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Virgo woman is always very beautiful, she looks much younger than her age, always takes care of her appearance and behavior, not allowing herself to make any mistakes. Virgo woman is very strict and demanding to herself, she is very accurate and even pedantic in work and in life. She is very purposeful and never worries about failures. It is impossible to make her weak or inattentive, she is a fighter of whom unexpected obstacles on her way only make her stronger. Virgo woman loves to communicate, but communication that should take place in a quiet, intellectual perspective. She does not like noisy get-togethers and parties.

There is no need of expecting gust of tenderness and romantic flirtation from the Virgo woman, she remains cool even in a personal relationship with a partner, preferring not to show her feelings and demonstrate them. She does not like speaking in public, work associated with public activities like reading of texts to a large number of people will not fit her, but she enjoys talking with a close-range of people, especially when such communication is intellectual in nature. This is an "iron lady" who in case of failure, will never ask for help from others, and will rely only on herself. Virgo woman is very honest, and her open, cold and stiff honesty often causes resentment from others. She always knows what she wants from life, never missing stars from the sky, and focuses on real, practical achievements. Virgo woman is not a careerist, but she can go to the highest step of the career ladder for the sake of justice or for the highest mission to organize something. It is useless to argue with Virgo - she enters into an argument only when she is really sure she is right and provides such indisputable arguments of his view that the opponent will only retreat. She will never forgive the inaccuracy or non-punctuality of colleagues or relatives. It is meaningless to give excuses to a Virgo woman but to simply admit one's guilt. She can be romantic and sentimental, but only with the man who fully deserves her trust and respect. In public, Virgo woman never shows her feelings. Virgo's love can be great, but caring for her love can last a long time without any response from her. She is not one of those women who can fall in love at first sight, or blindly jump into a relationship, forgetting everything else. She may be practical and very romantic at the same time, Virgo woman's love, as well as she herself, is a mystery to solve which not all her male admirers can solve. Virgo woman is not contented with only feelings and passions, she values spiritual connection with her partner more than fleshly love.

Virgo woman always feels she is right (and in most cases, that's the way it is). She will not tolerate active opposition of a partner no matter what it may be. She will single-handedly manage the financial affairs of the family and demand a report of all spending. Virgo woman always strictly monitors orderliness, and will not tolerate if her partner throws things around in the house or keeps unwashed dishes - life with this representative of the zodiacal circle turns into hard work, if her partner is not used to keeping order, and prefers to see his wife as a governess. In relation with her man, Virgo woman likes staidness and refinement, she must find it interesting to chat with him. If she respects her husband, she will agree to make some concessions for him - namely, take care of order in the house. She knows how to control her emotions and externally looks cold. But her man should remember that Virgo woman's heart is much hotter and softer than it seems from the outside, and so, only mutual development and tolerance, and understanding of each other will help strengthen a union with this lady.

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Fall 2018-09-05 00:31:37
This is so true about me!! 😃
Rashi 2018-04-25 04:47:38
Well I can't agree with all of that as I'm at the edge leo-Virgo born on August 24
Pina 2017-10-01 05:58:59
I feel I'm a Virgo woman through and through but with falling in love I do wear my heart on my sleeve . I have fallen in love at first sight but I do all that Virgo stuff later when I know that he likes me too. I'm not always so tidy but when I get sick of the little mess I clean like hell. My feet are small and my hair is brown and I'm slender and petit. I love being a Virgo and couldn't imagine being any other sign.
Scarlet 2015-03-07 18:11:31
I find much that is true to my nature but also some that is not true. I am practical and manage my finances with the eye of the tiger. But I have fallen in love at close to first sight and I am cool with public displays of affection such as a quick kiss, holding hands. And I love being around people. I don't love noisy parties, true, but some noise is ok and I love going dancing where there are a lot of people. I do get defensive about being 'right' but I can back off rather than cause too much strife about it. I do like a neat house but often my house is a mess and the dishes might go unashed for 3 days, tho it's usually only some glasses, cups, silverare and a few small plates. I don't like lots of dirty pans sitting around and tho I will leave my bed unmade for days I try to keep my bathroom reasonably clean. So for the most part, I fit this description but find a few differences, perhaps because I'm on the cusp of Libra?
Abigail 2015-08-26 00:14:05
Same here for me too.... im at the edge Virgo -libra sept 21
moni 2014-12-20 13:16:47
Wow, that says it all for me.

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