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The Classic Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is one of the oldest spreads practiced by Wiccans for decades and taught as a basic, foundational reading. There are 10 cards total that comprise this popular Tarot spread. For example: There is one card in the middle with one that crosses over the top. Then, a larger cross is formed around the two so there are 4 more cards: one at the top, one at the bottom and one on either side of the small inner cross. Then, there are 4 more cards that form a column on one side.

The negotiable cards in the caste is which side of the second outer cross you decide is past or future. Just two cards. The rest, must stay as they are. Some read the past as the card on the left side of the outer cross and the future as the right or vice versa.

This is the traditional description here, but you can rock these spreads any way you like. As a beginner that these spreads, especially this one, is a great learning tool. Use them to get familiar with reading and then you do what you feel like doing.

The Classic Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

They are read as such:

A simple version of the classic Celtic Cross Tarot cards spread is used for a quick answer over-current situation. You may say it is a truncated Tarot spread but never the less it does its job giving us a more straightforward answer without overwhelming with a lot of confusing information.

The Celtic Cross (simple or truncated Tarot Card Spread)

For quick answers with more than just a simple yes, no, or maybe the Truncated Celtic Cross may be used. This is a six-card spread that allows you a birds eye view of the immediate influences and the possible outcome. The short spread will have an outcome but this covers a few days to a week accurately. You won’t have as much depth as the classic Celtic Cross to tie together a bigger picture.

This spread is great if you have a course of action already in mind or an issue that you want a tad more information about.

The Truncated Celtic Cross

Special Tips:

For both the Classic, Truncated Cross and other long-form readings when there’s confusion, you may want to pull some clarification cards for the outcome and for whatever portion of the reading that you will gain more clarity into hidden influences.

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Celtic Cross Spread 2023-10-19 05:50:30
The Classic Celtic Cross Tarot spread is indeed a timeless favorite among Tarot enthusiasts, renowned for its versatility and depth of insight. It has stood the test of time and remains a go-to spread for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. With its ability to provide a comprehensive understanding of the present situation and potential outcomes, the Celtic Cross spread holds a special place in the Tarot world.

The Celtic Cross spread consists of ten cards laid out in a specific pattern. Each card represents a different aspect of the querent's life or the circumstances surrounding their inquiry. Let's explore the significance of each position and how they contribute to the overall reading.

1. The Present Situation
The first card represents the current state of affairs or the primary focus of the querent's life. It sets the foundation for the rest of the reading, providing insight into the core issue at hand.

2. Crossing Energy
The second card reveals the challenges or obstacles that the querent may be facing in relation to the present situation. It uncovers any conflicting energies or influences that may be hindering progress.

3. Subconscious Influences
The third card uncovers the hidden or subconscious factors that are impacting the situation. It sheds light on underlying beliefs, desires, or emotions that may be influencing the outcome.

4. Recent Past
The fourth card reflects the recent past and its influence on the current circumstances. It helps to identify any events or experiences that have shaped the situation and provides context for understanding the present.

5. Potential Future
The fifth card offers a glimpse into the possible outcome or trajectory of the current situation. It can provide valuable guidance and offer insight into the direction things may take if the present path continues.

6. Near Future
The sixth card reflects what is likely to manifest in the near future. It helps to clarify the short-term developments or upcoming events that may affect the querent's journey.

7. Self-Perception
The seventh card represents how the querent sees themselves in relation to the present situation. It offers insight into their self-image, beliefs, and attitudes, revealing how their perception may impact the outcome.

8. External Influences
The eighth card signifies the external forces or people that are playing a role in the situation. It can represent individuals, events, or circumstances that are affecting the querent's journey, providing insight into external factors that should be considered.

9. Hopes and Fears
The ninth card reveals the querent's hopes and fears in relation to the present situation. It highlights their desires and concerns, shedding light on their emotional state and providing a deeper understanding of their motivations.

10. Final Outcome
The tenth card represents the potential outcome of the current situation. While not set in stone, it offers guidance and insight into the culmination of events and the possible resolution or outcome.

A key aspect of the Celtic Cross spread is the use of clarification cards. These additional cards are drawn for positions where further clarification is necessary or desired. They provide a more detailed view of specific aspects of the reading, offering clarity and depth to the forecast.

As with any Tarot reading, it is essential to trust your intuition and connect with the symbols and messages conveyed by the cards. The Celtic Cross spread offers a comprehensive view of the querent's situation, facilitating a deeper understanding of their present circumstances and potential outcomes. So whether you are new to Tarot or a seasoned practitioner, the Classic Celtic Cross spread continues to be a valuable tool for gaining clarity and insight.

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