Chariot Tarot Card Meanings for Major Arcana

Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

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Major Arcana 🃏 Tarot

Chariot Meanings

The Chariot Upright Keywords

Success, willpower, ambition, control, self-discipline, determination

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The Chariot Reversed Keywords

No direction, obstacles, no control, aggression, powerless

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Chariot Tarot Card Description

A charioteer stands at attention in his chariot, strong and in waiting of an order. His drivers are two sphinxes, one black and one gray. His right hand holds a green scepter tipped with gold and his left rests casually upon the stage of the chariot in a receptive pose. He is garbed in green traditional charioteer form. His breastplate is usual but two silver, white crescent moons rest atop the front of his shoulders.

A crown of stars, one impressive star with smaller ones atop a green band resting on his wavy blond, flowing hair. His symbolism is akin to the Empress. His canopy is adorned with stars on a green mantle. Green wings extending from a disc above a personal symbol adornes the front of the chariot.

He sits in waiting on the green at the gates of a great kingdom behind. Could be two kingdoms of which he must make a choice and be ready for swift movement.

Chariot Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana Tarot

Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Card Meaning

The most powerful armies in ancient times were powered by chariots, forces to be reckoned with. In the tarot as well, The Chariot represents power. Just as the charioteer is able to commandeer animals to his will, and make no mistake it is no easy feat to direct several tons of flesh, the card represents the ability to change a situation through the force of will.
The Chariot represents victory, plain and simple. Whatever endeavor you are seeking guidance in, you will succeed as long as you maintain focus on your goal and resist the challenges that are put in your way. You get to decide the direction your life will take from now. You get to maintain control over the situation, no matter how complicated, that you find yourself in. If the discordant forces that are working around you will not find an agreement, you will force them to work to your benefit through pure force of will.
Do not falter now. With providence at your side, The Chariot will take you to victory.

Major Arcana Tarot

Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Card Meaning

Chariot Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

The weak-willed charioteer’s team will easily throw him to the ground.
The Chariot reversed represents loss of control. Without a clear sense of direction, the opposing forces united by The Chariot are pulled apart again. Without clear guidance, the army around The Chariot collapses into quarrels and disputes.
Perhaps The Chariot Reversed is pointing you towards the source of any failures you may be experiencing. If you are not clear about your intentions and decisive in your actions, the complicated projects you take on will not reach completion. You need self-discipline in order to succeed.
Even good charioteers experience falls, but it is only the great ones that pick themselves up again. The Chariot Reversed invites you to take time during your setbacks to reevaluate your path. Perhaps your failure to take control is a sign that subconsciously you are set on achieving a different goal. When you pick yourself up, you can change direction.

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Chariot Card 2023-10-18 09:47:57
The Charioteer: A Symbolic Journey of Choice and Swift Movement

In the realm of dreams, vivid and captivating symbolism can often provide a gateway into the depths of the subconscious mind. One such image that captures the essence of decision-making and swift action is the portrayal of a charioteer. In this dream, a powerful figure stands at attention, poised within his chariot, ready to receive a command that will set the wheels of destiny in motion.

The charioteer, adorned in traditional green garb, exudes an aura of strength and purpose. It is as if he represents the driving force behind crucial choices that lie ahead. His right hand firmly grasps a green scepter, gilded with gold, symbolizing authority and control over his chosen path. Meanwhile, his left hand rests casually, suggesting a receptive mindset, open to the possibilities that may come his way.

Atop the chariot, two sphinxes, one black and one gray, serve as the charioteer's loyal drivers. These enigmatic creatures, with their relentless gaze and inscrutable nature, embody the dualities of decision-making. Their presence suggests the existence of two distinct paths or options, compelling the charioteer to make a choice that will shape his destiny.

Symbolism intertwines with the charioteer's regal appearance. A crown of stars graces his wavy blond hair, representing celestial guidance and divine inspiration. Among the stars, one impressive star shines brightest, reminding him of the significance of his choices. Resolute and steadfast, he wears this celestial tiara atop a green band, signifying growth, abundance, and fertility.

The chariot itself is not merely a conveyance, but a statement of sovereignty. The canopy, adorned with stars, rests upon a green mantle, symbolizing protection and grounding. Above the chariot, green wings extend from a disc, showcasing the charioteer's connection to higher realms and spiritual guidance. At the front of the chariot, a personal symbol, perhaps a representation of his innermost essence, echoes his identity and purpose.

However, the charioteer's position is one of waiting. He stands at the gates of a great kingdom, contemplatively surveying the vast landscape behind him. Within this dream landscape lies the presence of two kingdoms, representing different paths or choices that he must consider. The charioteer understands the weight of his decision and embraces the need for swift movement once he receives clarity.

This encapsulates the universal human experience of choice and the importance of swift action. Like the charioteer, we often find ourselves at crucial crossroads, faced with significant decisions that shape our lives. The symbolism in this dream reminds us to balance authority and control with openness and receptivity, acknowledging the dual nature of choices and the need to trust our intuition.

Whether we face two kingdoms or diverging paths, the charioteer's journey teaches us that deliberate decision-making, grounded in our innermost essence, can lead to swift movement and the realization of our destiny. May we, like the charioteer in this dream, navigate the terrain of choice with grace, mindful of the celestial guidance that lights our path.

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