Hanged man Tarot Card Meanings for Major Arcana

Hanged man Tarot Card Meanings

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Hanged man Meanings

The Hanged Man Upright Keywords

Pause, sacrifice, anticipation, uncertainty, lack of direction, new perspective

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The Hanged Man Reversed Keywords

Delays, inhibition, disinterest, stagnation, avoidance, inaction, apathy

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Hanged man Tarot Card Description

On a sacred branch he hangs over top his head with left leg crossed over right and hands around his back. He wears a blouse of green with a sash of hemp as the rope that holds his right ankle only to the tree. Crimson tights and yellow foot coverings.

His head is covered by a cloak of light so as to take the divine wisdom he seeks. In doing this he sees the world from a different place.

Hanged man Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana Tarot

Hanged man Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Card Meaning

At first glance, the Hanged Man may seem like one of the more grotesque cards in the tarot. However, he is not there because of some punishment but because he chose to take up this uncomfortable position willingly in order to achieve some higher goal. As such, the card represents willing sacrifice and martyrdom as well as surrender to what is necessary. Perhaps you as well need to pass through a period of discomfort or even pain in order to achieve what you want.
From Buddhism to Norse mythology, spiritual traditions recognize that the road to truth often comes through intense personal sacrifice. The Hanged Man is in his position because he is seeking wisdom, new perspectives, perhaps even deeper occult knowledge such as the gift of prophecy. Those gifts could be yours as well, and the appearance of this card in a reading signifies that you desire them. However, they cannot be obtained without sacrifice.
A sacrifice like this is not to be taken lightly. As such, the Hanged Man invites you to take a pause and reflect on your goals. What trials can you afford to take on and what gifts do you hope to achieve?

Major Arcana Tarot

Hanged man Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Card Meaning

Hanged man Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

The Hanged Man reversed may physically be standing right side up, but something within him is unbalanced. He is unwilling to take the step needed, to make the sacrifice that is necessary. Perhaps it is fear, perhaps it is simply selfishness. The Hanged Man reversed is prone to crying “why me?” Perhaps he is afraid that society will consider him foolish for making the sacrifice for a goal it does not consider important and his commitment to society’s values is the root of his indecisiveness.
However, without sacrifice it is difficult to achieve wisdom. The Hanged Man reversed is distanced from the inner truth that he needs to discover. Perhaps you are feeling the same way. Spiritual journeys are not prized in our modern society, which values money above all, but perhaps it is time to sacrifice a little of society’s approval in order to meet your own needs.
Alternatively, The Hanged Man reversed represents a sacrifice that is not needed or a martyr complex. Is your sacrifice coming because you truly believe that it is needed or because you want praise for how selfless you are?

Hanged man Alternative Image

Major Arcana 🃏 Hanged man from GotoHoroscope Tarot Cards Deck

Hanged man GotoHoroscope Tarot Cards Deck

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Hanged man Card 2023-10-18 12:15:31
The Hanged Man Tarot card presents us with a profound and enigmatic symbol of surrender, sacrifice, and new perspectives. Hanging from a sacred branch, the Hanged Man finds himself in an inverted position, defying the conventional norms of existence. In this seemingly uncomfortable pose, he opens himself up to a unique experience and seeks divine wisdom.

With his left leg crossed over his right, and his hands gently clasped behind his back, the Hanged Man demonstrates a willingness to let go of control and surrender to the unknown. The green blouse he wears signifies his connection to the natural world and the potential for growth and renewal. As his right ankle is tied with a hemp sash, he is bound to the tree, but the rope itself symbolizes a voluntary surrender, an acknowledgment that there is wisdom to be gained through sacrifice.

Clad in crimson tights and yellow foot coverings, the Hanged Man embraces vibrant and contrasting colors. The crimson signifies passion and vitality, reminding us that even in moments of suspension and surrender, life continues to flow. The yellow foot coverings represent the bright illumination of the path he has chosen, guiding him towards new perspectives and understanding.

The Hanged Man's head is shrouded under a cloak of light, symbolizing his quest for divine wisdom. By obscuring his vision in the physical world, he attunes his senses to a higher realm, allowing him to perceive the world from a different place. It is through this lens of new perception that the Hanged Man gains insight and understanding, unlocking truths that are hidden to those whose sight is limited by the confines of the ordinary.

In this inverted position, the Hanged Man challenges us to question our preconceived notions and to embrace alternative viewpoints. He reminds us that true growth and enlightenment often come from looking at situations from unexpected angles, dislodging ourselves from comfort zones and embracing the unknown.

The Hanged Man encourages us to surrender to a higher power, to trust in the divine wisdom that guides our lives. In his inverted state, he demonstrates that sometimes, by relinquishing control and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

The Hanged Man serves as a powerful reminder that true wisdom often arises when we let go, release our attachments, and open ourselves to new experiences. Through surrender, we gain the ability to view the world with fresh eyes, to challenge our long-held beliefs, and to find growth and transformation.

As we encounter the Hanged Man card in our tarot readings or meditations, let us embrace the lesson it offers. Let us have the courage to relinquish control, trust in the divine plan, and venture into the unknown. By surrendering to the wisdom that lies beyond our perception, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world, ultimately leading to greater spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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