in a relationship. But the Virgo man easily accepts his loneliness, not suffering from lack of women around him, he devotes all his time to his work, hobnobbing, hobbies, continuing to ignore burning women's hearts beside him. Virgo man can fall in love, but his love is rather like a friendship. He will be happy with a woman who would share his views on life, and even better - who would be keen on working in any organization to save the world from evil, where he himself works.

Comments: The Zodiac Sign Virgo Man

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the love of my life 2015-07-25 00:08:34
very true at first u think this person is superficial can sumone really exist like this for the finer or shuld i say better things in life , then u meet,get know , and finally fall in love with . I wouldnt change him for anything. So true his defenetly matxhes the discription
mimi 2015-07-20 19:35:35
yep-virgo men are the best 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Lokesh 2015-05-15 20:34:44
it is mine yaar..
Iam virgo..

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