Tarot Card Decision Spread

Three Tarot Card Decision Spread

Tarot Spread to cast your Choice

The Three Card Decision Spread is a simple way to get an accurate possible outcome for a particular decision. It’s to be used when you may be split between two courses of action. It’s not for use when you have no idea what your options are; that will be another, longer spread.

Preparation for your reading:

You’re invoking the universe and the powers that be within it to come and aid you. Even your higher self is a thought form and must be addressed in a clean area with a calm demeanor. To prepare for your reading properly you should have a space, even a portable one you use for spiritual activity or readings only.

Consecrate the area by visualizing a bubble of golden light, {more powerful than white light} and sit quietly for a few moments. Clear your mind and calm the emotions especially if you’re asking about something emotionally charged. You can run the risk of influencing the reading if you aren’t in control. Take some deep, cleansing breaths with eyes closed and move to the next step.

Frame your Question:

The best way to avoid influencing the reading and getting the best answer possible is to frame your question like so:

“What will be so if I ( take a particular course of action). Or “What will be so in this circumstance or with my career, health etc. Asking in this fashion doesn’t limit the answer the universe gives you.

The 3 Card Decision Spread:

Take the card deck and sit with it a moment or two with the question in mind. Phrase it in the way the aforementioned instructions directed and then slowly shuffle in whatever fashion you desire. Keep the question in mind and ask multiple times until your intuition tells you to stop the shuffle.

With your receptive left hand, cut the deck into 3 piles before you. They can be of different card amounts. Ask the question one more time to yourself or out loud and use your intuition to choose the pile that has your answer.

From the chosen pile choose the first 3 cards from the top of the deck and place them on the table from left to right. This is how you’ll read them.

The first card on the left, represents the basis of your question and influences you may not be aware of. The second card, in the middle represents the challenges to overcome or what’s blocking you from your solution. The final card to the right, represents your solution.

Clarification Cards:

If your answer is yet unclear or if there’s a card that you don’t quite understand you may pull more cards to clarify your answer. This can be done from off the top of the same pile or you can reshuffle that pile and pull or place all the piles together again and just pull from wherever your intuition tells you to pull. For example, cut it once and pull it from the middle of the deck.

It’s important to note that there’s no wrong way to cut and pull cards. You should have a deck only for yourself. One that you don’t use to read for anyone else. Get familiar with them and use them whenever you have questions about your own life.

Reading for Others:

When you read for others, have decks that you don’t use for yourself. Read when your emotional state is calm. Always meditate prior to reading for others. If you are too emotionally close to the person you’re reading for then we would suggest not doing the reading. Otherwise, make sure your querent follows the same preparation instructions given in the first part of the article.

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3 Decision Spread 2023-10-19 05:52:28
Yes, the three-card decision Tarot spread can help provide guidance and clarity when you are torn between two possible actions. This spread can shed light on the potential outcomes and factors to consider for each option, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

To perform the three-card decision spread:

1. Clear your mind and focus on the two actions or choices you are contemplating.

2. Shuffle the Tarot deck thoroughly while concentrating on your intentions.

3. Once you feel ready, lay out three cards face down in a row from left to right.

4. Flip over the first card, which represents the energy or potential outcome of the first action or choice.

5. Flip over the second card, representing the energy or potential outcome of the second action or choice.

6. Lastly, flip over the third card, which signifies additional advice or guidance to consider when making your decision.

Interpret the cards based on their individual meanings as well as the overall message they convey when considered together. Pay attention to any patterns, symbols, or intuitive insights that arise during the interpretation.

Remember that Tarot readings are a tool for self-reflection and insight, but ultimately, the decision lies in your hands. The cards can offer guidance and perspectives, but you are responsible for making the final choice that aligns with your values and intuition.

Take your time to contemplate the cards and their messages, and use this spread as a tool for finding clarity and making decisions that are in line with your highest good.

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