Compatibility Horoscope of Gwen Stefani and Gavin McGregor


Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani Date of Birth October 3, and it means that she was born under zodiacal sign of Libra.

Gwen Renee Stefani is an American singer and No Doubt lead vocalist.

Gwen was born on October 3, 1969 in Orange County, California. Her father Denis is of Italian descent and her mother Patti has some English and Scottish roots. Gwen also has a sister Jill and two brothers Eric and Todd. When attending California State Fullerton School, Gwen was heavier in the body, was interested in swimming and was a member of a swimming team.

It took Gwen some time to find fame: first she has to make some extra money by washing floors in Dairy Queen and working as a salesgirl in s small shop. Her singing career started in 1986 when her brother Eric with his friend John Spence set up a band No Doubt. Gwen became a band lead singer after Eric, the keyboard guy, left the band in hopes to achieve success in animation working on The Simpsons and the band creator John Spence committed a suicide in 1987. These changes were very hard on the band members who worked side-by-side for 3 years. They stayed together till 1995 when their third album Tragic Kingdom came out which consisted of several hits and had a single "Just a Girl" to start with.

After the album was released, Gwen became even more popular and recognizable. The same happened to a video for the song "Don't Speak" from the same album. Gwen wrote most of the songs under the influence of her breakup with her boy-friend, a member of another band, Tony Kanal, who she dated for 8 years and had to say good-bye because he demanded more freedom. Gwen was depressed and her condition got only worse after an exhausting "Tragic Kingdom" tour.

Gwen Stefani saw the world in dark colors until one day during a concert she met the guitarist from Bush Gavin Rossdale. Friendship grew to become a marriage - the wedding took place on September 14, 2002 and Gwen was wearing a wedding dress by John Galliano. During a concert in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in December of 2005 after three years of marriage a happy couple confirmed they were expecting their first child. "I want you to sing along so loud that the baby can hear you, too", said Gwen to the audience while presenting her new song "Crash".

Finally a long wait was over and on May 26, 2006 Gwen and Gavin became parents to a baby boy named Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. The boy was born in the medical centre Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and weighed 3.5 kg.

Gavin McGregor

Gavin McGregor Gavin McGregor Date of Birth: October 30, and it means that he was born under constellation of Scorpio.

Gavin McGregor Rossdale born on October 30, 1954 in Kilburn, London, Great Britain is an English musician and a founder/front man of Bush rock band (1992-2001, 2011-present) and Institute (2004-2006); he is also a rhythm-guitarist. He is currently with Bush which was joined by new musicians. The only member of the original band is the drummer Robin Goodridge.

Rossdale was born in the neighborhood of London called Kilburn. His father is a Russian Jew with the last name of Rosenthal. He left his wife, a Scotswoman Barbara Stephan when their son was 11. Later Barbara got married for the second time and left for Florida. Gavin was growing up with his father and aunt. Gavin had two sisters Lorraine and Soriah. Gavin's step-brother David Rossdale is Bishop Greensbi (abbey in Lincoln Diocese).

Rossdale started learning to play the bass guitar after he befriended his sister Lorraine's boy-friend who used to play in the band The Nobodyz, but shortly after he switched to playing the rhythm guitar. At the age of 17 he graduated from one of the most prestigious educational establishments in England Westminster school and founded a band Midnight (Little Dukes afterwards) which became famous thanks to a few singles and numerous pictures. In 1991 Gavin Rossdale went to Los Angeles for 6 months where he was trying to make ends meet by working part jobs and being an assistant to a video director. He spent much time in New York before he came back to England.

Back in England Gavin got in touch with Dave Dorell from MARRS, his future manager, who he first met in Los Angeles. In 1992 Rossdale founded Future Primitve which consisted of Nigel Pulsford, Dave Parsons and Robin Goodridge. In 1994 after the release of the album Sixteen Stone the band changed its name to Bush.

Compatibility Horoscope for Libra woman and Scorpio man "Teacher and student" - these are the roles assigned to a man born in the sign of Scorpio and a woman born as Libra by the compatibility horoscope. Water and air, truth and mystery - these elements which help do away with blindness and find insight will help their union survive and become a truly strong and sound alliance of two loving hearts.

Scorpio man keeps a sharp eye on his Libra partner. A beautiful optimist, but with a very pliable character, she caught his eye and stays within his focus. These two develop strong feelings for each other very quickly like a match that's been lit: both of them are talented and well-established and the stars themselves seem to foretell these two a happy and successful future.

Scorpio feels the need to teach his Libra woman how to have strong character and confidence in making decisions and she doesn't mind it. She truly feels like his student and has a 100% acceptance of this role. However, excessive obedience can be a mistake on her part: very quickly her spinelessness will start to irritate the Scorpion and the irritation will be followed by boredom. The chances are he will be trying to breathe some life into her at first, attack her to make her assume her defense mode and consequently have more life in her. A woman who listens to him with her jaw dropped and does whatever he says is hardly interesting to him - Scorpio needs excitement, energy and fire.

Two scales of Libra are constantly in motion of hesitation: a woman born in this sign is prone to doubts, hesitations and concerns. She always weighs things out and calculates various options. Her personality is always marked by some duality: she strives to create a sound family and become a housewife and at the same time she wants to serve the whole world. Libra woman wants Scorpio to guide her, teach her firmness of character; at the same time, however, she will never be completely in his control - she will always be independent in her soul. Her main weapon and her best gift to her partner is her endless aristocratic charm. She can get way more from Scorpio with her smile and kind words than by resorting to ultimatums and obedient silence. First and foremost, Libra woman should learn from her strict teacher how to be resilient and determined. Scorpio man may teach his spineless partner a lesson on how to reach a goal, be fearless and determined.

Compatibility horoscope states that a man born in the sign of Scorpio and a woman born as Libra share strong peaceful relationship based on respect and love for each other. Yes, they are way too different! But this is what makes this union so amazing.

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