King of cups Tarot Card Meanings for Minor Arcana

King of cups Tarot Card Meanings

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King of cups Meanings

King of cups Upright Keywords

Fair, man of business, emotionally balanced, compassionate, diplomatic, responsible

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King of cups Reversed Keywords

Dishonest, double-dealing, self-compassion, inner feelings, moodiness, emotionally manipulative

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King of cups Tarot Card Description

A King with a soft countenance yet strong and confident sits on a scallop shaped soft golden throne that is mystically atop s small platform atop subtle ocean waves. His right foot is submerged to the only toes in the water and his left sits firmly on the wave crests. In his right hand of manifestation a chalice and in his left a scepter. His head, a golden crown with fiery red flowers. His robes are of sea green and his mantle of red and gold.

King of cups Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Minor Arcana Tarot

King of cups Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Card Meaning

The King of Cups represents a leader that follows in the true tradition of the Renaissance man or woman. The King of Cups is a person who values the finer intellectual pursuits in life, such as law, art and science. Think of the famous art patrons of Renaissance Italy that allowed such greats as Leonardo da Vinci to create their amazing works.
The King of Cups embodies water, the element which rules the suit of cups. Water fuels the creative pursuits mentioned above, but it is also an element of equality and balance. The King of Cups is a leader who manages without becoming tyrannical, somebody who is fair and balanced in their outlook. The King of Cups always tempers their judgement with compassion, bringing balance even to such harsh arenas as law and justice.
Face the challenges you are up against right now with the energy of The King of Cups. Do not let them push you into despair or bitterness, but maintain your fairness and appreciation for life throughout your trials and you will emerge victorious.

Minor Arcana Tarot

King of cups Tarot Card Meanings

Reversed Card Meaning

King of cups Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

When the King of Cups is reversed, the fairness and balance of the card has been corrupted. The card represents dishonesty and trickery. Beware of someone around you that feels too good to be true, you never know what deals they may be making behind your back. Or, the card is warning you to avoid going down that dark path yourself. The path of roguery and deception promises an easier life in the immediate moment and it may be tempting, but it would be a violation of your principles. Do your best to stay honest and beware of anyone that is all too eager to give you advice.
Alternatively, the King of Cups reversed represents someone who is cold and judgemental towards others, or the unpleasant sprouting of those qualities within yourself. Before you ridicule someone’s decisions or look down on them, try to put yourself in their shoes. Do not let your grumpiness affect your treatment of other people.
If the King of Cups upright is a Renaissance duke, the King of Cups reversed represents some of the worst qualities of absolutist princes—tyrannical and heartless. Be careful to stay away from that path.

King of cups Alternative Image

Minor Arcana 🃏 King of cups from GotoHoroscope Tarot Cards Deck

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King of cups Card 2023-10-19 01:44:22
The King of Cups Tarot card is a representation of a fair and emotionally balanced individual with strong business acumen. This King is known for his compassionate nature, diplomatic skills, and sense of responsibility. The card portrays a King with a gentle and kind countenance, exuding both strength and confidence. He is seated on a soft, scallop-shaped golden throne, placed atop a small platform that appears to be floating magically on subtle ocean waves.

The positioning of the King of Cups on the waves signifies his ability to navigate the realm of emotions with ease and grace. His right foot is slightly submerged in the water, symbolizing his connection with his own emotions and his willingness to explore the depths of his feelings. His left foot, however, rests firmly on the wave crests, representing his stability and control over his emotions. This King is someone who possesses a deep understanding of his own emotional state and is adept at managing and expressing his feelings.

In his right hand, the King of Cups holds a chalice, symbolizing his connection with the realm of intuition, creativity, and spirituality. This chalice represents his ability to tap into his emotions in a productive and beneficial manner. It suggests that this King is not only emotionally balanced but also highly aware of the subtleties and complexities of human emotions. His left hand holds a scepter, representing his authority and leadership in matters of emotions and relationships.

The King of Cups wears a golden crown adorned with fiery red flowers, signifying his passion, creativity, and wisdom. His robes are of a calming sea green color, representing his nurturing and empathetic nature. The mantle draping over his shoulders combines the colors of red and gold, symbolizing his passion and abundance.

In summary, the King of Cups Tarot card represents a fair and emotionally balanced individual, blessed with business acumen and compassion. This King possesses the wisdom to navigate the ups and downs of emotions, maintaining a strong sense of stability and control. He is diplomatic and responsible, making him well-suited for leadership roles. The King of Cups inspires us to tap into our emotions, harness our intuition, and cultivate our compassion in order to lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

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